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Representing the pinnacle of cold press juicer design and technology

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Slow juicers (also called masticating juicers or cold-press juicers) are the gold standard when it comes to juicing. By utilising a masticating or cold-press method, these juicers operate at low speeds, gently extracting juice from fruits and vegetables without generating excessive heat. This gentle process ensures that the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals remain intact, resulting in healthier and more flavorful juices, and Hurom slow juicers are among the best you can find.

Renowned as the world’s best-selling slow juicer brand, Hurom cold press juicers represent the pinnacle of design and technology in the world of juicing. Its impressive track record reflects the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

With a history of producing high-quality juicers that deliver outstanding results, Hurom has established itself as a leader in the industry by offering exceptional quality and innovative features.

Hurom H400 easy clean juicer

Hurom slow juicers impressive track record

What truly makes Hurom slow juicers stand out is the brand’s impressive track record, cutting-edge technology, premium quality and a 10-year warranty. Hurom cold press juicers also excel in their juice-to-pulp ratios, which means you get more juice from the same amount of produce, maximising the value of your ingredients and reducing waste.

Ease of use is another hallmark of Hurom slow juicers. Hurom has taken meticulous care in designing a juicer that doesn’t require complicated setup procedures. You won’t find yourself wrestling with countless parts and components or fumbling with perplexing instructions. The juicer’s intuitive design allows you to put it together in a matter of minutes, so you can quickly move on to the juicing part, which is where the magic happens.

Hurom HZ slow juicer on kitchen worktop

More than a juicer

Beyond their exceptional juicing capabilities, Hurom slow juicers offer versatile functionality. Some models go beyond juicing and allow you to create delicious nut milk, frozen treats, and more. This versatility expands the possibilities in your kitchen, making Hurom slow juicers a valuable addition to any healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, with sleek lines, premium materials, and attention to detail, Hurom juicers not only perform flawlessly but also add a touch of elegance to your kitchen counter.

For health enthusiasts, home chefs, and families alike, Hurom slow juicers offer an unparalleled combination of performance and versatility that transforms the way you approach nutrition and kitchen creativity. Embrace the art of juicing and experience a whole new approach to wellness with Hurom juicers, enriching your daily life with flavorful and nourishing delights.

Illustration image visualising how easy Hurom's juicers are to clean

Easy to clean

But that’s not all; while many juicers can be a hassle to clean, Hurom juicers have been engineered to ensure the cleaning process is just as effortless as the juicing itself. Nobody wants to spend precious time scrubbing and dismantling complicated machinery after a rejuvenating juicing session.

Hurom juicers come with cleverly designed, easily removable parts – just a quick disassembly, a swift rinse, and you’re done!

White Hurom HP slow juicer

Best slow juicers

Synonymous with exceptional quality, high performance and unwavering reliability, Hurom’s first-class range of slow juicers sta exceeds the demands of juicing enthusiasts across the world. So if you’re seeking a juicing experience that’s not only rich in flavour but also light on maintenance, look no further than Hurom – where innovation meets simplicity. Discover the joy of juicing without the fuss.

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