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Are you looking to take your baking game to the next level? Then, consider investing in a dough sheeter for home use. This invaluable tool can greatly improve your baking process by providing consistency, efficiency and versatility. If you have tried making delicate pastries such as croissants, Danishes, sticky buns or pains au chocolat by hand, you know how time-consuming and challenging it can be to create paper-thin layers of butter and flour by hand. However, you can effortlessly achieve flawless and uniform results with a quality dough sheeter.

In most cases, when laminating a dough at home, an electric pastry sheeter is unnecessary and there are now several manual alternatives available. We are a fan of Japan Kneader, a company which produces some of the best manual dough sheeters. With a plethora of benefits, it is easy to see why a Japan Kneader table-top dough sheeter is a must-have investment piece for your baking.

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So, if you are considering investing in a quality at-home manual sheeter, the ones from Japan Kneader tick all the boxes – easy to use and impressively sturdy, they are designed to make your baking experience seamless and effortless.

What is a dough sheeter

For consistently smooth and uniform results, a dough sheeter is a handy kitchen tool that plays a vital role in baking.

Manual dough sheeter

It evenly flattens the dough shaping it at the requested thickness. The adjustable roller system provides precise control for uniform dough thickness throughout. Also, any air bubbles or flaws in the dough are removed. You will get a perfectly even dough with just a few passes.

The benefits of a dough sheeter

Dough sheeters are built to process and flatten the dough to specific thicknesses for baked goods, pasta, pizza, dumplings, flatbreads and tortillas, making them indispensable for both pastry chefs and home-baking enthusiasts.

Dough sheeters are essential in the baking process due to the various benefits they offer. Some of the functions include:

Rolling pastry dough to an even thickness with a dough sheeter

LAMINATE DOUGH AT HOME. Making pastries like croissants, puff pastry, Danishes, sticky buns and more require a process called dough lamination — folding up to several hundreds of layers of butter and dough to create that unique, light and flaky texture. However, hand lamination can be a lengthy and tedious procedure that may not yield consistent results compared to a mechanical sheeter. A sheeter allows serious home bakers to achieve professional results at home, speeds up the process, and makes it more manageable.

RELIABLY UNIFORM & PRECISE THICKNESS. Using dough sheeters helps you achieve a uniform thickness throughout your dough, guaranteeing even baking and professional outcomes.

TIME-SAVING. It can save you time and effort when preparing dough for baking. Instead of rolling out the dough by hand, you can simply automate the rolling process and let the machine do most of the work for you. This allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your baking.

Laminate dough at home with a dough sheeter

VERSATILITY. A dough sheeter is a versatile kitchen tool that can handle various types of dough, from bread and pizza to pastries and pasta dough. This makes it a valuable addition to any kitchen for its multi-functional capabilities.

The brand to know for dough sheeters for the home baker

Japan Kneader — founded in 2008 — specialises in designing, developing and manufacturing professional-quality tools for home bakers.

Made exclusively in Japan, durable, functional and aesthetically perfect: the home baking tools are thought out with a high level of Japanese accuracy and precision. From its design excellence and respected “Made in Japan” quality seal to its manufacturing brilliance, meticulous attention to detail and reliable performance, Japan Kneader is the brand to know.

Pastry sheeter for the home baker

Japan Kneader is dedicated to bringing home bakers the appliances and tools they need to simplify the baking process, transforming some of the most common challenging tasks into a simple pleasure.

With just three products — two versions of the dough sheeter and one version of the folding proofer —  Japan Kneader can focus with excruciating detail on production and quality. Countless home bakers and aspiring professionals around the world sing its praises, having created wow factor and bakery-quality results at home.

The stand-out features of Japan Kneader’s dough sheeters

Designed with quality, performance, ease-of-use and durability in mind, there are many reasons why Japan Kneader makes some of the best sheeters for home use. Some of the key features are:

A CHOICE OF TWO MODELS. Japan Kneader makes two models, the RS101 (up to 300g dough capacity) and the RS201 (up to 600g dough capacity).

VERSATILITY. The dough sheeters are suitable for a wide variety of doughs, including croissants, puff pastry, Danish, flaky pastry, pie crusts, pizza, cookie dough and more.

EFFICIENT. If you are laminating dough without a sheeter, the process can be time-consuming and challenging, often resulting in inconsistent outcomes. By using the dough sheeters from Japan Kneader, you will be able to speed up the process and achieve precise, professional-level results.

