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Elevate your grooming routine with a precision safety razor

The Brand To Know For An Expert Close Shave 

Man shaving with a Tatara safety razor
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Are you craving a pro-level shave in the convenience of your own home? Discover TATARA safety razor, the epitome of shaving mastery. TATARA believes that shaving and grooming should be more than just routine tasks. It should be a luxurious indulgence, a moment to savor. Many rush through their daily shaves, missing out on the potential for a truly gratifying experience. Considering that shaving every day for 40 years amounts to nearly 15,000 shaves — each one should be indulgent, not mundane.

With TATARA, your daily shave transcends the ordinary and becomes a moment of pure enjoyment and luxury. The brand’s precision-engineered razors and premium grooming products transform your shaving routine into an enjoyable ritual that you look forward to. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro, immerse yourself in the art of shaving with TATARA and elevate your grooming routine into an experience of pampering, excellence and extreme performance. TATARA ensure a smooth and comfortable shave every time.

TATARA – Shaving Perfected

Welcome to TATARA, where craftsmanship meets innovation, transforming metal into a canvas of precision and artistry. Since its inception, TATARA has become synonymous with exceptional safety razors and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Rooted in the principles of passion, design, precision, and a profound respect for the art of engineering, TATARA embarked on a journey to redefine shaving. The company recognized a saturated market of undifferentiated double edge razors (DE) and envisioned a sleek, minimalist safety razor (SR). Over the years, it has evolved into a dynamic force in the world of wet shaving, seamlessly blending traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology and is today a top choice among wet shaving enthusiasts.

Using a single blade razor reduces skin irritation and ingrown hairs, while high-quality razor blades ensure a precise shave, preventing nicks, tugs, and bumps.

Designed for precise performance and meticulously crafted to perfection, TATARA’s razors exemplify the refined elegance of the wet shaving experience. The brand champions precision in every aspect of its engineering, creating safety razors that excel in performance, comfort, and style.

Collage of three images of precision razors from Tatara

A team of skilled engineers and artisans meticulously designs and refines each safety razor, ensuring optimal blade alignment, balance, and performance. By using the finest materials and precision machining processes, TATARA razors stand out in the double-edge safety razor market for their exceptional quality and construction.

Expertly made in Portugal, TATARA’s razors reflect the clean elegance of the wet shaving experience. CNC-machined from high-grade stainless steel, hand-finished, and sandblasted, each razor is a beautiful, high-quality tool that delivers a smooth, consistent, and precise shave.

By meticulously attending to details like blade gap, angle, exposure, and blade vibrations, TATARA has crafted razors with machining tolerances as tight as 0.02 mm. This guarantees precise control over blade positioning and operation, along with a remarkable consistency between shaves rarely found elsewhere.

Enhance your shaving routine by using a shave brush and shave cream to prepare the skin and hair for a closer, effortless shave. Using pre shave oil to create a lubricating layer further helps reduce nicks, cuts and razor burn, enhancing the shaving experience.

Collage with close-ups of Tatara's safety razors

From Where Does The Name Tatara Originate

The name TATARA is inspired by the traditional Japanese furnace, where forge masters smelted steel to create Samurai swords.This meticulous process involves heating, forging, cooling, and tempering the steel to produce blades of exceptional strength and sharpness.The katanas (swords) forged through this ancient technique are not merely weapons but symbols of the relentless pursuit of perfection, embodying the dedication and excellence that define the Samurai ethos.

Encapsulating the fusion of tradition and innovation, heritage and cutting-edge technology, the founders chose the brand name “Tatara” to symbolize the company’s unwavering commitment to precision, strength, and craftsmanship, mirroring the esteemed qualities of traditional Japanese sword-making.

TATARA’s products are not just safety razors, but a unique fusion of the timeless art of sword-making and the precision of modern engineering. Crafted with the same unwavering dedication and meticulous attention to detail as Japanese Katanas, they exemplify rare performance and unmatched strength.

