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Leaf fusion plasma device is the latest breakthrough for facial skin care at home

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A breakthrough device for skincare at home, Leaf fusion plasma device maximises the absorption and effectiveness of your existing skincare products. As the world’s first fusion plasma skin care device, Leaf delivers your favourite active ingredients beyond the skin barrier. Leaf creates microchannels and then pushes the products you have used topically into the skin’s deeper layers, meaning they can work more effectively. Leaf offers a unique, patented skincare solution based on three operating modes – plasma energy, electroporation technology and microcurrent – with the added technologies of vibration, probe warming and LED photo facial to improve the appearance of tone and texture while promoting cell regeneration.

Some of your skincare products, such as sunscreen and moisturiser, are designed to stay on the surface of the skin but active skincare products are meant to penetrate your skin for optimal benefit. Unfortunately, a large portion of topically applied active products that are supposed to penetrate the skin just remain on top of your skin: the active ingredients never actually absorb into your skin. So does this mean we are wasting our money on products with actives? Absolutely not. The ingredients work; just the topical delivery system does not.

Luckily, boosting skin penetration is not completely out of your hands. Leaf fusion plasma skin care device, a new, state-of-the-art device, recently hit the scene. It works with your regular favourite skincare products and ensures that you are getting the most out of them with maximum results. Leaf facial device increases the efficiency of your skincare regimen by maximising absorption and enabling active ingredients to penetrate more deeply into your skin.

The company behind this groundbreaking and innovative device is GCS, a well-established South Korean manufacturer of medical devices, HA & PLLA fillers and plasma devices for medical purposes as well as for dermatologists and aestheticians.

Although Leaf facial skincare device is one of the easiest to use, the technology behind it is not only state-of-the-art and complex but also very fascinating. Hence, we are so excited to sit down with the visionaries behind Leaf, to discuss what this device does, how it works, the technology and particularly the new fusion plasma technology and the 3rd generation electroporation technology, how to use it and much more.

FIRST OF ALL, WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO CREATE LEAF FUSION PLASMA DEVICE FOR SKIN CARE AT HOME? Our professional clients, skin care specialists, dermatologists and aestheticians, were looking for a better solution for aftercare as existing devices had crucial functional limitations; they couldn’t physically touch the stratum corneum, ie the outer layer of the skin. Consequently, the actives were not absorbed by the skin and were consequently less effective. Therefore, we set out to create a home-care device that could secure the passage of stratum corneum like a meso-roller or micro needling roller but without damaging the skin.

This may sound simple but this brand-new concept in beauty technology, developed for the first time in the world, is technologically very advanced.

The skincare device combines the 3rd generation of patented electroporation with a safe ozone-free plasma to enable deeper penetration of active ingredients without compromising skin health.

Human skin is an intricate layer of densely packed cells (lipids) that act as a protective barrier between our bodies and the environment. This barrier is called the stratum corneum. Many popular skincare devices designed to increase product penetration either scrape away or perforate (microneedle) this important barrier, damaging the matrix of lipid cells that keep our skin protected and healthy.

Leaf fusion plasma device maximises skincare benefits by significantly improving active ingredient penetration – without damaging the healthy skin barrier function.

Even the most advanced skincare can only achieve 2%-5% absorption when applied by hand. Using Leaf fusion plasma device can increase product absorption up to 96 times compared to applying it by hand, allowing deeper penetration of active ingredients. This means you will see optimum results from your skincare investment, faster.

Leaf facial device for skin care at home


WHAT EXACTLY DOES LEAF FUSION PLASMA DEVICE DO FOR OUR SKIN? It combines several skin beauty technologies such as electroporation, micro-current and other basic skin technologies along with the new plasma technology into one single device. This next-generation of advanced beauty technology enables a superior synergistic effect compared to the sole use of electroporation or plasma.

Using both fusion plasma and electroporation technologies, Leaf enhances the absorption of the active ingredients of selected skincare products. It creates microchannels which means it takes the products that you have used topically and pushes them into the deeper layers of the skin, whilst inserting nutrients directly into the cells. This stimulates several cellular functions leading to improved overall health of the skin as well as firming the skin and minimising fine lines and wrinkles.

