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Joovv read light panels in large bathroom
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Joovv is a powerful, FDA-approved system for red light therapy at home. It is a fantastic design that gives you the choice between clinically proven red light and near-infrared light, or both together for your treatments. Joovv’s technology is optimised to make it the most effective at-home red light therapy device on the market, and its patented, modular design means that you can start with one device and build out a larger, full-body system over time for optimal red light therapy health benefits.

I am a huge proponent of red light therapy for both its skin and health benefits, but most at-home devices only treat a specific targeted area. So when I came across Joovv, a modular, wall-hung or stand red light therapy at-home system with professional qualities that can treat the whole body in one treatment, I got really excited.

One great thing about red light therapy is that it has been widely studied in clinical trials around the world for decades, starting with NASA nearly 30 years ago. In trial after trial, light therapy has been found safe and effective at promoting a wide range of incredible skin and health benefits: skin health and anti-ageing, collagen production, physical performance and muscle recovery, sleep optimisation and melatonin production, joint pain, inflammation and plenty more.

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The leading manufacturer of personal, at home red light therapy devices, Joovv is taking the clinical research behind the health benefits of red light and infrared light therapy and turning it into the most clinically powerful therapy devices that can be used at home.

Joovv Max Wall

The Joovv difference

Joovv’s patented, professional-grade modular system is the first of its kind and allows consumers to experience powerful full-face/full-body red light therapy treatments at home.

Uniquely designed to provide maximum results with minimal effort, the many outstanding features of the Joovv truly set it apart from other at-home red light therapy systems:

POWERFUL LIGHT THERAPY: Registered as a Class II medical device, Joovv is one of the most powerful red light therapy devices on the market today. Tested and proven by the respected independent diagnostics laboratory ITL, Joovv’s devices deliver the highest total energy, with the largest coverage areas.

MEDICAL-GRADE LEDs: Those powerful red and NIR wavelengths are delivered by Joovv’s medical-grade LEDs, which are electrostatic-coated to prevent “mirroring” and energy loss. That means medical-grade power during shorter treatment times.

FDA-REGISTERED AND SAFETY-TESTED: Joovv’s design and production are all FDA-registered and are routinely used in clinical trials. The devices have undergone rigorous IEC safety testing and have been thoroughly analysed by independent third-party diagnostic firms.

CLINICALLY PROVEN WAVELENGTHS FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS: Joovv red light therapy devices only deliver wavelengths that have been clinically proven for human health. Also, they only use the narrow range of wavelengths found to be the most effective for cellular regeneration and energy production.

Joovv devices use 660 nanometres for red light and 850 nanometres for near-infrared light. Studies have shown these specific wavelengths enable our cells to perform critical functions at a higher level, leading to optimised skin and health benefits. The 660-nanometre range is better for collagen production and other skin benefits, while the 850-nanometre range can penetrate much deeper into the body. NIR can even penetrate deep tissue and bone, which leads to a whole host of positive results, including faster muscle recovery, pain and inflammation reduction, and more. Every Joovv modular device includes the option of switching between red and near-infrared light or using both at the same time.

Joovv door mounted red light device

BIG TREATMENT AREA SIZE FOR FULL-FACE AND/OR FULL-BODY COVERAGE: Size is critical in light therapy. Targeted treatment areas can work wonders for specific areas of the body, but to experience the full range of red light therapy benefits, it is best to treat the whole body with a uniform, constant dosage. Covering more of the body with therapeutic wavelengths leads to better results because more of our cells can soak up that light and make more energy for the body.

MODULAR SYSTEM: Being the most customisable light therapy system available, Joovv offers a patented modular design that allows users to start with one device and build out a larger system over time. The modular system lets users connect up to six Joovvs in a single, full-body system. Users could start with just one device, like the Joovv Solo device, and then expand to a full-body system over time. Or, choose something such as the Joovv Elite right from the start, which covers the entire body from head to toe and side to side.

SHORT TREATMENT TIMES: Clinical power and big coverage areas mean faster, more effective treatment times. Ten to 15 minutes a day is all it takes with a full-body Joovv.

HANDS-FREE, EASY TO SET UP AND EASY TO USE: In addition to the hand-held and table-top devices like the Go and Mini, Joovv offers hands-free full-body red light therapy options and is therefore easy and convenient to use. It is easy to set up in just about any indoor space. Hang it on a door, lean it against a wall, use a desktop stand, or utilise the mobile stand just about anywhere. The treatments require minimal effort: just stand or sit in front of the device for ten to 15 minutes a day to reap the benefits of red light therapy. Adding to the device’s ease of use, it comes with a built-in timer that shuts the lights off at the end of the treatment.

CERTIFICATIONS: The components that make up Joovv’s devices are UL-listed whenever possible, or contain a 3rd party verification, ensuring their safety and longevity under normal wear and tear. That is coming from Underwriter Laboratories, a safety organisation that has been around for over a century and sets the standard for new products.

All Joovv devices are independently certified and conform to technical standards put forth by the International Electrotechnical Commission (UL STD IEC 60601-1 specifically).

QUALITY ASSURANCE: Joovv complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) under ISO 13485, an internationally recognized standard for organizations involved in the medical device industry. Each Joovv device is independently verified and validated before final packaging to meet light output requirements and safety standards.

Joovv stand mounted modular device

SCIENCE-FIRST COMPANY: Joovv is a science-first company that puts a huge amount of its resources toward education, know-how and independent testing. With a science-first approach, the company’s education team ensures the Joovv content is well-researched and supported by published peer-reviewed data.

