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Horizn Studios Circle One

The world’s most luxurious sustainable cabin luggage

Horizn Studios has been at the forefront of sustainable luggage innovation since 2015, making some of the best cabin bags and luggage on the market, with helpful smart extras like removable battery packs and dedicated laptop sections.

Its latest innovation, the Circle One luggage, is the world’s most eco-friendly luxury luggage. The Circle One cabin bags are a game-changer in material science innovation. Made from the greenest components on the market, it boasts a number of innovations; a hardshell case formed from biodegradable, 100% plant-based material that is also lighter than aluminium and more eco-friendly and long-lasting than polycarbonate. This high-end, biodegradable luggage is for a new future of sustainable travel.

Founded in 2015 by Stefan Holwe and Jan Roosen, Horizn Studios is a Berlin-based manufacturer of premium, smart sustainable travel luggage and accessories. This innovative travel brand is multidisciplinary in its approach, embracing design, sustainability and technology. Constantly pushing the envelope of product innovation, Horizn Studios stands for a future of sustainable travel like no other brand.

According to Horizn Studios, it is time for a new era of travel, in which we radically commit ourselves to protecting the future of our planet. They believe that in order to create sustainable solutions, we have to stop celebrating unsustainable materials and production methods of the past, and instead move forward and rethinking the future by using new, sustainably-minded materials and practices. The result: the Circle One sustainable carry on luggage.

It is considered to be the world’s most sustainable luxury cabin luggage and also a game-changing material science innovation. Made in Europe, the vegan-friendly luggage range features a hard shell that is 100% plant-based and biodegradable thanks to a patented shell innovation named BioX — a natural fibre composite that features a multi-axial and multi-density flax fibre weave that is suspended in an environmentally-friendly resin. The result is a shell lighter than aluminium, more long-lasting than polycarbonate, and more eco-friendly than anything on the market. Other elements are seed- and nutshell-infused handles, tubes made from magnesium rather than aluminium, and 100% recycled linings and zippers. It is this commitment to sustainability and environmentally-friendly materials and production methods that set Horizn Studios’ Circle One apart from the rest in its class.


The most eco-friendly bag you can buy is the one you only ever have to buy once. Indeed, circularity has been factored into the design, development and manufacturing process of Circle One from the outset. One of Circle One’s core principles is “Repair, never replace”, which is why the luggage shell has been engineered to be fully repairable to avoid scrapping and buying a new one.

The Circle One carry on luggage was launched as a unique Change-Maker Edition in four translucent colourways. Crafted to impeccable standards and made to stand the test of time, Circle One, with its stylish aesthetic, is the ideal cabin luggage for eco and design-conscious travellers.


Horizn Studios makes circularity a reality

Circularity begins by thinking about things differently. For the Horizn Studios Circle One, this meant scrutinising processes and manufacturing technologies and rethinking them to achieve closed materials cycles. At the same time, the brand gave the carefully selected materials a distinctive, aesthetically pleasing appearance. It has employed materials and production processes that are indicative of a responsible approach to the environment and its resources.

Sustainable cabin luggage that is lighter, stronger, and greener

Introducing BioX, the patented innovation from Horizn Studios. The high-performance, biodegradable hard shell is made entirely from plant-based materials, featuring a multi-axial and multi-density flax weave. Flax is one of the strongest and most productive renewable fibres. When suspended in resin, its tensile strength is substantially higher than that of aluminium. As a result, the Circle One hard shell is more environmentally friendly than anything else currently on the market, lighter than aluminium, and more durable than polycarbonate.


From flax to BioX

As one of the most sustainable natural fibres in the world, flax has tough, durable characteristics. The frugal plant needs very little water and has hardly any natural enemies, so no fertilisers or pesticides are required. The transformation of flax into a high-end resilient material with a small carbon footprint is the biggest material science innovation the luggage industry has experienced since the development of polycarbonate.

Green components

The first step of moving luggage towards an era of sustainable travel is using biodegradable main material, but Horizn Studios will not stop there. Apart from using flax, other green components include handles infused with seeds and walnut shells and tubes made of magnesium instead of aluminium, whose origin and production have a much lower environmental impact.  Moreover, recycled lining and zippers are used. Using nutshells and increasing the proportion of renewable content for each component of the cabin bags contribute to achieving the lowest footprint possible.


Always repair. Never replace.

Engineered for long-lasting performance, even the most robust, durable luggage shell can crack as you travel the globe. If the Circle One is damaged during the trip, it will be repaired instead of replaced in the spirit of the circular economy. Consequently, the BioX hard shell is made to never see a landfill — Horizn Studios will repair the hard shell in a way that makes it stronger than before and converts repaired spots into trip tokens.

Uncompromisingly sustainable yet thoughtfully designed cabin luggage

Horizn Studios has turned circular design from theory into reality with the Circle One, the most sustainable luggage in the world. It is the pinnacle of the brand’s guiding philosophy, “Going Further”, with its symbiosis of green innovation, sleek design, and unwavering quality.

Being more environmentally friendly than any other suitcase on the market, Horizn Studios brings a new perspective to sustainable travel with the Circle One.

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