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Handmade Italian shoes

A new level of luxury. Smart luxury.

Nothing can beat the perfection of handmade Italian shoes. With a strong focus on timeless style, artisanal craftsmanship and the finest materials, Velasca offers a shoe collection of pure luxury with the added mark of quality excellence – all at surprisingly affordable prices.

The men’s footwear range is expertly handmade by artisans in the small town of Montegranaro, Marche – a reference point for handcrafted shoes made in Italy.

Velasca’s footwear is rooted in Italy’s rich heritage reinforced by timeless qualities of craftsmanship and endless style. Meticulous attention to detail is evident in the elegant design as the brand’s footwear line blends classic refinement into a stylish aesthetic with a modern infusion of comfort.

Luxury shoes made accessible. Always handmade, always Made in Italy. The Velasca enthusiast knows that his shoes will complete his sense of style no matter the occasion.

Crafted from exquisitely beautiful material, made to stand the test of time, Velasca is all about impeccable style, quality Italian craftsmanship and reasonable prices. Inspired by the effortless styles worn on the cobblestone streets of Italy, Velasca was founded on the belief that every man deserves shoes with the perfect fit and comfort in every step – without ever having to sacrifice looking his very best.

Image from the production of handmake shoes at Velasca

Preserving the history and culture of elegance, fine taste and refinement, Velasca celebrates the prestigious heritage of shoes ‘Made in Italy’. Artisan-level attention to detail, high material quality and genuine craftsmanship are the key principles behind the brand. Modern elements like clean lines, comfortable volumes and sophisticated nuances meet the cornerstones of traditional Italian shoemaking.

Behind every shoe, there is a craftsman at work. Velasca works closely with the most accomplished footwear ateliers in Italy, utilising the finest natural raw materials and processes to develop a new kind of luxury — a luxury with a strong focus on Italian excellence, creativity and innovation, a luxury that embodies Old World knowledge and a modern attitude.

Velasca’s handmade Italian shoes for men combine classiness with practicality — they are both functional and stylish, refined and relaxed.

Collage of different styles of shoes by Velasca

Velasca – a company based on authentic tradition, expertise, passion and innovation

Velasca transcends the ever-changing fashion trends to deliver a timeless style that values tradition — like the time-honoured secrets passed down from generation to generation of shoemakers.

A pure expression of Italian expertise, Velasca creates premium shoes that encapsulate tradition, knowledge, innovation. This is footwear that is made to last, both in terms of its construction and its aesthetic: there is a refined elegance to each of the styles, which lends them an inherent timelessness and versatility. Details are kept minimal, turning attention to the quality of materials over extraneous aesthetic features.

Velasca shoes are hand-stitched using century-old traditions of fine Italian shoemaking and brought to life by local artisan workmanship. Each shoe is beautiful inside and out, with full leather lining, fantastic flexibility and impeccably clean lines.

The brand believes high-quality craftsmanship should be accessible to all. And, by leveraging innovations with online shopping, Velasca is able to cut out the middle-man and connect their artisans to the customers.

Artisanale production of shoes at Velasca

The inspirational story behind Velasca

Velasca’s story started when the two founders wanted to launch a brand that brought together their shared passions for luxury footwear, fine Italian craftsmanship, and la dolce vita. They set out in the pursuit of pairing beauty with maximum comfort and uncompromising quality.

The founders realised in 2012 that there was a gap in the market between exorbitantly priced high-end luxury brands that produce top-quality, handcrafted goods and fast-fashion labels that offer cheap and poorly made products that do not meet the standards of the discerning shoe lover.

They quit their jobs to start their own company with nothing more than a vision to change the world of shoes. They started searching for the best handmade shoes in all of Italy. The founders travelled all over the country until they found themselves in Montegranaro, where the city lives and breathes the art of shoemaking.

Velasca started out working with a family from the Marches, who ran a small shoemaking business out of the basement of their house. From the mother and father to their sons and daughters, to the aunts and uncles — the entire family could make shoes.

It was here that Velasca’s founders learned to value the small details and unique processes for achieving quality. From the mother’s picture of a famous Italian actor, which she hung next to the crucifix in the kitchen to brighten up her day, to the father who spent his entire week driving through the hills, to the lacemaker or the man who emboss the logo on the sole. Each artisan contributes a step, each family makes their mark.

Montegranaro - home of Velasca Shoes

Italian craftsmanship

Behind Velasca’s shoes, there is a story of timeless tradition, beauty and quality. Each shoe carries with it the inestimable wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated over decades of practice and dedication. The handmade Italian shoes blend the rich legacy of Italian artisan shoemaking with elegant design and maximum comfort.