Benefits include:

  • It stimulates face lifting through fusion plasma arc.
  • It reduces wrinkles through micro-current massage.
  • It promotes cell generation through micro-current massage


Leaf fusion plasma device maximises skincare benefits by significantly improving active ingredient penetration – without damaging lipids or compromising the skin’s barrier function.

Many microneedling devices intentionally go beyond this safe zone and wound the skin. This “skin wounding” technique was believed to stimulate natural collagen and elastin production and accelerate skin rejuvenation. The technique is now being challenged as we see more and more cases of “wounding” causing permanent skin barrier damage.


YOU ARE SAYING THAT BY USING LEAF FUSION PLASMA, ABSORPTION CAN INCREASE BY UP TO 96 TIMES COMPARED TO APPLYING THE PRODUCTS BY HAND. DO YOU HAVE SCIENTIFIC DATA TO BACK UP THIS CLAIM? Yes, all data has been scientifically researched and this particular claim has been tested by the Department of Biology at Yonse University in Seoul, South Korea.

In addition, we also have results from clinical trials that prove the efficacy.

HOW QUICKLY CAN YOU SEE THE RESULTS? HOW MANY TREATMENTS DO YOU HAVE TO DO TO START SEEING RESULTS? Generally speaking, you can often see a result after 2-3 sessions with the Leaf Fusion Plasma device. Having said that, we are all unique and my skin is different from yours so the number of treatments that are required differs from person to person.

WHAT ABOUT AGE? WILL SOMEONE AGED 60+ YEARS STILL BE ABLE TO SEE RESULTS? Yes, absolutely. Leaf is not only for young skin but works regardless of age if used as correctly.

IS THERE ANY RECOVERY TIME? No. Since there is no damage done to the epidermis, there is nothing to recover from.

ARE THERE ANY SIDE EFFECTS? Side effects like thermal damage of the tissue (erythema, pigmentation) are minimised with the Leaf Fusion Plasma device as it ensures safety of current standard output of the medical device at 1/10 of the allowable safety level.

Leaf device features three key skin care technologies in one single device; Fusion plasma technology, Smart boosting technology, Micro-current technology



  • Fusion plasma technology
  • Smart boosting technology
  • Micro-current technology

Fusion plasma technology creates fine microchannels in the stratum corneum of the skin to increase the absorption rate of active ingredients: Fusion plasma energy creates microscopic pathways/microchannels in the stratum corneum layer of the skin (up to 0.1mm). Since the passageways are formed at a microscopic depth, a primary microchannel for the absorption of the active ingredients of the skincare product is secured without damaging the skin.

Also, the heat generated by the Leaf fusion plasma device stimulates the skin, inducing skin generation and promoting skin lifting.

Smart boosting technology – increase skincare permeability by applying Multi-frequency electrical stimulation to the skin: Using 3rd generation electroporation, it maintains the microchannels formed in the first step and secures additional passages to promote absorption of actives in the selected skincare product.

The 3rd generation electroporation primarily increases the permeability of the field strength and cell membrane, and secondarily moves the actives of the skincare product down the stratum corneum to promote absorption.

To put it simply, the smart boosting mode accelerates the penetration of active ingredients without damaging the skin.

Micro current technology – For elasticity and skin health: It is a step that stimulates lifting by helping to regenerate ingredients related to skin elasticity by applying lower electric stimulus than the previous two technologies. As we grow older, our body’s natural ability to generate collagen and other elastin-related ingredients slow down. The energy of the micro current delivered to the skin through electrical stimulation promotes the regeneration of these ingredients and helps skin lifting.

