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Modern design kitchen knives by Hast

Design perfection fused with outstanding impeccable performance

Almost every chef will tell you that their most prized culinary possession is their favourite knife. Because knives perform the most rudimentary functions in the kitchen – from slicing a pork loin and filleting a fish to dicing a pineapple and trimming a piece of fruit – it is paramount in preparing meals.

Investing in a high-quality knife is one of the most important things you could do as a cook – for both efficiency and safety reasons. Also, a great knife can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Selection of kitchen knives by Hast

Hast offers some of the best knives for your kitchen. Their modern design knives have a lot to offer a serious home chef – both in their durability and performance. Fine materiality, world-class engineering and elegant aesthetics are all factors that set the Hast knives apart. Each Hast kitchen knife stands for exceptional precision and perfection at a high level of technological innovation and a unique fusion of intelligent functions and sleek design.

Hast is the winner of the Red Dot Design Award, one of the world’s most recognised and sought-after seal of quality to works that set themselves apart. Comfortable and well-balanced for precise cutting, the patented matrix powder steel gives each knife a tenacious quality and is superior in terms of long-lasting sharpness and strength.

As you experiment with new cuisines and draw inspiration from old family favourites, Hast knives are your foolproof tools for everything from quick snacks to mise en place. In addition, the Hast series convinces with an extremely attractive price-performance ratio.

The brand makes kitchen knives for leading chefs, enthusiastic amateurs and family cooks the world over, adding joy to meal prep every day.

Santoku knife on cutting board with newly cut aubergine

The story

Hast was funded by cooking fans around the globe on Kickstarter in 2019, after a 3-year development journey. It was created by Elliot Cao in pursuit of the simple goal of making a kitchen knife that is more relevant to modern cooking: more fun, more creative, and more inspiring.

Elliot’s interest in material science led him to work with a start-up pioneering innovative alloy in cutlery. This then got him into the world of knives and knife production. After seeing so many knives, Elliot still could not find a knife he was proud to own, a knife of uncompromising performance and good design with meaningful and essential details. One that does not cost a fortune.

He embarked on a journey of exploring and testing dozens of steels, production and performance tests, and launching a crowdfunding campaign. The result is Hast – a stylish knife maker that first became popular among a niche community of professional chefs, many of whom work at Michelin-starred restaurants in the U.S. Having won seals of approval from its early backers on Kickstarter, the brand is growing rapidly among home cooks.

The name Hast comes from Swedish for “speedy” or “fast” and also means “have” in Old English. The name reflects the brand’s functional, minimalist, yet timeless design approach and the chef’s mindset: focused, creative, and present. Whatever your skill level, Hast’s kitchen knives will inspire confidence to elevate your culinary passions.

Black Hast kitchen knife

Award-winning modern design

With a simple purity of design, technical perfection and a strong, understated aesthetic, all Hast’s kitchen knives have a special and unique beauty that is the brand’s distinctive hallmark. The aesthetics demonstrate a strong design narrative that is carried from concept to execution, highlighted by aspects such as:

MINIMAL AESTHETIC: Delivering striking design with modern cooking in mind, Hast has perfected a minimal aesthetic with its range of superior kitchen knives. Sleek aesthetics with clean and essential lines that are enhanced by soft and embracing shapes, the knives are characterised by their elegance and maximum functionality.

SEAMLESS DESIGN: Visually unified and physically seamless, the Hast’s high-quality kitchen knives feature a one-piece construction from patented steel. This creates a sculptural and streamlined look.

There are no unnecessary details; everything is just pure, functional and elegant.

DRAMATIC YET TIMELESS PALETTE: The colour palette is sleek, dramatic, and timelessly elegant. Matte black and Bold gold add a touch of glamorous drama whilst Minimal matte and Absolute glossy impart a classy timelessness that gives sophistication to your kitchen.

RED DOT DESIGN AWARD: With a design that attracts attention but glows with pure simplicity, Hast is a winner of the international Red Dot Design Award, one of the world’s leading and largest design competitions. The Red Dot jury commented: “With a keen eye for detail, these kitchen knives exude an appealing aesthetic. In addition, they convince with easy handling and their light weight.”

Hast engineered kitchen knife

Masterfully engineered with advanced technology

Hast’s high-end kitchen knives are crafted to pair the beautiful with the technical. The knives are made with premium materials ensuring durability and a sophisticated aesthetic, while advanced engineering and precision manufacturing guarantee lasting comfort and superior functionality.

