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Meal prepared in Romertopf clay pot
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When you are serious about cooking, it is natural to want the best equipment to work with. German cookware has a reputation for being among the best you can buy. Clay pot cooking with Romertopf will elevate your cooking game with timeless traditions. For over 50 years, the brand’s iconic clay bakers and cookware have been renowned for their superb cooking results.

With their unique porous nature of clay, Romertopf roasters create tender, succulent meals bursting with authentic taste. But clay pot cooking with Romertopf does not only offer advantages in terms of taste. It is also a healthy alternative to many modern cooking techniques. Because the brand’s clay cookware cooks food in its own juice, nutrients and vitamins are retained, resulting in healthier meals. In addition, the Romertopf is a master of versatility. Whether you want to prepare a hearty roast, a juicy lasagne or a sweet dessert – the possibilities are endless. With its wide range of cooking pots, models and sizes, everyone will find the right Romertopf clay pot for their needs.

Romertopf clay pots can be used for baking, roasting, storing and much more

Romertopf’s range of exceptional clay pots, barbecue ware and bakeware offers an easy, hands-off, foolproof way of cooking, barbecuing and baking.

The many benefits of clay pot cooking

Clay pot cooking is an old method that can be traced back to the time of the Romans. This ancient way of cooking was more focused on retaining the health benefits of the food as opposed to the modern style of cooking that predominantly caters to pleasing our taste buds.

Nevertheless, in today’s world, we have grown exceedingly used to the utilisation of chemical and toxic materials, often oblivious to the harm they can inflict upon our health and well-being. Clay pots are made of natural materials and are a healthy alternative to non-stick pans and traditional metal cookware.

There are many benefits and reasons why cooking with clay pots is considered healthier and better than using modern cookware:

MADE FROM NATURAL MATERIALS. Clay pots, crafted from natural materials, offer a safe and non-toxic option for cooking. Unlike some other materials, such as aluminium or non-stick coating, clay cooking pots, do not release harmful chemicals or toxins. This means that food cooked in clay is free from any potential chemical contamination.

HEALTHIER AND MORE NUTRITIOUS. When food is cooked in a clay pot, it retains more vitamins and minerals than it would if it was cooked in an ordinary pot. The reason is that the clay pot helps seal the nutrients and vitamins so they do not escape during the cooking process.

The porosity and insulating properties of clay cause the heat and moisture to circulate thoroughly in the pot, thus slowing down the cooking process. This helps to reduce the loss of moisture and nutrients, improving the quality of the food and making it more flavourful and nutritious. Slow cooking also helps the food retain all its oil and moisture, therefore eliminating the need to add extra oil or fat for cooking.

Collage - roasted meals made in Romertopf clay roaster

GREAT HEAT RETENTION. One of the most evident benefits of using clay pots is that they cook much slower than other types, such as metal or glass. They are excellent at retaining and dispersing heat uniformly, meaning less risk of burning or overcooking food. This is due to their unique composition, which allows them to hold onto heat for longer periods of time, making them ideal for scrumptious clay pot recipes that thrive on slow and gentle cooking methods.

EXCELLENT MOISTURE RETENTION. Compared to aluminium and cast iron, clay cookware has the unique ability to retain moisture and release it evenly during cooking. This results in juicier, more flavourful dishes and prevents food from drying out, even during prolonged cooking. Clay pots are, therefore, ideal for slow-cooking methods such as braising and stewing.

ENERGY EFFICIENT. Another advantage of clay pots is their energy efficiency. After preheating, the temperature can be reduced because the clay hot pot stores heat and distributes it evenly to the food. This is a key difference compared to aluminium and cast iron, which require a consistently high temperature to achieve consistent cooking results.

VERSATILITY. Just about any ingredient — meats, vegetables, poultry, seafood, grains, fruits — can be added to the clay baker. You can make casseroles, stews, soups, bake bread and even desserts such as puddings, stewed fruit, or baked apples. The possibilities are endless.

VERY DURABLE. Clay cookware is very durable, meaning it can last for years with proper care. Unlike aluminium and cast iron, the clay will not crack or rust and is less prone to scratching or marring. They are, therefore, a sustainable choice for cooking, baking bread, steaming, roasting, grilling and food storage.

Romertopf, an iconic brand for clay pot cooking

In 1967, the ceramics company Eduard Bay GmbH launched the Roman pot as a groundbreaking innovation at the Hanover Fair, which was Germany’s foremost consumer goods trade fair at the time. Fast forward to 1997, the Romertopf brand was taken over by the managing partner Otto Gatzke and incorporated into the German company Romertopf Keramik GmbH & Co. KG. This move brought the brand and the company together.