Summary of Leaf key technologies

In addition to the above three main technologies, the following technologies are also incorporated into the skincare device:

  • Vibration: For skin muscle relaxation and blood flow promotion.
  • Probe warming: Below 35oC, it preserves collagen and promotes blood flow and metabolism with the ideal temperature
  • Photo facial: The LED simultaneous operation promotes blood flow and anti-ageing

FUSION PLASMA IS THE TECHNOLOGY YOU MENTION FIRST OF THE THREE MAIN TECHNOLOGIES. CAN YOU EXPLAIN WHAT EXACTLY FUSION PLASMA IS AND WHAT DOES IT DO? Plasma is the fourth material after solid, liquid, and gas. It has the most energy among substances and is actively used in the medical field due to its sterilisation and infection prevention effects by ions or radicals generated from plasma. Leaf facial skincare device uses this fourth energy, Fusion Plasma, by combining proprietary technologies developed on plasma theory.

It is a new energy that stimulates the skin by delivering plasma to the tissues inside the skin. Because it does not react with pigment or moisture, fusion plasma technology can access deeply into the skin efficiently.

Plasma transfers a lot of energy to the tissue structure in the skin, which:

  • Induces skin generation: Induces thermal deformation on the outside of the skin to form new collagen in the dermis.
  • Solves pigmentation: Suppresses melanin pigment caused by microthermal damage to the skin where the plasma was stimulated.
  • Reduces wrinkles: Induces continuous skin generation by suppressing blotches, spots, freckles etc, wrinkles are reduced.

A large amount of active oxygen is generated by the molecules generated by the plasma source which leads to:

  • Sterilisation of various viruses and acne bacteria
  • Healing and scar relief
  • Promotes healthy skin through the improvement of scarring

HOW MUCH RESEARCH HAS BEEN DONE THAT BACK UP THE FUSION PLASMA TECHNOLOGY? Plasma is a relatively new research field, still, there are several research documents that have explored different aspects of the range of possible applications of plasmas in medicine and in particular in dermatology.

A German research team concluded their study by saying ‘non-thermal plasmas appear to be one of the most promising and expanding fields of research in medicine’.

Another example is an Italian study of clinical cases by the Department of Dermatology at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. The study involved 250 patients treated for the removal of benign skin formations, nonsurgical blepharoplasty, wrinkles, active acne and scarring. The conclusion of the fusion plasma skin care study was that ‘the technique has proven to be extremely reliable and safe, without permanent side effects for the patient.


Generally speaking,

  • 1000Hz is used for wrinkle improvement
  • 2,200Hz for moisturising
  • 11,000Hz for reducing swelling
  • 20,000Hz for whitening
  • 40,000Hz for anti-ageing

Leaf spans from 1KHz to 40KHz and is therefore suited to help with all kinds of cosmetic functions.

Also important to know is that each cosmetic product has its own frequency. For optimum ingredient penetration, Leaf Smart Boosting mode automatically sets up the device to the same frequency as the frequency of the cosmetics you are using.

YOU SAY THAT LEAF IS OZONE FREE. CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT THIS? Ozone, generated by conventional plasma products, is harmful to the human body and the skin.

Leaf Fusion Plasma device is safe from ozone because the generated plasma burns and disappears at the same time as creating micropores in the stratum corneum. Results from tests at ‘Korea Testing Laboratory show that Leaf generates about 0.0025ppm of ozone, which is lower than the FDA Indoor Medical Devices Ozone Safety Standard of 0.05ppm.

Leaf skin care device can be used with any skin care products


Most important of the three is the Fusion Plasma patent, which means that Leaf comes with safe medical plasma technology.

The second patent covers EP (electroporation) with skin resistance status sensing function, and the third patent is a Smartphone screen communication method for the device.

WHAT APPROVALS DO YOU HAVE FOR LEAF FUSION PLASMA SKINCARE DEVICE? EG. FDA, CE ETC., Leaf is registered with FDA and the device is also CE marked, confirming conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the EU.


YOU ARE USING MULTI-COLOURED LED LIGHTS IN THIS DEVICE. WHICH COLOURS ARE YOU USING AND WHY? Leaf has 20 different colour settings (5 functions x 4 skin types) and each setting represents a different absorption depth and frequency.

However, the different colours of the LED lights do not have any therapeutic function as such. The different colours are only a telltale for the user of the device, indicating which cosmetic function the device is currently set to. So the different colour codes tell you which cosmetic function you are using and makes it easier to change from one setting to another.