Tatara’s Collection Of Precision-Engineered Safety Razors

Take your shaving experience to new heights with TATARA’s collection of precision-engineered razors. Beautifully crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a passion for innovation, each razor embodies the perfect fusion of form and function. Discover the artistry behind TATARA razors, where minimalist design meets cutting-edge technology to deliver an unparalleled close shave. Committed to sustainability and exceptional craftsmanship, TATARA creates artisan-made grooming products using superior materials that stand the test of time.

Men's grooming products from Tatara

By choosing TATARA razors, you are opting for a sustainable solution. The company champions the use of double-edged blades, minimizing waste and leaving a positive imprint on the environment. Moreover, the premium razors offer a closer shave with less irritation and fewer razor bumps, surpassing the performance of disposable razors.

Choose TATARA razors and experience the difference they can make to your shaving routine. Discover why the company is the preferred choice for those seeking an exceptional shaving experience, delivering flawless results and unmatched style.

There is a choice of four models:

  • Masamune for smooth and precise cutting
  • Masamune Nodachi, if you want a more aggressive planer with a longer handle
  • Muramasa, where the blade can be adjusted to your preference
  • Customized razors

TATARA Masamune Razor

The Masamune Razor, TATARA’s first shaving product, is a testament to the brand’s design vision of purity, elegance, and simplicity.  Sleek, refined, and modern, the TATARA Masamune Razors seamlessly combine fine aesthetics and design detailing with a touch of the classic safety razor look.

Masamune Titanium Razor

The Masamune Razor, meticulously crafted from a single piece of material, offers a sophisticated and efficient double-edge shave. Its precision engineering, a hallmark of TATARA’s commitment to quality, ensures a consistent and precise shave every time.

The Masamune Razor is renowned for its smooth performance, thanks to its small blade gap and negative blade exposure. The closed comb plate, featuring small grooves along its edges, provides the smoothest and most popular shaving option, offering minimal blade exposure for maximum comfort.

TATARA Masamune Nodachi Razor

The Masamune Nodachi Razor, an evolution of the original Masamune Razor, features a longer handle and an enhanced blade feel inspired by the legendary Nodachi katanas. This design caters to experienced users seeking a closer and sharper shaving experience, particularly those with a more irregular and stronger beard. The razor effectively cuts hair at the skin’s surface for a closer shave.

The closed comb plate, TATARA’s smoothest and most popular option, incorporates small grooves along its edges, reducing blade exposure to the skin. With a high blade gap of 0.90mm and positive blade exposition, the Masamune Nodachi Razor ensures the blade glides effortlessly along your face, delivering an exceptionally close shave.

Key features of TATARA’s series of Masamune Razors

Parts of both the Masamune Razor and the Masamune Nodachi Razor are interchangeable, enabling you to create customized hybrid solutions that cater to your unique skin and beard. Despite their versatility, both razors share several notable highlights, including:

CRAFTED FROM SOLID 100% HIGH-GRADE MATERIALS USING CNC MACHINING. TATARA’s premium razors are crafted from solid 100% high-grade materials using high-performance CNC machining processes. This ensures maximum performance, precision, and longevity, with all pieces machined to tolerances as tight as 0.02mm.

THE BEST MATERIAL. The weight of the stainless steel razor is its key advantage in cutting the beard. The heaviness of the material allows it to glide effortlessly along the skin, requiring minimal pressure. For some, this makes it the ideal choice, as the weight does the work while you gently guide it around your face with precision and ease.

Using a safety razor to cut hair at skin level helps reduce bumps and irritation, providing a closer and more comfortable shave.

Prepare to be amazed by the comfort and efficiency of the Masamune Titanium Razor – expertly crafted from high-performance titanium. Weighing approximately 55% less than stainless steel, this razor revolutionizes maneuverability. Its lightweight design grants shavers enhanced control over pressure, angle, and blade direction, allowing for a shave that truly reflects your technique. The low thermal conductivity of titanium ensures the razor remains compatible with your skin, promoting a consistently comfortable shaving experience. Indulge in a premium shaving experience that sets a new standard in comfort and precision.

