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A modern carafe that is truly a work of art

Stunning visual beauty of smooth sleekness

Are you looking to infuse a bit of class into your dining or drinking experience? A carafe is a perfect addition to your dining table. A true celebration of modern living, this beautifully crafted carafe by SGHR Sugahara is striking in its beauty and function. Achieving a flawless fluidity of minimalist sensibility and traditional crafting techniques, the smart-looking carafe makes for a stylish statement.

There is a stunning purity to the carafe’s smooth minimalism. The sleek silhouette and bold black colour give it effortless modern elegance. With pared-down aesthetics and simplistic refinement, the streamlined, sculptural design is beautifully contemporary and adds an elegant, distinctive centrepiece on your table setting.

The iconic black frosted glassware is characterised by its weightless feel and matte finish.

It gets its matte, yet silky-smooth touch from the company’s factory in Chiba, Japan, where about 30 master artisans handcraft it all, with impeccable attention to detail. Black glass is not transparent, so it takes a highly skilled glassblower to create this kind of glassware because s/he has to rely on experience and instinct. The glassblower adds a finishing to the shiny black glass to make it matte.

The black pitcher is 22cm high and holds 1000ml. Two different sized tumblers (240ml and 320ml)  help to complete the dining table. The exquisite craftsmanship is strikingly evident in each piece.

Black glass carafe against a dark steel background

SGHR Sugahara has been dedicated to creating innovative and stunning glassware with a classic minimalist sensibility since 1932. Applying traditional Japanese techniques, the company’s skilled artisans fuse fine colours and delicate designs to capture the supreme beauty of glass. The result is uniquely handmade, timeless pieces with a modern edge.

Almost all of SGHR Sugahara’s products are designed by the company’s master artisans themselves. This is because the company believes that the master artisans know glass inside out and have the expertise and intuition how to capture the natural beauty of glass by hand-making. The artisans keep experimenting and come up with new products every year.

All glassware is individually mouth-blown and hand-finished, so there may be slight size and colour variations from product to product. This adds to the artisanal allure of the pieces.

The third-generation president, Yusuke Sugahara, continues to build upon the company’s legacy and excellence, blending beauty and fine craftsmanship in every piece of glassware produced.

Aesthetically stunning and wonderfully functional, the black carafe is a perfect example of visual beauty and utilitarian exquisiteness. It showcases a blend of timeless sophistication and contemporary flair, underscored fine workmanship. Its simple, utilitarian elegance will elevate one’s dining experience.

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