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Self-watering planters for effortless outdoor and indoor gardening

For space-strapped and style-conscious urbanites

Dreaming of a garden, but worried there isn’t sufficient space, time or know-how? The Glowpear range – a collection of innovative self watering planters – makes gardening possible for space-strapped and style-conscious urbanites.

Smart planters for the modern urban environment, the Glowpear has been specifically designed for growing edible plants, with sufficient planting depth to ensure great results with a wide range of herbs, vegetables, flowers, fruits and ornamental plants.

The Australian-based company combines clever features with a sleek design and robust, food-safe construction, creating the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor use. By utilising an internal water reservoir and an ingenious wicking system, plants will survive for several weeks without watering, reducing garden maintenance for people who enjoy growing a sustainable food garden with minimal effort.

Tough, smart and good looking

With smart-looking aesthetics, Glowpear self-watering planters sit well in any architectural environment, from city balconies to indoor offices. Glowpear’s planters come in several versions – the Urban Garden, Bench, Wall and Rail – to allow selection of the one that suits that special space and unique style.

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Never worry about forgetting to water the plants again. The planters utilise Glowpear’s foolproof integrated self-watering technology combined with an integrated water level indicator to ensure plants absorb the correct amount of water as needed.

There are four options for watering Glowpear: outdoors via rainwater; manually with a garden hose, drip system or watering can; manually filling the water reservoir via the fill point; or clipping to a hose and irrigating directly into the reservoir. Whichever option is selected, Glowpear’s innovative self-watering technology ensures excess water is collected and released over time, so the plants receive constant attention and nourishment.

Self-watering planters are useful not just because they make our everyday life less busy, but also because they provide the plants with a stable watering programme even when the owner is away.

There is also a convenient water level indicator that rises and falls in tandem with the water reservoir.

With real-time water level feedback and generous soil depth and volume, optimised growing conditions are guaranteed with Glowpear’s planters.

Glowpear indoor planter

For maximum customisation, versatility and scalability, the unique modular design allows each planter to either stand alone or be linked to additional planters for easy, integrated watering and expanded growing space. When moving, take them along and reconfigure them as required.

Engineered for food, the Glowpear self-watering planters are BPA-free and are great for homegrown herbs and vegetables.

With their clean, contemporary design and hard-wearing construction, they are tough, yet very good-looking. Constructed from injection-moulded HDPE and UV- and corrosion-resistant materials, the planters will stand the test of time.

Gardening indoor plants and growing vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers is a rewarding activity. Adding low-maintenance greenery to the home with these self watering planters from Glowpear has made urban gardening an effortless and stylish affair.

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