TELL US ABOUT THE SKIN SENSING FUNCTION? The skin sensing function is a feature that is automatically triggered when you change from one program to another, e.g. from the Fusion Plasma step to EP (electroporation). When you change program, Leaf Fusion Plasma device will automatically analyze your skin and chose the correct setting for your skin for the program you have started. The skin sensing function ensures you are using the correct settings, it is not a control of your skin condition.


However, experiments and studies have proven that when the skin’s temperature exceeds 41°C, MMP, an enzyme that breaks the peptide bonds in collagen, is activated starting a rapid collagen degradation process causing the elasticity of the skin to decrease which eventually leads to wrinkles.

The probe surface of Leaf facial device does not have a heating but warming function to less than 35°C. This temperature is warm enough to promote increased blood circulation and thereby helping metabolism and absorption of actives. At the same, 35°C is not too warm which means that Leaf is not causing any collagen decomposition in the inner layer of the skin.

Still, many skincare devices sold today heat their probes to temperatures of more than 40°C.

LEAF ALSO COMES WITH A SMART UPDATE/CALIBRATE FUNCTION MOBILE PHONE APP – WHAT IS IT AND WHAT DOES IT DO? The app we have developed for Leaf is the world’s first ‘Internet o Things’ smart linkage system that works with any smart mobile phone model and operating system.

With the app downloaded to your mobile phone, you select the cosmetic product and skin condition. The Leaf device’ Smart Boosting mode will then automatically set the optimised frequency combination and LED level for the product that you are using to maximise the absorption effect.

THERE IS ALSO A CONVENIENT VOICE GUIDANCE FUNCTION, CAN YOU TELL US MORE ABOUT THAT? The voice guidance function is based on AI and smart technology. When using the device, a voice will guide you through the different treatments, helping you to use the device and its many functions and features in the best possible way.

Leaf Fusion Plasma device


CAN LEAF FUSION PLASMA DEVICE BE USED BY ALL SKIN TYPES? Leaf can certainly be used safely on most skin types, including sensitive skin as it works with all active ingredients including soothing or anti-inflammatory ingredients.

However, if you suffer from rosacea or tend to over-exfoliate, you should proceed with caution and it should not be used on irritated skin or if you suffer from a skin disease.

Are there any other reasons why someone should not use Leaf Fusion Plasma skin care device at home? You should not use Leaf if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or immediately after a treatment or operation. There are also a few medical conditions and situations in which Leaf should not be used. To be on the safe side, we always recommend that you contact your medical practitioner if you have any doubts or if you suffer from any medical condition.

TO ACHIEVE MAXIMUM RESULTS, HOW OFTEN SHOULD LEAF FACIAL DEVICE BE USED? For skin care at home, we recommend using Leaf once a day together with skincare products that are suitable for your skin type.

Once every day for the rest of your life? That would be ideal. As we grow older, it is even more important to take care of our skin and Leaf is the perfect partner.

HOW LONG IS EACH TREATMENT PER MODE? Each mode takes 5 minutes so the three modes (Plasma, Electroporation and Micro-current) take 15 minutes, all in all.

IF I USE LEAF JUST THREE TIMES A WEEK RATHER THAN EVERY DAY, WILL I STILL SEE RESULTS? Yes, you should still see results but the degree of improvements you will see vary from person to person. And as always, regardless of how often you use the device, it is important to use it as prescribed for best results.

CAN I USE LEAF TWICE A DAY; OR WILL I NOT SEE ANY ADDITIONAL BENEFITS BY DOING THAT? Yes, there are no problems using Leaf fusion plasma skin care twice a day and if you do, you will see improved results.

And to make the most of doing two treatments per day, we recommend that you use different skincare products for each treatment. Using one kind of cosmetics for the first treatment and a different kind of cosmetics for the second treatment the same day will improve the results even further.

CAN LEAF BE USED WITH ANY SKINCARE PRODUCTS? OR JUST WATER-BASED SKINCARE PRODUCTS, AND NOT OIL-BASED? There are no such limitations – you can use Leaf with any type of skincare products.

