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The best rubber cutting boards that are knife friendly

The rubber cutting board that professional chefs swear by

Rubber cutting board by Hasegawa
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Japanese cutting boards are among the highest quality cutting boards, and HASEGAWA rubber cutting boards are the gold standard. Their professional-grade cutting boards are made to meet the legendary high standards of Japanese sushi chefs.

The rubber cutting boards are not only amazing, but they are light-weight, blade-friendly and extremely hygienic. The HASEGAWA cutting boards have a wood core which prevents warping and bending from long-term use and high-temp washing. Made in Japan, HASEGAWA produces some of the world’s best cutting boards.

A frequently underestimated tool in the kitchen, a high-quality cutting board is indispensable in any kitchen. If you are going to invest in top-end kitchen knives, then it is wise to look after them by investing in a good chopping board. The cutting board is perhaps, after knives, the most essential tool in your kitchen for meal prep. A true kitchen workhorse, it is responsible for every kitchen task, from small prep work to slicing meat to making the finishing touches of a dish.

Choosing the right material for a cutting board

The perfect cutting board should be made of the right material. If the material is too hard, your knives will lose their sharpness in no time. If it is too soft, cut marks would appear after a short time, in which harmful bacteria will start growing.

Wood and synthetic rubber are considered to be the best material for a cutting board.

Wood is probably the most proven material for cutting boards. It has many advantages: it is antibacterial, you can do everything on it, and it will last with the right care for a lifetime. It is robust and resistant, not too light and not too heavy, and can also be sanded if needed. The downside to wooden boards is that they are essentially a living product and will change depending on their environment. Expose them to too much moisture and they can warp or, in extreme cases, split along their seams.

Synthetic rubber is superior to other materials in almost all aspects. Rubber cutting boards are standard for professional kitchens, and for many good reasons; therefore, they are also a totally sound choice for your home kitchen as well.

Why synthetic rubber is the best cutting board material

Chopping on a granite countertop is odd and dangerous to a blade’s integrity. Plastic boards are still too hard, and some wood boards are too tough (bamboo in particular).

Synthetic rubber combines all the advantages of key materials used for cutting boards, but without their disadvantages.

If you are looking for the perfect cutting board that will not dull your knives, a rubber cutting board, with its soft surface, is an ideal choice. Rubber boards absorb knife strokes instead of fighting back against them. This means the edge on your knife will last longer and will not require as much honing and sharpening in the long run.

Three different kinds of Hasegava cutting boards

Secondly, rubber is non-porous, which means that bacteria will not penetrate the surface. This translates into several benefits: it will not end up cracking as wood cutting boards do over time, nor will it get discoloured easily.

Also, rubber cutting boards are made of heavy-duty, solid material, and are more scratch-resistant than plastic. As there would be no cut marks, no bacteria can multiply on the board. Rubber boards, therefore, last longer, which makes up for their higher price tag.

Another advantage of rubber chopping boards is that many can be resurfaced by sanding if you cut through them.

Depending on how you see it, one downside of rubber boards may be their weight – they are not lightweight. While this could be a problem for some, the upside of this is that they will not slide around as you work.

Rubber is also the best bet for people who live in a very humid environment, as even ambient humidity can warp wooden boards.

Another great thing about rubber cutting boards is that they are easy to clean; hot water and soap are all you need. Typically, they are not dishwasher-safe like plastic, but they are definitely easier to take care of than a wood cutting board that regularly requires mineral oil treatments.

Rubber cutting boards are a favourite of many professional chefs, knife enthusiasts and serious home cooks as they are impressively functional and durable.

The brand of choice is HASEGAWA, whose cutting boards are the gold standard in rubber cutting boards.

The benefits of HASEGAWA rubber cutting boards with a unique wood-core

HASAGAWA cutting boards offer the best of both worlds, as they are made of synthetic rubber with an internal wood structure. This unique combo, defined by technology and precision, makes the cutting board lighter and prevents warping issues.

Widely recognised within the culinary industry, the HASAGAWA’s rubber cutting boards come with a multitude of benefits, including:

NO WARPING: The wood-core structure prevents warping and bending from long-term use and high-temp washing. It is always very stable during use.

With a good thickness (up to 30mm), the cutting boards are thick enough to stay stable on the countertop but not too heavy to handle.

BLADE-FRIENDLY: The soft material used for both surfaces makes the rubber cutting boards extremely blade-friendly, minimising the wear and tear of the edges of the knife. The cutting boards are very gentle to the edge, therefore improving your knife’s edge retention along with enhancing its lifespan.

STURDY WITH A UNIQUE WOOD CORE: Unlike other brands’ rubber cutting boards, which are made of a single piece of synthetic rubber, HASEGAWA went one step further to incorporate a piece of wood core inside the board. The benefit of doing so is enhancing the board’s stability significantly, and also its rigidity when in bridging.

NON-SLIPPERY SURFACE: The non-slippery surfaces prevent ingredients from moving when cutting. It also gives you longer edge retention with your knives and more precise cuts.

LIGHTWEIGHT: The wood-core structure reduces the weight by 30-50% compared to conventional solid plastic cutting boards, yet the cutting boards are sturdy. This lighter weight makes washing by hand easier.