Man shaving with Tatara's Masamune Nodachi razor

UNIQUE FITTING SYSTEM. Introducing TATARA’S Unique Fitting System, specially designed for the Masume Razor to enhance your shaving experience. This exclusive feature ensures:

  • High perpendicularity between handle and razor head, allowing for superior precision during the shaving
  • Symmetrical load distribution on the threads prevents excessive wear, enhancing overall durability and resistance. It ensures that the blade remains stable during the shave, delivering the smoothest shave possible.

BLADE CHATTER FREE. One of the standout features of TATARA’S Masamune razors is the wide contact area between the cap and base plate, which firmly supports the blade, ensuring it remains stable and vibration-free during shaving. This feature effectively eliminates blade chatter, culminating in the smoothest shave possible.

SUPERIOR FINISHES. Each razor in the Masamune Series is meticulously hand-finished to eliminate all machining marks and ensure every edge is impeccably smooth. After the careful hand-finishing, each piece undergoes a sandblast treatment to achieve a soft and harmonious appearance. This method ensures that the sandblast finish is applied individually to each piece, underscoring TATARA’s dedication to detail and excellence.

CLASSIC 3-PIECE DESIGN. Embodying quality, simplicity and minimalism in every aspect, the Masamune series boasts a timeless 3-piece design. This classic assembly ensures enduring performance and reliability, promising a shaving experience that will last for years to come, making it a worthy investment in your grooming routine.

CHOICE OF COMB TYPES. Finding the right double-edged safety razor is a personal journey that involves harmoniously matching it to your unique shaving habits and skin type. The comb, the bottom part of the shaving head, comes in different models that determine the shaving characteristics. TATARA offers a choice of comb types: closed, open, or a combination of both.

Closed Comb: These razors have a straight safety bar under the blade, providing extra protection and reducing the risk of nicks or cuts. They feature grooves that shield the skin, making them ideal for regular shavers and those with sensitive skin.

Open Comb: These razors have a row of teeth under the blade, offering better hair guidance and easier shaving for longer or denser facial hair. The teeth direct hair towards the blade, excelling at cutting through thicker facial hair.

THE DARK EDITION. Elevate your shaving experience with the Dark edition of Masamune Razors. The black PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coating — applied through a high-temperature vacuum deposition process using highly ionized plasma -— offers exceptional adherence, high purity, and chemical inertness. This makes it biocompatible and durable, ensuring outstanding longevity.

BEAUTIFULLY, SUSTAINABLY PRESENTED. The Masamune Series is packaged in a natural cork box, enveloped in black silk paper, and sealed meticulously with black wax. This packaging is not only beautiful, but also sustainable. The cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree, a completely natural plant tissue that can be harvested without cutting down trees, making your purchase an eco-friendly choice for a greener future.

MADE IN PORTUGAL. Discover the impeccable craftsmanship and precision engineering that sets TATARA apart in the shaving industry. All TATARA products are 100% made in Portugal, CNC machined from high-grade AISI stainless steel and titanium, and meticulously hand-finished and sandblasted to achieve a beautiful and high-quality final product.

Muramasa Adjustable Razor, The Flagship Model

Experience the pinnacle of shaving excellence with TATARA’s Muramasa Adjustable Razor, a testament to the brand’s precision engineering and innovative approach to safety razors.

Indulge in a shaving experience tailored to your preferences with this meticulously crafted flagship model. Redefining wet shaving with its adjustable safety razor design , this highly efficient and comfortable razor allows you to select your ideal setting, from smooth to aggressive, by simply turning the adjustable dial. Its finely tuned adjustable mechanism and superior construction offer an adaptable shave, catering to the needs of both wet shaving beginners and experts. Whether you prefer a quick morning shave or a leisurely grooming session, the Muramasa razor is designed to work with you.

