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Casas Caiadas Open House dining room
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A small boutique guesthouse in Alentejo Portugal

Pure stillness & minimalist beauty

Casas Caiadas Open House impresses with its soothing minimalism and pure aesthetic

Nestled in the Alentejo region of south-central Portugal, Casas Caiadas Open House is a stylish, small boutique guesthouse that gloriously fuses discreet and minimal architecture with the authenticity and details of the local architectural heritage. A luxury vacation rental in Portugal, Casas Caiadas Open House is perfectly placed in the vibrant heart of the historic Alentejo village of Arraiolos.

Airy, uncluttered and restful, the luxury Alentejo boutique guesthouse offers aesthetically curated and stylistically well-defined spaces across three floors. The inviting property is organised with fluid yet distinct public areas (ground floor) and private zones (first floor). Seamlessly combining ample communal and intimate spaces – including a suite and three bedrooms, sleeping up to eight adults – this the perfect retreat for relaxing, dining and socialising. The spacious rooftop terrace that serves as a veritable outdoor haven boasts a dazzling swimming pool and magical views of Arraiolos.

The historic building has had many rebirths – it was originally a shelter in the 19th century, then a famous bakery, and now Casas Caiadas Open House boutique guesthouse.

Casas Caiadas collage interiors

Casas Caiadas Open House is so-called for its five entrance doors that overlook two different pedestrian streets. The building has been exquisitely revived with a contemporary flair and an air of luxurious comfort, all while showing respect for the building’s historic character.

The clean-lined design, the radiant and dreamy minimalism and the sense of ease and harmony let guests enter in another world. The modern and sleek interior effortlessly blends simple lines with stylish minimalism that typifies the beautifully understated interior spaces.

Oozing welcoming atmosphere and relaxed informality, Casas Caiadas Open house offers families or groups a fabulous holiday rental in Alentejo. If you would like to stay in style while in Alentejo, then this aesthetically appealing boutique hotel is a perfect option.

The pristine private and social areas are designed for comfort, relaxation and conviviality

Spanning over three levels, the intelligent floor plan is designed with socialising as much as privacy in mind.

On the ground floor, the spacious communal areas offer an atmosphere of laid-back elegance, with ample room for guests to enjoy themselves. The kitchen, living room and dining room are shared by the guests and are an invitation to conviviality thanks to a fireplace corner and a large table for meals.

Collage - boutique guesthouse in Portugal

On the first level, there are the bedrooms: one suite and three rooms. All are decorated with pristine whites and minimalistic coolness, with a coating of warmth.

Casas Caiadas Open House is crowned by a large, panoramic rooftop terrace, located on the second and top floor. This sublime retreat offers chic stylishness with stunning views, and is ideal for enjoying Arraiolos’ enviable year-round climate. From terrace’s sparkling blue pool, guests can see one of Alentejo’s most iconic images: a sea of terracotta roofs ascending towards the sky.

Besides breakfasts every morning, meals may be prepared by a cook. Guests can decide, each day, if they would like one or two meals to be prepared for them, or if they prefer to prepare them themselves.

An attractive location in the vibrant heart of Arraiolos

The lovely village of Arraiolos with its narrow, neatly lined streets, whitewashed architecture and artisan shops is a charming example of authentic life. It is known for its carpets and its circular castle, one of the only ones in the world.

Nearby is Évora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here one can see an incredible collection of historic monuments in one of Europe’s most ancient towns.

Lisbon is just an hour drive to the west as are the beautiful Atlantic Coast and Comporta Beach. The nearest airport is Lisbon Portela Airport (120 kilometres).

Casas Caiadas collage exteriors

Visiting Arraiolos and Évora is visiting the history, the culture, the tradition, the gastronomy and the art of the Alentejo and the South of Portugal.

A minimalist oasis, Casas Caiadas Open House will delight travellers and design lovers alike

Seamlessly blending elegant simplicity and discreet luxury, Casas Caiadas Open House offers cool and minimalist serenity with a welcoming warmth that immediately makes guests feel at home. Curated with quiet panache, this tastefully presented holiday home to rent in Portugal is the epitome of a chic getaway. This is where you can leave the stress of everyday life behind and let the relaxing rhythms of Alentejo soothe your senses. Casas Caiadas Open House makes for a dreamy escape.

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