A whole range of technical features guarantees an impressive performance of the knives, including:

MATRIX POWDER STEEL: All of Hast’s knife collection is crafted from Matrix Powder Steel, which is recognised as the next-generation steel for professional cutting tools. Harder, stronger, and more stable — matrix powder steel is ideal for high-performance knives. In the past, when high carbon steel was the industry standard for premium knives, powder steel does everything high carbon does — without compromising hardness or sharpness for stability.

Hast’s matrix powder steel, which has a hardness of HRC60+ and uncompromising yield strength comparable to Böhler M390 steel or SG2 steel, is the secret to exceptional sharpness, wear resistance and resembles handmade Japanese knives — but without the disadvantages of extra maintenance.

Hast lets you take advantage of the full potential of matrix powder steel in your kitchen for less than one-third the price of an artisanal Japanese knife.

Minimalist design knife in black

STAY ULTRA-SHARP, 2X LONGER: Aside from its combination of toughness and hardness, matrix powder steel’s unique composition makes it possible to engineer ultra-thin blades at an incredibly precise angle — the key to an ultra-sharp knife. Hast’s ultra-thin blades have a 13° bevel, similar to Japanese artisan knives, to ensure smooth, clean cuts every time.

When tested by CATRA — the gold standard for measuring sharpness and edge retention — Hast’s 8” Chef’s Knife scored 50% above the highest sharpness standard and 116% above the highest durability standard.

HIGH PERFORMANCE, LOW MAINTENANCE: Hast’s knives have all the advantages of a pro knife but with less maintenance concern. Due to the steel’s superior strength and corrosion resistance, the knives are more versatile and durable than professional high-carbon knives, which call for special maintenance. Never be concerned about rust or chipping as you slice through lemons or chop through tough vegetables.

GOOD RUST RESISTANCE: The kitchen knives deliver extra rust resistance with fine polish or Titanium coating.

Gold coloured Chef's knife by Hast

Functional design and ergonomics for superior performance

Oozing with functionality and comfort, Hast offers impressive ergonomics and a user-friendly design. Each knife is the synthesis of manufacturing quality, performance and reliability.

Super-sharp edges and the hardest stainless steel result in beautiful-looking knives that are perfectly weighted and balanced. The long-lasting blades rarely need sharpening because they maintain their edge so well. Some of the stand-out features of Hast’s kitchen knives include:

LIGHTWEIGHT & GREAT BALANCE: Hast’s kitchen knives are engineered to feature a well-balanced design, making them feel highly agile and precise in use. The knives are lightweight and comfortable to hold, ensuring effortless slicing, cutting and chopping.

ARTISAN BLADES: Every Hast knife is handcrafted to the standard of Japanese artisan knives.

INDUSTRY-LEADING SHARPNESS: Hast knives are made awesomely sharp and can stay sharp longer. In CATRA’s sharpness and edge-retention test, Hast Edition 8” chef’s knife is 50% above CATRA’s Excellent sharpness standard and 116% above the excellent durability standard. This is the gold standard for the best knives in the world.

ERGONOMIC: Soft edges, polished lines, and a rounded knife heel make Hast’s knives comfortable and natural in your hand.

Chef's knife

BOLSTERLESS: The bolsterless design increases the efficiency of the entire blade, allowing you to use the complete knife from heel to tip. It also simplifies all cutting, sharpening, and honing tasks. Since there is no bolster, the knife provides a very seamless and smooth cutting experience whilst accommodating any grip style.

CREVICE-FREE BODY: Hast created a crevice-free body, leaving no corners for stains and grime. Just one rinse, and you have a completely clean knife.

Hast kitchen knives – used and loved by Chefs around the world

If you can upgrade just one piece of kitchen equipment, most chefs will tell you to invest in a good knife. The best kitchen knives on the market can make all the difference, allowing you to prep faster and more precisely.

Beautifully crafted with ergonomic precision, Hast knives are designed to offer premium quality and high-end performance with minimum maintenance. Thanks to matrix powder steel’s superior strength and corrosion resistance, Hast knives are more versatile and durable than a professional high-carbon knife.