The creation process of each of Velasca’s handcrafted shoes is as fascinating as complex. It is a process where experience and passion converge. The shoes are crafted in small family-owned factories in the Italian countryside, where the heritage of shoemaking is an art form.

Montegranaro is well-known for its shoemaking artisan families: its inhabitants have grown up breathing the art of handmade shoes. This small rural region, nestled between the Apennines mountains and the Adriatic sea, a 3-hour drive from Rome, is dotted with hundreds of small and mid-size artisanal workshops, where the most beautiful shoes of the world come to life. Rigorous craftsmanship, obsessive attention to detail, the unrelenting pursuit for high-quality materials and a sensibility for contemporary design make Montegranaro the global capital of luxury shoemaking.

The artisans have made manufacturing leather footwear not just their profession but also their lives. That expertise and hard work are what gives life to a shoe made of high quality and aesthetic elegance. These shoemakers have perfected their craft from centuries of traditions passed down from generation to generation to create artisan footwear.

Shoemaker at Velsca

Some of the artisan families that Velasca works with also supply some of the biggest names in Italian fashion brands. They are deeply involved in every step of the shoemaking process, from the choice of leather to the method of production.

The skilled artisans craft elegant and timeless shoes for the brand, demonstrating first-class ‘Made in Italy’ quality and a passion for materials. With the experience and skill of the artisans, Velasca is able to achieve a high degree of quality with every piece, material and finish.

A discreet Italian elegance balanced with a versatile sense of style is at the core of Velasca’s design

While fashion changes every season, Velasca offers a timeless style that represents refined Italian elegance. The design is sophisticated and classy, hallmarked by a classic Italian aesthetic and keen attention to detail. For an effortless smart-casual look, the shoes’ uncomplicated silhouettes are oozing innate classiness and suave allure.

Dedicated to achieving the founders’ idea of perfection, the brand takes great pride in every aspect of its creations, which is evident in the handmade Italian shoes’ fine aesthetics. The ongoing dialogue between Velasca’s team and the artisans is one involving a significant amount of respect for the Italian brand’s heritage and the modern, international vision that has become part of its daily DNA.

Collage showing some of the different shoe designs

The design is inspired by traditional classic lines, paying utmost attention to all details ranging from the shoe’s profile to selecting the best type of materials.

The thoughtfully designed models range from the most sophisticated to others that are more casual, always with a classic touch that characterises this brand of handcrafted Italian shoes.

Affordable Made-in-Italy footwear at an incredible value

With regard to value-for-money in the high-end footwear industry, Velasca is truly unique.

Velasca’s model is simple: bring the highest quality, expertly made in Italy and most stylish footwear to consumers at the fairest price possible. They do this by operating solely as a direct-to-consumer business, which means that you can only buy their shoes through their site. As a result, they have been able to significantly reduce costs for customers while also having greater control over how they are distributed. With no middleman to inflate the price, your shoes are delivered without retail mark-ups, which can generate a saving of several hundred Euros.

Velasca has also opened its own branded stores in several cities such as Milan, Rome, Florence, Paris, London and New York.

A full line-up of shoe models for every occasion

Stylish and classy, Velasca’s handmade shoes are versatile in their elegance. The brand believes a combination between effortlessness and class is the perfect foundation to any outfit – the handmade Italian shoes can be teamed with anything from jeans to black tie.


Throughout the whole collection, you can see the attention to detail and the quality that comes from craftsmanship. From timeless boots to sleek leather sneakers; elegant penny loafers to Goodyear welted Oxford shoes, all Velasca’s shoes are made following the centuries-old tradition of Italian craftsmanship.

Whether you opt for a classic shoe or something on the more casual end of the spectrum, you can be guaranteed that your Velasca shoes will never go out of style, resulting in years of wear.

From chocolate suede and cognac to ebony and deep navy, Velasca’s extensive array of colours and leathers will satisfy both the traditional and modern gentleman.

Defined by an everlasting and refined style, Velasca offers handmade Italian shoes with a modern perspective

Italian shoes have a reputation for being regarded as the best shoes in the world. From Italy’s extensive history in leather tanning to its passion for shoe craftsmanship, Italian shoes are well-known for their handcrafted leather, quality stitching, durability, and elegance.

Shoemaker making shoes by hand

While fashion changes season after season, the Italian footwear brand Velasca offers a timeless look that represents a refined but understated elegance. A heritage quality never goes out of style

The craftsmanship, the materials, the century-old tradition of Italian shoe manufacturing, the design and all the style choices related to the creation of the product make it unique.

Defined by their timeless elegance and classic style, Velasca’s handcrafted leather shoes for men -100% made in Italy – makes a fashionable yet timelessly stylish statement.

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