Hasegava cutting board on white worktop

HYGIENICALLY PERFECT: All the HASEGAWA cutting boards are made from top-grade ionized silver antibacterial material. As a result, the cutting boards are used in a lot of professional environments. The wood-core of HASEGAWA’s cutting board is sterilised and covered with thick plastic layers fully and completely. Therefore wood will not be exposed, except for unusually rough handling.

The cutting boards conform to the Japan Food Sanitation Law. They are SIAA certified, which is one of the highest sanitation standards awarded in Japan. Antibacterial surfaces in compliance with SIAA standards have been tested to exhibit 1% of bacterial growth versus untreated surfaces.

DURABILITY: Rubber cutting boards do not chip or break, and they last forever. They can even be resurfaced by sanding.

SUPER-EASY TO CLEAN: The rubber cutting boards are safe for use in dishwashers. They are also able to tolerate most household or commercial cleaning agents, including bleach. The rubber cutting boards can withstand high-temperature washing and are safe for bacterial sterilisation with boiling water.

You can get most stains out by just regularly cleaning the cutting board. It is recommended to buy the HASEGAWA cutting board scraper (CBS series), which keeps the cutting board hygienic and clean whilst preventing contamination. It is a simple tool that works very well in getting the stains out.

With its excellent scraping power and patented technology, it erases stubborn dirt and tough spots, yellowing, mould and mildew, grooves and feathering from the surface of your cutting boards. Moreover, it comes with a finishing surface that allows surface smoothening after the scraping.

MINIMAL MAINTENANCE: The cutting boards can be resurfaced by sanding, extending the board’s life further.

VARIOUS SIZES: The HASEGAWA professional cutting boards come in a multitude of sizes, ranging from 500cm x 250cm to 1200cm x 450cm. The sizes for the commercial-grade cutting board range from 360cm x 200cm to 440cm x 290cm.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Made with a core wood structure, the amount of plastic material used is less than conventional cutting boards. Besides, the wood core makes use of wood wastes and other mill end products, not newly deforested ones.

COMPLIANCE WITH INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS AND MADE IN JAPAN: The HASEGAWA cutting boards are made in Japan, and are manufactured to the highest quality standards and fully warranted to be free of defects. Also, the cutting boards conform to the EU regulation for Food Contact Materials.

Rubber cutting board

HASEGAWA’s high-performance professional- and commercial-grade rubber cutting boards

There comes a time in every home cook’s life when you bid farewell to a favourite cutting board and replace it with something better.

For a day-to-day workhorse to be used in a busy kitchen, HASEGAWA anti-microbial rubber cutting boards tick all the boxes. They hold fewer bacteria and are usually easy on your knives. Since they do get used and washed a lot, they are resistant to splintering, cracking, and chipping. I have been using HASEGAWA cutting boards for two years now, and they are absolutely fantastic.

There are two versions in the professional-grade series – the Soft Cutting Board (FSR) and the PE Cutting Board – Brown (FSB).

The Soft Cutting Board (FSR Series) is the best cutting board ever for Japanese knives. It is recommended for delicate cuttings such as sushi and sashimi. Should not be used for hard or heavy chopping.

The PE Brown Cutting Board (FSB series) comes with a slightly harder surface than the Soft Cutting Board (FSR). With a hardwood structure, this rubber board is used widely for general purposes, such as preparing vegetables, meats and fish. It is also suitable for chopping work (excluding hard chopping). The PE Brown Cutting Board possesses stain-resistant qualities, whilst the PE material used for the surface is less prone to dirt and oil absorption.

The home-use model of the SFR soft cutting board range is the commercial-graded FRK board which only comes in one version.

In addition to the three main cutting boards, there is the NSF Soft Mat (FRM Series). This is a very good option to use on top of a larger cutting board if you want a knife-friendly surface. Made from solid plastic, it is commercial-grade and NSF certified.

Synthetic rubber cutting board

HASEGAWA, a company that showcases technology and precision in their products

HASEGAWA started by manufacturing sliding bases for skis in 1955. Today, the company continues to supply sliding bases, made from a plastic sheet, for ski manufacturers. Highly advanced adhesive technology is a must to manufacture skis.

In the 1990s, the Japanese economy suffered a prolonged recession that followed the collapse of the fabled economic bubble of the 1980s. With the company’s survival at stake, HASEGAWA started making cutting boards using plastic sheets in 1992. Dedicated to creating a cutting board with specifications entirely different from those found in the market, HASEGAWA introduced the ski structure, the wooden-core structure.

A couple of years later, there was a mass outbreak of the E.coli Virus in many schools in Osaka, Japan. As a result, the Ministry of Health in Japan began to order heat sterilisation in catering industries. Standard cutting boards warp when heated, but the ones of HASEGAWA did not, thanks to its wood-core, which is very rigid. And that made the wood-core cutting boards very popular in professional kitchens and the catering industry worldwide.

Investing in a HASEGAWA rubber cutting board allows you to have an exceptionally high-quality cutting board for a lifetime

If you choose to use HASEGAWA’s incredible professional- and commercial-graded cutting boards, you will get one of the best cutting boards money can buy.

Highly functional and super hygienic, these soft and lightweight rubber cutting boards are designed for use with premium knives focusing on high-quality cutting.  I cannot recommend them enough as they are simply amazing.

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