Crafting this marvel involved distilling shaving to its absolute essence, achieved through cutting-edge engineering, groundbreaking design, thoughtful industrial processes and pleasing aesthetics. The Muramasa Adjustable Razor is more than a razor; it is a work of art that will transform your daily grooming ritual into a luxurious experience.

The Muramasa Adjustable Razor offers an array of exceptional standout features, including:

FOR EVERY SKIN & HAIR TYPE. The Muramasa Adjustable Razor achieves the perfect balance across all settings, offering a smooth, elegant shaving experience.

At level 1, the razor’s very mild configuration is ideal for sensitive skin or shorter facial hair, making it perfect for transitioning from cartridge razors or for those who prefer a gentler shave. For experienced shavers or those with thicker, curlier facial hair, the top setting provides a greater gap and higher blade exposure for a closer shave. The razor also allows for fine-tuning between levels to suit your personal preferences.

5 PRE-SET SETTINGS, PLUS ANYWHERE IN BETWEEN. Experience the perfect shave every time with TATARA’s Muramasa Adjustable Razor. This sophisticated razor grants you complete control, moving beyond the one-size-fits-all approach to offer a shave tailored precisely to your needs.

Adjustable razor with five settings

Its intuitive mechanism features five pre-set levels, allowing you to find the ideal balance of comfort and closeness suited to your skin’s sensitivity and hair type. The adjustable settings range from Level 1, with a 0.60mm gap and negative 0.17mm exposure, to Level 5, with a 0.90mm gap and positive 0.17mm exposure. The very mild Level 1 setting is ideal for sensitive skin or shorter facial hair, perfect for those transitioning from cartridge razors or preferring a gentler shave. For experienced shavers or those with coarser, longer facial hair, the top setting offers a greater gap and higher blade exposure for an exceptionally close, though less forgiving, shave. Additionally, the razor includes “in-between” settings, ensuring each shave is perfectly customized to your unique requirements.

PATENTED ADJUSTABLE SLIDING BASE-PLATES SYSTEM. The Muramasa’s unique blade exposure setting, enabled by its sliding base-plates system, offers:

  • Simultaneous adjustment of blade gap and blade exposure
  • Wide range of adjustment: Choose from five pre-set levels with additional in-between adjustability
  • No wear and tear pieces: Eliminates the need for springs, reducing maintenance
  • Quick adjustments: Change settings without disassembling the razor.

The Muramasa razor features an adjustable sliding base-plates system that offers strong blade support and allows for quick adjustments to both blade exposure (BE) and blade gap (BG). As you rotate the dial, the base plates move closer together or farther apart from the razor’s head, altering the contact point between the blade and your skin. This simultaneously changes both the BE and BG. A numbered window displays the current level setting as you adjust the dial.

SUPERIOR MANUFACTURING – 316L STAINLESS STEEL. To ensure maximum performance and longevity, every component of the Muramasa adjustable razor is constructed from solid material and meticulously CNC-machined using high-quality AISI 316L stainless steel, renowned for its exceptional durability and corrosion resistance.

TATARA’s unparalleled expertise in CNC machining ensures the Muramasa adjustable razor is crafted with extraordinary precision, with tolerances as fine as 0.02mm. This meticulous craftsmanship guarantees minimal friction and wear of all parts, enhancing durability and contributing to the razor’s safe use.

TITANIUM EDITION. Discover a new dimension of shaving comfort and efficiency with the Muramasa Adjustable Titanium Razor, meticulously fashioned from high-performance titanium. At about 55% lighter than stainless steel, this razor revolutionizes maneuverability. Its lightweight design gives shavers greater control over pressure, angle, and blade direction, allowing for a shave that truly reflects your technique. Titanium’s low thermal conductivity ensures the razor remains skin-compatible, offering a consistently comfortable shave. Enjoy a premium shaving experience that sets new standards of comfort and precision.

