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Stylish dry food storage containers for the modern kitchen

How to be someone who always has a faultlessly organised pantry

Who doesn’t love an organised pantry? There is something pleasant and satisfying about neatly arranged products. While an organised pantry is easy on the eye, the most important aspect is, in fact, efficiency and good food storage containers really do make a huge difference; when organisation meets beauty.

Combing aesthetics with practicality, Rotho’s LOFT container range is an organisation game-changer. These airtight food containers space-efficient and stackable storage solution. They keep dry food fresh and pantries organised, plus the wide range of shapes and sizes provide new possibilities for storing everyday staples like flour, sugar, coffee, cereal, oatmeal, grains and spices. Bring your kitchen storage to elegant control with Rotho.

Anyone who spends time on Pinterest or Instagram will know them: the perfectly organised pantries filled with shelves of matching containers. With beautifully arranged food and uniform labels – without a cardboard box or plastic bag for miles. We all love these pictures. But the visual is only one aspect.

With stylish aesthetics and high functionality, the LOFT dry food container range from Rotho allows you to take pantry organisation to the next level.

The containers have an airtight and efficient design that keeps dry food fresh and your cabinets organised.

They come in a variety of sizes that are perfect for holding just about any packaged food. It means that there are endless possibilities for storing everyday must-haves like flour, sugar, coffee, cereal, oatmeal, grains, pasta and spices. Rotho’s handy guide will help you determine what to store in each size container.

The clear containers make for a streamlined, uniform look and let you see exactly what you have and how much you have of it.

Pasta storage containers

No matter what size you choose, the collection has been created to stack together perfectly, maximising storage space. Each transparent container can be stacked side by side and on top of each other, fitting easily in kitchen cupboards as well as large pull-out larders and deep drawers. The premium food container range maximises space, minimises clutter and provides a place for everything.

We have always lusted after an Instagram-worthy pantry, and now we have one, all thanks to the sleek LOFT containers from Rotho. A task that was done with ease and finesse.

Why should you organise your pantry

Do you know what is hidden in your pantry? Pantries are often the first spaces in our homes that start getting disorganised. Before you know it,  you cannot find what you are looking for in a timely manner.

Aside from the obvious aesthetic purposes, there are quite a few good reasons why you need to keep your pantry in order and here are just some of them:

COOKING IS FASTER: Getting your pantry organised will go a long way to making meal prep faster and easier. A huge part of cooking quick meals is being able to grab your ingredients just as quickly and easily. If you need several ingredients from your pantry, and your pantry is not organised, you will spend more time searching for what you need. And, maybe, you wwill not even find what you are looking for.

GROCERY SHOPPING IS FASTER: When your pantry is disorganised, and you need to write out your shopping list, the last thing you want to do is rummage through everything to make sure you actually need certain ingredients.

SAVING MONEY AND WASTE: A nice and tidy pantry will save you money and waste. When your pantry is neat and clean, you can easily keep track of what you have, and products do not go to waste. Since no product is hidden below stacks of other goods, you can now use them before the expiration date. Also, there is no more guessing whether or not you have that ingredient somewhere in the kitchen. By having everything visible in a pantry, you avoid buying the same products twice.

Rotho Loft food storage containers on a kitchen shelf

Why Rotho LOFT are some of the best dry food storage containers

If you are serious about organising your pantry, investing in the best possible dry food storage containers can make all the difference. There are several criteria that storage containers should meet: They must be transparent, close tightly, and make the best use of cabinet space.

Brilliant for many reasons, the Rotho LOFT food storage containers tick all the right boxes. Striking the perfect balance between style and functionality, they are some of the best dry food storage containers to keep your pantry organised. They have all the main features and more to organise your pantry like a pro, including:

COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT: The containers’ transparent bodies and lids allow a view of their contents so that you can always see what is present or missing. Thanks to the containers’ highly see-through design, you have great flexibility – they are equally effective in the drawer as in the cupboard.

TIGHTLY SEALABLE: Clearly, the tighter the lid, the higher the protection against pests. This also prevents moisture from penetrating, and everything stays optimally dry and fresh. Whether flour, sugar, muesli or noodles – everything is kept fresh by the airtight insulation and does not lose any of its aromas. Rotho containers’ TPE sealing-lined lids act as a tight seal to ensure maximum protection of food and avoid food wastage due to spoilage.

