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Cast iron pans, a kitchen staple for serious cooks

Beautiful cookware that will last forever

Skeppshult cast iron pans are famed for even heat distribution, durability, superb non-stick qualities and sear potential. With a rich history and heritage craftsmanship, Skeppshult creates beautiful, high-performance cooking tools, made with care and ready for a lifetime of use. Made in Sweden by a foundry established in 1906, Skeppshult cookware has become a perennial favourite for home cooks and industry chefs alike. Standing out from the crowd, its design cast iron cookware series NOIR features a streamlined aesthetic that is as minimalistically beautiful as it is ultimately functional.

Combining sleek minimalist aesthetics with centuries-long craftsmanship traditions, the NOIR cookware collection of cast iron pans from Skeppshult stands out from the ordinary and makes for an impressive addition to the kitchen or dinner table. Stylish, Nordic simplicity with clean, straight lines give the range a modern yet robust elegance. Its contemporary and simultaneously classic look will undoubtedly add immense style to your kitchen.

Strikingly designed by Swedish designer duo Broberg & Ridderstråle, the collection of pots and pans is hand-crafted for modern use. Combining tradition and sleek modernity, NOIR was the 2017 winner of Elle Decoration Swedish Design Awards.

Skeppshult cast iron pans have long been adored by chefs and amateur cooks alike for their superior cooking performance, making them the go-to pan for searing, sauteing and roasting. The timeless, tactile beauty and practical nature of cast iron cookware are unsurpassed, and the NOIR range is a modern take on this traditional material.

For cooking versatility, the NOIR series consists of a casserole, a frying pan, a sauté pan, an oven dish, a wok and a grill plate.

skeppshult Noir cast iron pan on a black background

Forged to stand the test of time…designed to be passed on from generation to generation, all NOIR products are made of cast iron and are manufactured by Skeppshult in Sweden. They are finished with triple layers of all-natural canola oil seasoning, whilst the handles and knobs are made of black anodised solid aluminium. They are a minimalist cook’s dream.

Skeppshult has been making heirloom-quality cookware since 1906

In a time when high-volume, mass production is standard, Skeppshult foundry delivers hand-casted and robust products according to ancient methods and traditions.

Their cast iron products are of high quality, beautifully designed, intended for everyday use — and built to last. With several unique qualities, it is easy to understand why Skeppshult’s pots and pans are indeed in a league of their own:

HAND-CRAFTED: A trusted favourite for generations, all cast iron products are made by hand in Skeppshult’s factory in Småland, Southern Sweden. The focus is on genuine craftsmanship, care, and quality.

QUALITY SWEDISH CRAFTSMANSHIP: Founded in 1906, Skeppshult is the only remaining foundry in Scandinavia still manufacturing cast iron cookware.

It all starts with raw iron together with other metals in carefully controlled amounts, heated to 1500 degrees in Skeppshult’s induction furnaces. This process creates the glowing cast iron, the foundation for Skeppshult’s products.

Casting the molten iron requires special moulds that can withstand extreme temperatures. Metal tools such as those used in casting aluminium and other materials would not withstand molten cast iron, and therefore sand moulds that have been compressed under several tons of pressure are being used.

With more than 100 years of experience, Skeppshult has perfected the sand mould’s unique composition to withstand high temperatures and provide the right structure to cast the iron. Two halves of the sand moulds are pressed together, which creates a cavity for the molten cast iron. The casting master pours the iron by hand; it takes experience and precision to accomplish this task to Skeppshult’s exacting standards. When the cast iron has cooled down, the mould halves are separated.

Skeppshult cast iron pan

A sand mould can be used only once and therefore, each product is unique; no two are exactly alike. The sand is recycled into new moulds in a sustainable cycle of production.

The next step is hand grinding, bottom turning and blasting to produce the proper structure before the cast iron pan is seasoned with triple layers of locally produced canola oil. Treating with oil both protects the cast iron from external damage and gives the cast iron its natural non-stick property.

NATURAL MATERIAL: Made with only naturally pure materials, Skeppshult’s cast iron cookware is an environmentally- friendly and healthy alternative to today’s non-healthy, plastic non-stick coatings.

Skeppshult’s products are made of pure virgin cast iron, without adding any chemical or other toxic substances.

All Skeppshults cast iron cookware products are pre-treated with KRAV-labelled (organic) Swedish-grown rapeseed oil. This gives the products the black colour and natural non-stick protection – without adding any chemicals. The wood parts in Skeppshult’s products are FSC-certified.

Since the cast iron is only seasoned and not enamelled or coated, the cookware provides natural iron enrichment, a supplement that does the body good in a time of the common iron deficiency.

Skeppshult Noir cast iron pan in modern white kitchen

COMPATIBLE WITH ALL HEAT SOURCES: Another aspect is heat resistance; Skeppshult’s cast iron pans can withstand very high temperatures. All of Skeppshult’s pans are thicker than other manufacturers and have a 5mm-thick base that ensures an even heat distribution.

The quality cookware is designed with a slightly concave bottom that will become flat when the metal expands as it is heated. For the same reason, the precision-milled bottom will not become deformed as can happen to pans with thinner bottoms. Skeppshult cast iron cookware works on all heat sources, including induction, as well in the oven, on the grill or over a bed of coals.

25 YEARS CAST IRON WARRANTY: Based on Skeppshult’s unique properties, the products will stand the test of time. For added peace of mind, Skeppshult’s cookware is backed by an impressive 25-year cast iron guarantee.

SUSTAINABILITY TRACK RECORD: Skeppshult’s foundry only uses electricity from wind and hydropower, adhering to Sweden’s strict environmental guidelines and regulations. Skeppshult products last for generations, but if worn out, they can be recycled. Also, products deemed defective or substandard are melted down, and the iron is reused. In this way, waste is minimised.

TIMELESS QUALITIES: Skeppshult cast iron cookware is impressive and uncompromising and any cook would be proud to own and pleased to use it. The cookware has the look, presence and weight of vintage cast iron, but with a touch of fine modernity. Not only will the pots and pans last forever (and get better with age as cast iron does), they will never go out of style.

ENDORSED BY PROFESSIONAL CHEFS: The brand’s products are loved by chefs all over the world.

Skeppshult cast iron cookware is a reflection of efficient beauty

Skeppshult’s heirloom-grade craftsmanship and visually striking design deliver hard-working cooking performance for generations.

From their superior durability and versatility to their unique construction and luxurious look, Skeppshult’s cast iron pots and pans are statement-making investment pieces. These are serious tools for professional and home cooking, and Skeppshult wants to bring back the love that people have for cooking with cast iron. Luxurious, elegant and reassuringly solid, Skeppshult cast iron pans are a stunning addition to any kitchen.

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