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Ideas for Easter hampers

Full of springtime deliciousness

We are eagerly looking forward to Easter this year. Not only does it mark the onset of spring, and warmer weather, but it is the first time in two years that it can be celebrated properly, so here are a few Easter hampers ideas.

If you want to treat your loved ones or just indulge yourself, an Easter hamper is the perfect way to do it. When you think of hampers, Fortnum & Mason is the natural place to go. The classic Easter hamper is delivered in an attractive wicker basket filled with chocolate, biscuits, floral tea and jam. The piece de resistance is a very tempting Easter egg that you can crack open to reveal hand-decorated solid milk chocolate bunnies.

Easter hamper ideas

Stock your cupboard full with The Easter Provisions Hamper, which comes packed with a spring selection of some of Fortnum & Mason s favourite condiments, preserves, tea and savoury treats aplenty.

Looking for the perfect gift for chocolate lovers? Desire meets deliciousness in Fortnum & Mason’s decadent Praline Ganache Easter Egg Selection. Expertly hand-crafted and artistically finished, each of the 132 miniature eggs has been filled with an irresistible ganache and blended with one of six flavours.

For more Easter hampers ideas, be inspired by Fortnum & Mason’s stunning collection.

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