NO BULKY HEADS. Thanks to TATARA’s innovative and efficient patent-pending mechanism, the company has managed to keep the head dimension to a minimum. This results in a sleek razor that can effortlessly reach every part of your face, including the tricky areas around the nose and mouth. TATARA has also thoughtfully covered the blade tabs to enhance user safety and prevent cuts during shaving and blade changes.

BLADE CHATTER FREE. A key feature of TATARA’s Masamune Adjustable Razor is the extensive contact area between the cap and base plate, which securely supports the blade to maintain stability and minimize vibration during shaving. This design effectively eliminates blade chatter, ensuring an exceptionally smooth shave and significantly reducing the risk of nicks and cuts caused by blade rattle.

THE KEY. TATARA has ingeniously designed the Muramasa Adjustable Razor to ensure effortless maintenance. A simple rinse after use is all that is needed for regular cleaning — no nooks, crannies, hinges, or clutter to worry about. For a more thorough clean, the razor can be easily disassembled using the included proprietary key. This straightforward care routine guarantees an efficient and safe shaving experience that will last for generations of wet shavers, giving you peace of mind with every use.

FINE AESTHETICS. Showcasing the cutting-edge of elegant modernity, the Muramasa Adjustable Razor by TATARA was conceived as a unified whole, rather than a mere assembly of mechanical components. The sleek and streamlined design embodies simplicity and beauty. Every aspect of the design has been carefully crafted to provide perfect balance and a comfortable grip, allowing total control while shaving in absolute style. The razor’s handle features a twisted dimpled pattern that not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also provides an excellent grip,  reducing the risk of slips and ensuring a safe and efficient shaving experience.  This compact design minimizes blade chatter and rattle, ensuring safe and efficient performance in every setting. The Muramasa dial’s numbering feature, inspired by the analog watch date window, is finished with a dark PVD coating to enhance the visibility of the number setting.

EVERY PIECE IS HAND FINISHED. Each of the seven pieces in the Muramasa is meticulously hand-finished and sandblasted individually. This painstaking process allows TATARA to achieve a smoother gunmetal matte look, softened edges, and the elimination of any CNC machining marks.

ELEGANTLY, SUSTAINABLY PRESENTED. The Muramasa Adjustable Razor is elegantly packaged in a natural cork box, encased in a textured linen cardboard box adorned with TATARA’s golden logo and sealed with a magnet. Cork, derived from the bark of the cork oak, is a 100% natural plant tissue and the only wood harvested without cutting down the tree. This unique raw material hails from the Alentejo region in Portugal, further adding to the eco-friendly appeal of our product.

Customize Your Razor

Create your ideal shaving experience with TATARA’s custom-made razors. Each component is meticulously crafted, offering you the unique opportunity to mix and match parts between the Masamune and Masamune Nodachi series for a truly personalized shave.

Customisable precision safety razor

Combine pieces and enjoy different blade exposures and gaps:

  • Choose the material: Select from durable Stainless Steel or premium Titanium
  • Choose the color: Opt for a sleek Matt or sophisticated Dark finish
  • Choose the Cap: Masamune Cap: Negative blade exposure for a gentler shave; or Masamune Nodachi Cap: Positive blade exposure for a more pronounced blade feel
  • Choose the comb: Decide between an Open or Closed comb for your preferred shaving style
  • Choose your handle: Masamune Handle: Stainless Steel, Matte finish, Ø11mm, 89mm length, weighing 56 grams; or Masamune Nodachi Handle: Stainless Steel, Matte finish, Ø12.5mm, 105mm length, weighing 86 grams.

Experience the precision and elegance of our razors, each piece intelligently crafted to ensure a smooth, comfortable shave tailored to your unique preferences. Enjoy the art of shaving with unparalleled sophistication.

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