Investments in new furnaces, optimised technology and the move to a larger production hall in 2020 enabled the manufacturing capacity to be expanded significantly. Simultaneously, to accommodate further growth, some clay cookers are now manufactured by certified partners in various European countries. These partners possess the know-how and adhere to the high-quality standards of the Romertopf brand.

ollage - breads baked in Romertopf bakeware

Romertopf’s manufacturing process is exceptionally sustainable, employing a resource-saving and efficient approach. The company prioritises purity and quality of materials, which means that all national and international regulations are not only complied with, but the brand far exceeds them. This has been certified and ensured for decades.

Since the 1970s, over 50 million Romertopf roasters have been made sold. The best-selling models are the roasters in the classic Romertopf design and the Brick, which was jointly developed with Bricknic in 2018.

Today, the Romertopf range encompasses six distinct areas, providing customers with convenient navigation through a diverse selection of products. Regardless of the specific culinary task at hand, customers can effortlessly find a suitable Romertopf product for every area of application in the kitchen.

Exporting worldwide, Romertopf is the undisputed leader for clay roasters in many markets.

The Romertopf clay – tested and pure, all-natural

The pure elemental clay from which each product is crafted is extracted from a specific region in Germany and gives Romertopf products their unique and exceptional cooking qualities

Westerwald clay is a remarkable material with a long heritage and is particularly well known for its superior quality. It is a natural raw material that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. The clay is fired at high temperatures, making it extremely heat-resistant.

All Romertopf brand products are made from Westerwald natural clay, one of the highest-quality clays in the world. The clay is very pure and has always been free of lead, cadmium, dyes, plasticizers or anything else that can penetrate and contaminate the food. Therefore, clay is one of the safest cookware materials known.

Some of Romertopf’s products come in two versions: glazed and unglazed. The glaze used is according to the brand’s secret recipes. The ingredients used are the so-called rare earth, i.e. minerals such as various quartzes, calcium, powdered clay, etc. Romertopf’s ceramic bodies and the glazes used are constantly and extensively tested and certified by independent institutes such as the FGK in Höhr-Grenzhausen for purity and food suitability.

What to use Romertopf clay cookware for

One of the secrets of the Romertopf brands’ success is its unbelievable diversity. You can use it for almost everything, be it cooking, roasting, steaming, baking, stewing and much more.

The possibilities are endless – you can make hearty stews, outstanding soups, whole chickens with vegetables, baked potatoes, fabulous fish, delicious ragouts, vibrant ratatouilles, cakes and desserts, and much more.

Roasted chicken

Romertopf’s best-sellers – The clay roasters

As one of the most natural and versatile kitchen cookware products, a Romertopf clay roaster is a must-have for every culinary enthusiast. The convenient multi-purpose clay roaster can masterly handle many different cooking methods, from cooking to roasting and steaming. Easy to use and versatile, cooking with a clay roaster is a convenient, all-natural way to make healthy, nutritious meals. Since the food is slow-cooked in steam and its juices cannot escape, food cooked in a clay baker does not require the addition of fats such as oil or butter

Romerkopf high-quality clay can be used on the stovetop or in the oven to cook. Simply soak the cookware in cold water for about ten minutes before each use. The water, which is absorbed by the unglazed clay pot, is slowly released during the cooking process, allowing the heat and moisture to circulate evenly to infuse the dish with rich flavours and aromas. Ideal for a seamless transition from oven to table, the versatile clay pot effectively preserves the heat while serving.

Indulge in a wide array of culinary delights as these clay pots work their magic. From succulent roasted chicken and moist meat dishes to healthy soups and stews, hearty casseroles and even desserts, they effortlessly transform ingredients into mouthwatering dishes. These versatile roasters gently simmer, steam, and braise dishes, enveloping them in their own flavourful juices, resulting in tender and delectable meals that are both wholesome and satisfying.

From small individual pots to large family-sized casseroles, Romerkopf’s range includes a wide selection of roasters in various sizes, shapes and designs. There are also special roasters for poultry, asparagus, apples and more. So everyone can find the perfect solution for their favourite food.

Other Romertopf clay products worth buying

Carefully crafted in Germany and Europe, Romertopf offers a diverse selection of clay cookware, including casseroles, loaf pans and chicken roasters. The remarkable versatility of this material extends beyond its traditional applications, as the range also features flame-proof dishes designed for barbecues, as well as clay bakeware and clay food storage containers.