Dr Michael Hamblin, an Associate Professor of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School and one of the most respected researchers on light therapy in the world, is a member of Joovv’s scientific advisory board.

DURABILITY: The Joovv at-home red light therapy devices contain quality LEDs designed to last at least 50,000 hours. Based on that rating and the durability of the components being used, the expected life of the Joovv is 300,000 10-minute sessions.

A PLUG-IN DEVICE: Battery-operated devices will experience variations in wattage, and their efficacy depends on the size and strength of the battery. Because higher currents lead to better LED performance, the best results come from plug-in devices. Joovv plugs into a standard wall outlet for both a consistent power supply and no batteries to worry about replacing or recharging. It is also dual-voltage for worldwide currents and comes with outlet adapters for North America, the UK, the EU and most of Asia, with Australian adapters available upon request.

LOW-EMF: Based on the professional opinion of the company’s third-party testing provider, as well as FCC RF exposure standards, there are no significant levels of EM radiation from their products that should be of concern.

EDUCATIONAL LIBRARY: Joovv’s website has a wealth of information on everything from how red light actually works to how it can be used to address skin and health issues. Red light therapy is backed by hundreds of peer-reviewed clinical studies and trials, and the company’s Learn Library summarises a lot of that exciting research.

SMART, BUILT-IN TECHNOLOGY: Create a personal Joovv setup through the Joovv app, for one-touch control and the flexibility to pair with several connected home devices such as Amazon Alexa.

COMES WITH A 60-DAY TRIAL PERIOD AND 2-YEAR WARRANTY: Joovv offers a 60-day free return period for all their modular devices and a 14-day trial for the Joovv Go. Besides, Joovv’s devices come with a 2-year warranty, and the wireless Joovv Go includes a 1-year warranty.

At home red light therapy devices in several sizes

Joovv offers a line-up of various-sized panels that deliver red, near-infrared, and combinations of wavelengths.

All of Joovv’s devices offer the same clinically proven wavelengths and medical-grade power output, or irradiance. The only difference between them is the surface area. There are five full-body devices, which are designed to combine and work together. And everything is connected and ready for one-touch control. One can always upgrade one’s Joovv setup at any time, by adding devices or choosing a different mounting kit.

Joovv Go travel device

There are also two stand-alone, smaller Joovv sizes for targeted treatments: Joovv Mini and Joovv Go. The Joovv Mini is part of the modular system that allows users to experience targeted light therapy from any desk or tabletop.

Travel version: Joovv has now put the same medical-grade power into a compact, hand-held and portable red light device – Joovv Go – which allows users to enjoy the same clinically proven health benefits even when they are on the go. It is available in either red or near-infrared models and recharges wirelessly for maximum portability and convenience.

Professional endorsements of Joovv at home red light therapy devices

Trusted by some of the world’s leading athletes, health and fitness leaders as well as aestheticians: NFL stars, NBA teams, Olympians, world-class trainers, natural health leaders and leading clinics and gyms use Joovv red light therapy every day for its natural health benefits.

Joovv users include Dr Josh Axe, Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield, Jorge Cruise, Patrick Peterson, DeMarcus Lawrence, Keenan Allen, T.J. Dillashaw, Lauren Fendrick, Jim Kwik, Dr Sarah Ballantyne, Zach Johnson, Graeme McDowell, Jordan Burroughs, Sanne Wevers, Shani Darden, Duncan Keith, and many more.

Impressive results

I choose Joovv for the most effective red light therapy at home. Seriously fantastic, Joovv is hard to beat. Since I started incorporating Joovv into my daily routine, I have more energy, I recover from workouts faster, my sleep quality is better, my skin looks healthier, and I feel positive and motivated after my treatments, ready to tackle the day on the run. I absolutely love my Joovv Solo and cannot wait to create an entire Joovv room where I can reap the full-body benefits from all sides and angles.

I also appreciate the versatility of Joovv’s modular design, which you are not getting with any other brand.

Joovv is the industry standard for at home red light therapy

Joovv is the leading manufacturer of personal, at-home red light therapy devices, with different sizes, customisable setups, and the most clinically powerful light therapy on the market. Their at-home red light therapy devices are, without a doubt, some of the best investments that could be made for one’s overall health.

Improve your health with Joovv red light therapy for your whole body. LED light therapy is a clinically proven method of decreasing inflammation, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, boosting your athletic performance, enhancing your sleep quality, and more.

DISCLAIMER: Features published by THE GREAT ADDRESS are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Always seek the advice of your GP or another qualified healthcare provider for any questions you have regarding a medical condition, and before undertaking any diet, exercise or other health-related programmes.

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Man having a red light therapy session
Elite 3.0 full body red light kit
Joovv Quad 3.0
Quad 3.0 ful-body red light therapy kit
Woman preparing a red light therapy session with a Joovv Max 3.0 setup
Max 3.0 full-body red light therapy kit
Joovv Duo
Duo 3.0 red light therapy kit, full-height
Red light treatment with Joovv Half Max
Half-Max 3.0 red light therapy kit
Joovv Solo
Solo 3.0 red light device
Woman sitting on the floor doing red light therapy with a Joovv Mini
Mini 3.0 red light device
Go 2.0 handheld red light therapy device
Detail image of Joovv floor boot stand
Floor Stand 3.0 for Mini 3.0 or Solo 3.0.
Joovv mini stand
Stand for Mini 3.0
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