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Best EMF protection

10 reasons why Comosystems’ CMO technology provides the best EMF protection

EMF protection by CMO by Cosmosystems
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Everyone around you has a mobile phone, and every home and business has a Wi-Fi router. Laptops, TVs, power lines and any other electronic device you can think of all release EMFs (electromagnetic fields). Unless you live in a very remote rural area and rarely use technology, your body is constantly exposed to electromagnetic radiation.

The level of electromagnetic radiation produced by technology and electrical devices in urban areas is over one billion times greater than the natural EMF exposure that is essential for life. Scientific studies have shown that high levels of EMF exposure can be a health risk factor and have a negative impact on our overall well-being.

The good news is that there are cutting-edge devices that can provide EMF protection and compensate for most of the adverse biological effects and health risks of EMF exposure.

Our favourite EMF protection product is from Comosystems. Their CMO technology is the only technology for protection against the biological effects of electromagnetic waves that is validated by a scientific file with peer-reviewed studies published in international scientific journals. 

HARMONY CMO is a multifunction EMF protection for the home

1. 20 YEARS OF RESEARCH. Looking at a company’s ‘science pages’ reveals a lot about its credibility and track record. Comosystems’ studies go back more than 20 years. Their research and studies have been reviewed by the scientific community and published in international scientific publications. Most studies use biological markers where the measurements are made in official laboratories, and the effects have been peer-reviewed and published.

For more info on Comosystems’ research and effectiveness, visit

2. TRIED, TESTED AND PROVEN. According to Comosystems, the best argument when questioned about EMFs’ biological health effects is to say: “to assess the impact of electromagnetic fields, you must measure it at the biological level. And to claim you have developed a device able to correct these differences, you must measure and prove how much your technology is lowering the impact: any other claim can only be fantasy.”

Comosystems have successfully and repeatably been able to both measure electromagnetic fields at the biological level as well as measure and prove how much their technology, CMO, is lowering the impact of EMF exposure.

3. A TEAM OF INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED SCIENTISTS. The team behind the company and their background is another important consideration. Comosystem is founded and managed by scientists.

The company regularly participates at major health improvement conferences and responds to any questions on its scientific models or results. Its CMO technology and EMF protection products have been introduced on the market in the very same conditions as if it were a new drug or pharmaceutical product.

Easycall CMO device for EMF protection for mobile phones and tablets

4. ONGOING RESEARCH AND SUPPORT. Transparency in terms of research and development, scientific findings and plans are another aspect that adds credibility to an organisation. Comosystems not only publishes all past research and scientific literature on their website ( but will soon also publish what the plans are going forward with planned studies on subjects and health risks such as EMF exposure and diabetes, EMF protection and autism, EMF and mitochondria, EMF protection and 5G –

5. CMO TECHNOLOGY DOES NOT INTERFERE WITH THE FUNCTIONALITY OF ANY DEVICES. Comosystems’ CMO technology does not interfere with the functionality of your devices; it just makes them safer.

Most “shielding devices” shield, i.e. they reduce or affect either the intensity or the quality of signals. Consequently, the functionality of mobile/cellular phones or other electronic devices is negatively affected. Comosystem’s CMO technology has the advantage that it does not affect the intensity or quality of EMFs; it only makes the electromagnetic fields and radiation safer for the human body.

Harmony EMF protection device

There are several studies that explain how natural and biological electromagnetic fields are necessary for one’s health. They contribute to the overall good control of the biological clocks. “Shielding” somebody from EMF rays by blocking the radiation (Faraday cage) may end up being more harmful than beneficial.

For more info, please see ‘Shielding methods and products against man-made Electromagnetic Fields: Protection versus risk’ – Dimitris J.Panagopoulos & George P.Chrousos

6. INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION FROM MEDICAL DOCTORS, HEALTH CLINICS AND BIOHACKERS. Among the world of biohackers, Dave Asprey is called the “father of biohacking”, with about one million followers. The fact that he is supporting CMO is a “gold reference”, and the company is currently signing up with many new influencers in the biohacking world.

Dave Asprey published an article in his Biohacking Handbook –

Also, most schools of naturopathy in Europe include in their training the use of CMO technology, and the company regularly publishes articles in osteopathy magazines.

PC Zone provides protection from EMF emitted by PCs and laptops

7. WARRANTY AND CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY. Every product has a serial number and is tracked by Comosystems’ manufacturing department, ensuring that clients can rest assured that the products they ordered are not counterfeit or fraudulent. Clients can register their products online and will receive a certificate of authenticity and a 2-year warranty certificate, assuming the registered details correspond with the company records.

8. DESIGNED TO LAST A LIFETIME. Based on more than 20 years of experience and knowledge, there is no limit to how long a CMO device can last without losing any of its efficacy and ability to protect against EMF radiation exposure. In an experiment at a French university, a brand new CMO device was tested and measured biologically for its efficiency and measured again exactly two years later. The results showed that there was no decrease in the effects of EMF radiation protection.

Harmony XL for protection agains EMF in larger homes

9. MADE IN FRANCE, EUROPE. The EMF protection devices are manufactured in a French factory to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, which guarantees a level of excellence in terms of production and safety as well as respect for environmental standards.

10. SATISFIED OR REIMBURSED. Comosystems strongly believes in the quality of its products and stands behind all of them with a promise that the EMF protection products will always perform to the customers’ satisfaction. It offers a ‘satisfied or reimbursed’ policy with no questions asked if you, for whatever reason, are not happy with your purchase.

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