The brand has caught the attention of some of the world’s leading chefs:

“It’s incredibly sharp and durable. Good for all types of kitchen.” Richie Lopez, YAPA, LA

“It’s a great knife, cuts very well. Love the thin blade & light weight.” Gerhard Passrugger, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

“It cuts very well, easy to clean, a great plus for home and restaurant.” Takagi Kazuo, Kyoto Cuisine Takagi, Kyoto

Black Hast utility knife against a black background

Six kitchen knives types from Hast

Hast Edition series knives are perfect tools to celebrate your passion for cooking. They are designed to inspire you to cook more and have more fun cooking. With a choice of six modern kitchen knives, the Hast series provides the right knife for every purpose:

CHEF’S KNIFE: If you are going to buy just one Hast kitchen knife, make it the modern 8” Chef’s Knife. This is the unofficial hero of the brand’s carefully crafted collection of knives. The perfect everyday chef knife, it is ideal for dicing fruits and vegetables, cutting through thick cuts of meat, or chopping herbs. The Chef’s Knife is an all-purpose must-have that will elevate your cooking to new heights.

Image collage of Chef's knive, santoku and pairing knives from Hast

SANTOKU KNIFE: The modern 6.3” Santoku Knife has a shorter blade and a flatter edge than the Chef’s Knife, making it better equipped for precise cuts. It is the perfect knife for cutting thinner slices of protein, like fish, or for julienning vegetables.

PARING KNIFE: Extremely versatile, a paring knife picks up where a chef’s knife leaves off. Hast’s 3.5” Paring Knife has a small yet mighty blade. It is ideal for small, intricate or detailed tasks, like peeling apples and potatoes, hulling strawberries, coring tomatoes, slicing shallots and garlic, trimming ribs from peppers, deveining shrimp, and pitting dates and cherries. This best kitchen paring knife will elevate your culinary skills to effortlessly include artful fruit slices and good-looking super-thin chiffonade.

UTILITY KNIFE: This truly is a utilitarian knife – it does multi-tasking very well. If you want the heft of a chef’s knife with a bit of the precision of a paring knife, the Utility Knife is the tool to call on. Hast’s multi-use 5.3” steel utility knife is ideal for those in-between kitchen tasks: slicing cooked meats, smaller vegetables, and soft bread.

Image collage of Hast utility, boning and bread knives

BONING KNIFE: The 5” professional Boning Knife has a high-tip blade that makes it easy to loosen bones and remove fat and tendons. Its thinness allows you to move with the curves and bends of the bone and separate the meat effectively, creating as little food waste as possible. The boning knife also complements your modern and minimalist kitchen design, as well as your creativity and passion for cooking.

BREAD SLICING KNIFE: Hast offers the best-serrated Bread Knife for slicing bread. This serrated bread knife’s edge is designed to slice through bread easily and cut through hard crusts, cleanly separating one slice of freshly baked bread from the next.

The modern kitchen knives come in four stylish finishing: Minimal matte, Absolute glossy, Bold gold and Matte black.

Hast also offers two kitchen knife sets – a 4-piece Modern Knife Set and a 7-piece Minimalist Kitchen Knife Set. With these knife sets, you will never feel that there is a type of knife missing

In the series, there are also:

1000 GRIT CERAMIC HONING ROD: It is easy to maintain your Hast powder steel knives with the brand’s tailored ceramic rod knife sharpener. Specially engineered for optimal hardness and fine grit, the Hast Ceramic Honing Rod keeps your modern kitchen knife edges as sharp as new. With a few quick swishes, restore your knives to peak sharpness without compromising style. A key piece of equipment to finish off your Hast collection.

GLASS KNIFE BLOCK: Why hide Hast’s beautiful knives away in a drawer? The brand’s ultra-stylish and dishwasher-safe tempered glass Knife Block was created especially for Hast knives. It holds up to seven knives so that you can turn your knife collection into a visual masterpiece.

High-performance kitchen knives for modern cooking

The Hast series of kitchen knives makes an impact with its high standard of functionality, impeccable quality and minimalist aesthetics. With its clean-lined design, the knife collection focuses on the essentials required for efficient processes in the kitchen.

So, if you are in the market for truly great, high-end knives, Hast is the brand to buy.

This article was published on and some information may have changed.

Kitchen knives from Hast

Japanese Carbon Steel 8 Inch Chef Knife
Hast knife set
Set of 7 Japanese Carbon Steel Kitchen Knives
Chefs knife
Chef's Knife, 8-inch
Santoku knife in black
Santoku knife
Hast utility knife
Utility knife
Hast pairing knife
Pairing knife
Hast boning knife
Boning knife
Hast bread knife
Bread knife
4 Piece Knife Set
7 piece knives set and honing rod
7 Piece Kitchen Knife Set
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