Hurom tea master for a perfect cup of tea
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A precision tea maker for the tea aficionado

Make each cup of tea distinctively delicious, without any effort

If you are a tea connoisseur, you will know that steeping the perfect cup of Earl Grey, Darjeeling, or oolong is like a delicate art form. Tea quality, water temperature, and steeping time are all factors that can make or break a pot of your favourite brew. Luckily, innovations like precision tea makers can ease the meticulous process of steeping a great cup of tea.

For many tea aficionados, Hurom Tea Master is one of the best electric tea makers available on the market. For infusion perfection, it comes with pre-set temperatures that take the guesswork out of determining if the water is hot enough for oolongs or a little cooler for green tea. Other intelligent features include a full customisation mode and a keep-warm function. Even demanding tea drinkers will love this Hurom tea maker.

Tea is one of the most ceremonious drinks enjoyed globally. For some, it is another part of the daily ritual for beginning, accentuating, or ending a day. Whether a cup of Darjeeling Black Tea in the afternoon, chamomile before bed, or green tea in the morning, tea is a big part of many people’s lives.

It is surprising why so many tea drinkers and aficionados spend extravagantly on their tea of choice yet cut corners on how they make it. The quality of your brew depends on two factors above all else: time and temperature.

When you use too hot water, it is often called “burning” the tea. “Burning the tea” means the hot water has over-extracted the tannins, and the tea becomes astringent. When you use too cold water, you will often under-extract the tannins, and your tea will lack the full flavour and character it was meant to have.

Hurom electric tea maker

If you want to make the perfect cup of tea with nuanced or layered flavour, your best bet is to use a high-quality electric quality tea maker with pre-set temperatures and multiple settings that can help you fine-tune your brewing process.

Eliminate the guesswork of water temperature and brew time for different types of teas with Hurom Tea Master. It perfectly brews any kind of tea at the right temperature and for the right amount of time – from Oriental tea, grain tea, leaf tea to fruit tea and even Moka pot coffee. With this machine, the world-famous Hurom brand has brought convenience, simplicity, and efficiency into a small, practical, and useful product.

In addition to the four pre-set programmes (boil, herbal/black tea, green/white tea and coffee), the electronic “my menu” control allows for setting different brewing temperatures (60-95ºC) as well as the steeping time (up to ten minutes), to perfectly correspond to the used tea type.

When your tea is fully steeped, the Tea Master alerts you with a beep, and it automatically shifts to the keep-warm mode for up to 12 hours. As usual with many Hurom products, build quality is impressive. This beautifully crafted glass carafe is made of German Schott-Duran glass, which is heat-resistant and durable.

Elegant and functional at the same time, the Hurom tea maker is a sophisticated model with a number of features that are greatly appreciated by both amateurs and aficionados alike.

Brewing tea to the right temperature: How to make the perfect cup of tea

Tea connoisseurs believe that brewing tea is nothing short of an art form. Much like coffee or wine, different types of teas require different temperatures and different steeping times to reveal their flavours properly.

When tea is brewed, tannins, amino acids, aroma and flavour compounds are released from the leaves. Each of these components has an impact on the flavour of your tea. Amino acids are responsible for sweetness, while tannins and caffeine are responsible for bitterness. These components have a different resolution rate that changes with the temperature of the water.

How to set your Hurom tea maker

Some kinds of tea require less heat, while others need more to maximise their distinctive qualities. Brewing at the optimal water temperature for each type of tea allows the compounds to be released in a balanced way and leads to great-tasting tea.

When the water temperature is too hot, the tannins are dissolved, and other desirable compounds are destroyed. Thermal shock from overly hot water can also burn sensitive tea leaves. The result will be a bitter, astringent, and unbalanced brew.

When the water temperature is too cold, the same compounds destroyed with over-heated water will not dissolve properly in under-heated water. The finished tea will lack balance and simply will not have as much taste, and you may be unable to experience the full-bodied flavour the tea leaves offer at their optimum temperature.

For infusion perfection, Hurom tea maker features several pre-programmed functions to ensure the temperature and brewing time of your drink are ideally suited to your tea type. Pre-programmed functions include those for black, white, green and herbal teas.