Settings for the dough thickness

THICKNESS SELECTIONS FOR PROFESSIONAL-LEVEL PRECISION. If you have ever rolled out dough by hand, you know how difficult it can be to get an even thickness. However, you can easily adjust the settings with a dough sheeter to ensure your dough has the desired thickness. This is especially important when baking something like pies or pastries, where even thickness is crucial for a good result.

Dough Sheeter RS101 comes with 11 thickness options that are easy to adjust, ranging from 0 to 17.5mm. Dough Sheeter RS201 comes with 55 thickness options that are easy to adjust, ranging from 0 to 27mm.

NO ELECTRICITY NEEDED. The Japan Kneader is a minimalist design manually operated dough sheeter, removing the need for a power supply and allowing for flexibility where you want to put it. Its hand crank allows for control and ease of operation.

SHEETER BOARD. Many dough sheeters are made exactly like pasta machines. These are not ideal because they lack a sheeter board, and the dough piles up on itself as it passes through the dough roller. Japan Kneader sells a sheeter board separately, which we highly recommend.

DETACHABLE ROLLER. For even better results, especially for pastry, try chilling the detachable roller in the fridge or freezer before using the dough sheeter (RS201 only).

MADE IN JAPAN. Thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques and premium materials, Japan-made premium products are renowned for their exceptional quality. The Japan Kneader is no exception. Designed for trouble-free performance and durability, it is beautifully engineered in Japan from long-lasting, hard-wearing materials — such as stainless steel — to a very high standard.

EASY TO USE. The high-quality dough sheeter is easy to use and suitable for bakers of any skill level. Easy disassembly and manual operation allow for quick and efficient use. No effort is required; just turn the crank to feed the dough through the rollers.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE, USE, DISASSEMBLE, CLEAN AND STORE. Each compact dough sheeter consists of a rolling unit, a detachable handle, a detachable, stainless-steel guide support and an optional sheeting board so it can be cleaned and easily stored away when not in use. Thanks to its thoughtful design, assembling and disassembling the dough sheeter take less than a minute. Simply fold the dough sheeter up for easy storage when not in use. It comes with a storage tote bag (RS101 only).

Croissants, cookies and puff pastry are easily made at home with a dough sheeter

TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS. The company has done a selection of collaborations with well-known chefs such as the famous Japanese Chef Kodama and Sébastien Lagrue from France, who studied at the Institut National de la Boulangerie Pâtisserie and is the Vice President at Pâtissiers Dans le Monde and a World Champion of chocolate bread. Jimmy Griffin, a sixth-generation master baker from Ireland, is known to be one of the best international bakers, especially in the field of lamination. He is also the author of the book The Art of Lamination II: Advanced Technical Laminated Pastry Production. He introduced the dough sheeter from Japan Kneader in this book.

Furthermore, it is used in bakeries and baking schools.

A choice of two models

Owning one of the best at-home dough sheeters can be a great addition to your kitchen and will significantly upgrade your baking game. For perfectly laminated doughs and professional results, choose one of Japan Kneader’s two models:

DOUGH SHEETER RS101. Create flawless laminated doughs in your home kitchen with this hand-operated dough sheeter. Its 12-inch size is perfect for countertop use while still offering enough space to roll out uniform dough for everything from pastry to pizza.

You can use this sheeter to roll out about 300g of dough at a time. To easily customise your dough to your specific needs, it comes with 11 thickness options that are easy to adjust, ranging from 0 to 17.5mm. The thickness knobs adjust by every 1.0mm up to 5mm and every 2.5mm for the 5-17.5mm range.

The high-quality dough sheeter measures 83 x 49 x 20cm when opened. When not in use, simply fold it to closed dimensions of 14 x 37.5 x 20cm for easy storage.

DOUGH SHEETER RS201. You can make all kinds of laminated dough in your home kitchen with this manual dough sheeter. The 15-inch size of this product is ideal for use on countertops and provides ample space to roll out even dough for everything from pastry sheets to pizza.

You can use this sheeter to roll out about 600g of dough at a time. The dough can be easily customised to meet your specific requirements thanks to its 55 adjustable thickness options that range from 0 to 27mm. The knobs for adjusting thickness increase by every 0.5mm when below 2mm and every 2.5mm when within the 2.5-27mm range.

This home dough sheeter measures 103 x 58 x 27cm when opened. To make storage easy, simply fold it to a closed dimension of 30 x 47 x 11cm when not in use.

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