Leaf skincare tool

CAN I USE LEAF ON ANY PART OF THE BODY, E.G ON THE TEMPLE, THE NECK AND THE CHEST OR SHOULD I ONLY USE IT ON THE FACE? Leaf is specially designed for facial skin care and we recommend that all treatments are concentrated to the face.

Having said that, using common sense and as long as you do not have any physical problems, you can in principle use Leaf for skin care at home anywhere on the body although this is nothing we recommend.

DOES LEAF HAVE A POSITIVE EFFECT ON ACNE? Plasma can have positive effects on acne but Leaf is not designed to treat acne.

Leaf treatments are based on Plasma arc technology (fusion plasma) which penetrates the skin pores with Plasma arc, enabling the skin to fully absorb ingredients of the cosmetics and skincare products.

Plasma for acne works in a different way where instead of penetrating the pores, it is released as it spreads over the affected areas.

CAN LEAF FUSION PLASMA DEVICES BE USED BY SOMEONE WHO HAS HAD BOTOX OR FILLERS? Botox and fillers are injected into the deep dermis or the subcutaneous tissue, i.e. the inner layers of the skin. Leaf is treating the epidermis which is the outermost of the three layers that make up the skin. Consequently, there should not be any problems as long as you are not experiencing any side effects as a result of a filler or botox treatment.

However, it is a good idea to talk to a dermatologist before using Leaf Fusion Plasma device for skin care at home if you have had filler or botox treatments as everyone has a different type of skin and status after those treatments.

AFTER HAVING CREATED THE MICROCHANNELS IN THE PLASMA MODE, ARE THERE ANY ACTIVE INGREDIENTS THAT I SHOULD AVOID USING? FOR INSTANCE, PRODUCTS WITH VITAMIN A/RETINOL, VITAMIN C, AHA/BHAS, GROWTH FACTORS ETC? As long as you don’t experience any problems with the ingredients on your skin, there are no restrictions on which ingredients you can use. However, please remember to be mindful of the amount of ingredients you are using and follow the recommendations in the user manual.

CAN YOU USE THE SMOOTHING MODE WITH ACTIVE INGREDIENTS SUCH AS VITAMIN A/RETINOL, VITAMIN C, AHA/BHAS, GROWTH FACTORS ETC? We suggest using the Wrinkle improvement mode instead of the Smoothing mode for active ingredients.

The reason is that with active ingredients, we have to stimulate the basal layer and dermis and the recommended frequency for this is multi-frequency around 20kHz. Wrinkle improvement mode spans 12~25kHz making it the most suitable function.

HOW WOULD YOU USE LEAF FOR SKIN CARE AT HOME WITH OTHER MODALITIES? HOME MICRO NEEDLING? HOME MICROCURRENT? HOME RF TREATMENTS? Leaf facial device is designed to be a better option than any of those products.

However, if you insist on using other devices for opening pores, we suggest you should use the EP step for aftercare of micro needling or home RF treatment.

CAN I DO ANYTHING ELSE TO AUGMENT/FURTHER ENHANCE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF LEAF FUSION PLASMA DEVICE FOR SKIN CARE AT HOME? For best results, there are three simple but very important things to keep in mind

  • To properly clean the face before using Leaf makes a big difference.
  • Always use products and cosmetics that are suitable for your skin type
  • Use the device as prescribed in every step


WHAT’S NEXT FOR YOUR COMPANY? IS THERE A NEXT GENERATION OF LEAF FUSION PLASMA DEVICE IN THE PIPELINE?  ‘Leaf’, which was launched in 2020 is the premium product in this sector so for now, we are happy to see our clients enjoy using the fusion plasma technology and reap the rewards of the work and science that made the device possible.

That, of course, is not a reason for resting on our laurels. We will continue investing in R & D and when new, innovative technologies and ideas come up that make a difference, we will certainly develop the next generation of Leaf.

DISCLAIMER: Features published by THE GREAT ADDRESS are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Always seek the advice of your GP or another qualified healthcare provider for any questions you have regarding a medical condition, and before undertaking any diet, exercise or other health-related programme.

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