Why we love Hurom Tea Master

Tea lovers rave about the Hurom Tea Master, and it is easy to see why. Besides the stunning aesthetics, there are pre-set modes for several types of teas the machine can brew with excellent precision. Furthermore, the appliance is designed with a lot of thought put into it with many smart features, including:

ALL TYPES OF TEAS: You can make all kinds of tea with Hurom Tea Master, including oolong, hibiscus tea, herbal teas, chai, or whichever appeals to your taste buds.

PRECISE TEMPERATURE PRE-SETS: Brewing tea, made perfectly for your preference, could not be easier. The convenient pre-set modes with customisable settings preserve each tea’s unique flavours and aromas: green, white, black, and herbal, with a pre-defined temperature for each. It delivers a terrific cup of tea with automatic convenience – virtually at the touch of a button. Once the water reaches the optimal temperature, the operation continues for three to ten minutes, depending on your preferences.

INTELLIGENT TEMPERATURE SENSOR: The intelligent temperature sensor automatically detects the water temperature and heats the water during refilling, according to the set program

LED DISPLAY: It features a digital display to show the remaining time and keep-warm time, allowing you to do other things at the same time when the automatic tea brewer is working.

Hurom Tea Master

BOIL FUNCTION: To boil water, simply press the boil pre-set button, and the Hurom electric tea maker brings water to a boil fast. Once the temperature reaches 100ºC, you will hear an audible beep signal whilst the maker goes into stand-by mode.

CUSTOMISATION: Fine-tune your perfect cup even more to your liking with a wide range of settings in terms of temperature and brewing time. The temperature can be set between 60-95ºC, and once the water reaches the pre-set temperature, the operation time may be set up to a max of ten minutes.

AUTOMATIC KEEP-WARM FUNCTION: Sipping tea can be a slow, relaxed affair. So, the last thing you would want is to pour a cup that has gone cold. For optimal enjoyment over drawn-out tea-drinking sessions, the Hurom electric tea maker comes with a keep-warm function. The tea will automatically be kept warm for up to twelve hours at 40, 50, 60 or 70ºC.

LARGE CAPACITY: It can accommodate up to 1.5 litres of tea, which is more than enough for a morning brew for the whole family.

CLEAR VIEW & WATER MARKINGS: The body is made of a heat-resistant glass carafe, ensuring a precise view of the contents. It also features easy-to-read measurement lines on the side, making it easy to measure out just the right amount of water for a couple of servings or tea for the whole family.

MEMORY FUNCTION: It also automatically pauses brewing whenever you take off the carafe from the warming plate. The brew restarts as soon as you place the carafe back on the heating plate.

QUALITY MATERIAL: The overall build quality is excellent with the best materials. The body is made of special glass by SCHOTT DURAN® in Germany, a material that is ideal for everyday use: safe for high temperatures, extra robust, heat-resistant, long-lasting, easy-to-clean and with a completely neutral taste. The tea infuser and the heat plate are made of scratch-resistant 304 stainless steel, making the tea maker safe, hygienic and durable. Some elements are finished with safe silicone, which is non-toxic and odourless. The premium processor ensures perfect and precise controls for time and temperature as well as for safety.

SAFETY: The electric tea brewer has an automatic switch that is activated when there is no water in the tank, preventing fire hazards fire hazard.

REMOVABLE INFUSER: The electric tea maker features a removable tea infuser, making it easy to fill, take out, and clean when your tea is done steeping.

EASY TO CLEAN: The wide carafe opening, removable lid and brew-basket allow easy water refill and simple cleaning.

MINIMALISTIC AESTHETIC: For the tea lover who also adores all things well designed, the Cafe Hurom Tea Master will fit the bill. With a streamlined, minimalistic design, its sleek looks alone are enough to impress and will complement just about any kitchen décor.

MAKE COFFEE: Another thoughtful feature is that you can make coffee in Hurom’s electric brewer. A drip filter is included, allowing you to prepare deliciously aromatic coffee to be savoured slowly,

HUROM’S TRACK RECORD: With a 47-year quality track record, Hurom is known for its ingenuity and design. This tea maker is no exception. With its globally recognised technical expertise, Hurom has become a leading manufacturer of slow juicers over the years.

Savour the taste and aroma of all your favourite teas, brewed to perfection

Forget about boiling water for all tea types. Tea making just reached a new level of sophistication with the Hurom Tea Master. It boasts innovative technologies, super-smart features and a sleek, minimal design. This electric tea maker takes care of everything — from brewing at an accurate time and temperature for your specific type of tea to automatically keeping it warm. We are in love.

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