CLAY STORAGE CONTAINERS TO KEEP FOOD FRESH. Proper food storage will increase its freshness duration and prevent premature spoiling. Romertopf offers special clay products for storing basic food such as fresh bread, fruit and vegetables, including potatoes, onions, shallots and garlic. This helps you create functional and sustainable kitchen storage.

Romertopf storage pot full of potatoes on a kitchen worktop

The Romertopf clay storage products ensure your food stays fresh longer without losing its flavour or nutritional value. As a result, by extending the shelf life, the amount of food waste generated is significantly reduced or eliminated.

The unique feature of clay storage pots lies in their material properties and their ability to keep food fresh naturally. Due to the clay’s porosity, the freshness pot absorbs, retains or releases moisture to maintain the perfect condition inside the cooking vessel. This natural air conditioning system allows optimal air circulation within the storage pot to be regulated. The ventilation holes in the pots effectively prevent the occurrence of mould formation and waterlogging.

The storage pots and the bread pots are glazed inside (white pots also on the outside). With an aesthetically pleasing look, the food containers’ timeless and clean design blends harmoniously into any kitchen and is a visual highlight on any countertop

In summary, ceramic storage jars offer a natural and sustainable way to store food and keep it fresh naturally without the use of chemical additives or plastic.

CLAY BARBECUE & GRILL PRODUCTS. Romertopf’s grilling products, including the innovative Bricknic products, are the easiest, healthiest and most natural way to barbecue.

For its BBQ line, Romertopf uses an incredibly heat-resistant clay from Westerwald with a different specification that is enriched with many minerals, allowing them to withstand large temperature shocks. The natural clay material ensures that steaks and poultry are cooked just as perfectly as fish and tender vegetables.

The clay products are suitable for use on the barbecue grill or in the campfire, as well as for the oven, microwave or even for the hob (all types of stoves except induction). They have exceptional resistance to thermal shock and can withstand temperatures up to 1,000°C. This means they can be moved from ice water directly to an open fire.

The Lafer BBQ series is the perfect choice for a healthy and sustainable barbecue experience. The products were developed jointly by star chef Johann Lafer and Romertopf and are handmade from high-quality natural clay from the Westerwald. Unlike traditional products, they contain no aluminium, nickel or PTFE, making grilling safe and healthy. The glazed ceramic achieves an unadulterated grilling result, and there are no hot spots as with metal products. Your dishes stay warm and tasty thanks to optimal heat distribution and long heat retention.

The BBQ series offers a range of planchas that are perfect for achieving the perfect grilled results for meat, fish, sausages, and more. The ridges will sear foods with grill marks for restaurant-style presentation while containing any excess cooking juices. The pizza stone is great for grilling pizza, tarte flambée, crostini, fajita, flatbread, bruschetta and even cake. You will also find grill casseroles and a chicken roaster. Lafer BBQ grill products can be used on any grill, in the oven and the microwave.

Romertopf Bricknic on an open fire

Designed for use both on the grill and in the oven, the Bricknic makes cooking incredibly easy.

The Bricknic allows for the wholesome preparation of various ingredients like vegetables, fish, potatoes cooking beans, meat, and even fruit pieces, ensuring their nutritional value and vital vitamins are preserved in a healthy manner.

CLAY BAKEWARE. Baking with Romertopf’s natural clay baker is a wonderful way to bake bread and to conjure up crusty and moist bread and fluffy cakes and rolls.

The high-quality natural clay from the Westerwald ensures that the heat is distributed evenly and thoroughly. These qualities are essential for baking your bread or cake evenly and naturally all over. It makes the baked goods particularly juicy on the inside and seductively evenly browned on the outside.

Whether you are searching for bakeware moulds that are ideal for round cakes, Bundt cakes, ring cakes, or loaf pans, there is the perfect shape for every baking project. No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced baker, you are guaranteed to achieve outstanding results with the Romertopf clay bakeware.

Final thoughts: Romertopf is an excellent range for clay pot cooking just about anything to perfection

If you are looking for a healthier, tastier way to cook, give clay cooking a try. Cooking in a clay cooker is far superior to cooking in a regular utensil, not only because of the numerous health benefits but also because it is much easier to cook and results in higher-quality food.

Romertopf is the undeniable market leader in clay, dominating the market with its exceptional quality and great cooking performance. Unlock the best flavours of your cooking by embracing the natural approach with Romertopf clay cookware and enjoy some of your best meals ever.

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