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The best electric pizza oven for both outdoors and indoors

Bake restaurant-worthy pizza indoors or outdoors in just 90 seconds

Ooni electric pizza oven Volt 12
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If you have ever wondered why it seems impossible to replicate restaurant-quality pizzas at home, it is because of one simple reason: your conventional oven is not hot enough. A true, wood fired pizza requires exceptionally high temperatures that you can typically only find in restaurants or outdoor wood fired ovens — that is until Ooni launched their new electric pizza oven, Ooni Volt – the next generation of at-home pizza ovens.

Launching their first all electric pizza oven that can be used both indoors as well as outdoors, the Ooni Volt opens the door to cooking authentic, restaurant-quality pizza at home, effortlessly. It is one of the first countertop at home pizza ovens to hit 450°C / 850°F and cook an awesome Neapolitan style pizza — in just 90 seconds.

Bake real pizza at home

Ooni Volt innovations

Creating and maintaining the ideal baking environment for a variety of pizza styles, some of the innovations behind the Ooni Volt electric pizza oven include:

CONVENIENCE, BOTH INDOORS AND OUTDOORS. As an indoor and outdoor pizza oven that is truly portable, the Ooni Volt can work anywhere there is an electric outlet. It is, therefore, ideal for locations where winter means moving the cook inside, giving you the ultimate pizza-making flexibility.

EASY TO USE. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Ooni Volt electric pizza oven is simple and fun to use. Just plug it in, switch it on, and you are ready to go. It is that simple.

QUICK – PIZZA IN 90 SECONDS. Just because Ooni Volt is electric does not mean it lacks in heat. In fact, it reaches 450°C / 850°F in just 20 minutes, allowing you to bake a stone-baked pizza with a cooking time of just 90 seconds.

Ooni indoor and outdoor pizza oven

HEAT-RETAINING, TRIPLE-PANED, BOROSILICATE GLASS DOOR. The triple-paned borosilicate glass door retains the heat to a maximum while an interior light lets you keep an eye on your pizza cooking.

TEMPERATURE, TIME, AND BALANCE CONTROL. With built-in temperature control, time and balance controls, precision pizza baking has never been easier and more convenient. You can cook different pizza styles to perfection — Ooni Volt reaches 450°C / 850°F in just 20 minutes and cooks Neapolitan style pizza in under 90 seconds. Plus, the calibrated temperature setting lets you cook a whole range of other pizza styles to perfection (even frozen pizza). Bake a bubbly, cheesy New York-style pizza at 350°C / 650°F, or turn the temperature down to 300°C / 550°F to cook a crispy, fluffy Detroit-style pie. Pick your style and let the Ooni Volt do the rest.

INTUITIVE USER INTERFACE. Equipped with an intuitive user interface, the Ooni Volt electric pizza oven hides its most advanced features under a sleek, weather-resistant exterior.

High temperature electric pizza oven at home

DUAL ELEMENTS FOR CUSTOMISABLE HEAT DISTRIBUTION. For delicious pizza cooked just the way you want it, move heat between the top and bottom elements at the turn of a dial.

BOOST FUNCTION. The electric pizza oven’s innovative Boost function helps the stone to reheat to cooking temperatures quickly between bakes, so the last pizza is just as tasty and delicious as the first.

33CM / 13-INCH CORDIERITE BAKING STONE. The cordierite pizza stone is heated quickly and evenly to maintain the correct temperature, cooking the pizza base to the desired finish, with the right amount of char. You can cook 12-inch perfect pizzas, veggies and more in your versatile pizza oven.

AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF FEATURE. To save energy, the electric pizza oven automatically shuts off after 45 minutes of inactivity.

ENERGY-EFFICIENT. Built with a greener future in mind, the Ooni Volt is the brand’s most energy-efficient electric pizza oven yet.

Delicious pizza at home with Ooni electric pizza oven

KITCHEN COUNTERTOP PIZZA OVEN. With a small but mighty design, the Ooni Volt fits on a standard kitchen worktop. The at home pizza countertop oven adds fine aesthetics and conviviality to your kitchen with its sleek octagonal body.

TRULY PORTABLE. Equipped with built-in carry handles, the electric pizza oven is easy to move between the inside and outdoors.

WEATHER-RESISTANT. Use your Ooni Volt in your kitchen as a countertop pizza oven or take it outside for the ultimate al fresco pizza night. Its steel shell is powder-coated for weather resistance and insulated for maximum heat retention, allowing you to take the pizza party outside whilst looking great, year after year.

Ooni – track record and experience

Ooni has produced pizza ovens since 2012 and was founded on the idea that people deserve to enjoy restaurant-quality pizza at home. Today, Ooni is the leader in at home pizza ovens.

Ooni has truly re-imagined the home pizza oven. You do not need an outdoor space or warmer weather to enjoy restaurant-quality homemade pizza anymore. With Ooni Volt electric pizza oven, you can make and enjoy delicious pizzas all year round in your garden, balcony, or in your kitchen.

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