Modern timeless teapot in cast iron by Serax
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The embodiment of modern cast iron design

Modern, minimalist, timeless

Enjoy tea time in style with the sleek and aesthetically stunning cast iron teapot from Serax. Featuring a striking clean-lined design of beauty and purity, the elegant look will make it the star attraction of any tea ceremony.

Designed by Giel Dedeurwaerder and Brent Neve from the designer collective Utilise.objects, the teapot represents an original vision of Japanese aesthetics that brings it into the 21st century in a marvellous way.

Collage of two images of minimalist tea pot in cast iron

Based on the perfect balance between material, shape and proportion, the overall clean design emphasises the beauty of the understated design of the pot. Here, simple shapes and lines are united to create a teapot with a strong expression, yet full of elegance, softness and harmony.

Made from indestructible cast iron, to lend authenticity and comfort to the design, the cast iron heats evenly and quickly, and holds the heat longer so as to savour each steaming sip.

There are also cups made from solid acacia wood that contrast beautifully with the teapot.

Embodying the essential elements of modern, minimalist yet timeless design, the stylish teapot from Serax is a statement piece that will bring effortless luxury and contemporary flavour to one’s infusions.

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