SPACE-EFFICIENT: After having used Rotho LOFT’s containers for some time, we are a strong proponent of choosing square or rectangular-shaped containers rather than round ones. They take up to 25% less space than round ones. Additionally, square containers are easier to stack and combine.

STACKABLE: All the airtight containers of the range are perfectly stackable. They are designed for modular stacking and effortless organisation to maximise kitchen and pantry space. Intelligently designed, all LOFT storage containers have the same base area. Since the LOFT containers can be stacked wonderfully in terms of size, you can also work with different sizes.

DIFFERENT SIZES: For added versatility, Rotho’s aroma-proof containers come in a number of convenient sizes, so you can buy exactly what you need.

QUALITY: Developed in Switzerland, Rotho only uses top-quality raw materials for their products. Every container is made of BPA-free plastic that will not leak or alter the taste of the food inside.

AWARD-WINNING DESIGN: Boasting clean lines and a streamlined aesthetic, the LOFT premium container range was a Reddot Design Award winner in 2013. The kitchen airtight food storage containers with lids are as stylish as functional with their smart and consistent look.

Kitchen drawer with practical food storage containers

Multiple sizes allow endless possibilities of the perfect pantry organisation

When organising your pantry is the end goal, a variety of sizes and compatibility are vital. One of the great things about Rotho LOFT is that the stackable containers come in a wide range of sizes. This makes it easy to select the container that best meets your needs. Conveniently, the sizes can be combined with one another for a clean-lined look.

The different sizes, from 0.5L to 3.2L, and the various shapes offer ideal storage solutions, so the high 2 L box can be used perfectly for storing spaghetti or the 0.5L box for nuts and sweets. Choose from eight sizes to keep your pantry and fridge neater than neat:

  • 0.5L: 100g corn kernels, 150g pine nuts, 200g whole almonds, 200g ground nuts, 250g walnuts, 250g sesame seeds, 250g chia seeds, and more.
  • 1L: 300g walnuts, 500g pasta, 500g lentils, 500g quinoa, 500g rice, 500g semolina, and more
  • 1.5L: 250g cacao, 500g oat flakes, 1,000g rice, 1,000g sugar, and more.
  • 2L: 750g noodles, 1,500g spaghetti, and more.
  • 2.1L: 500g coffee beans, 1,000g flour, 1,000g cacao, 1,000g sugar and more.
  • 2.25L: 500g muesli, 75 tea bags, crispbread and more.
  • 3.2L: 500g tagliatelle, 500g cornflakes and 1,000g coffee beans.

There is also another 1-litre container that is ideal for cold meat cuts and cheese slices.

The modular system with several different sizes ensures a satisfyingly uniform look for style lovers.

A company with a long and sustainable track record

With a focus on high quality, Rotho is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic consumer goods in Europe. With more than 130 years of tradition and genuine Swiss design, the company stands for everything that makes Switzerland and Swissness admired throughout the globe.

Plastic food storage containers with transparent lid

By employing smart design and decades of experience, Rotho creates desirable products that make everyday life easier. The company’s products are developed in Switzerland and produced with high-quality raw materials.

Rotho continues to undertake a number of initiatives to reduce the environmental impact. The non-toxic products are free from BPAs and PVCs and are recyclable and not hazardous to the environment. The selected factories and Rotho’s environmental management system are ISO 14001 certified. Having access to production facilities in the heart of Europe means that Rotho can reduce the impact on the environment due to shorter transport routes to their customers. The factories are powered by renewable energy, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions.

Organise your kitchen pantry with style and ease with Rotho food storage containers

Organised pantries take some effort, both to get them that way in the first place and to keep them that way. Get that space under control, though, and the payoff is huge. Not only will you enjoy the look of an organised pantry every time you open the door, but you will also save time, money, and energy.

Not only do the LOFT premium range of food storage containers from Rotho add beauty, but it also adds a tremendous amount of function. The practical see-through storage containers are stylish and endlessly versatile.

With Rotho’s LOFT food storage collection, everything is neat, organised, and, most importantly, visible. It truly is #PantryGoals.

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