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The best Christmas candles

Fabulous Yuletide aromas

It is that time of the year again when thoughts turn to holiday party planning, festive decorations and all the gifts we cannot wait to give. Ramp up the festive ambience in your home with flickering, luxurious Christmas candles.

Ignite the festivities in your home this Christmas with Fortnum and Mason’s gorgeous Christmas candles and home fragrances collection.

There are decadent gold candles that make an impressive table centrepiece and beautiful votives which are the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing soak. Feeling a little frazzled? The soothing aromatherapy candle collection and diffusers will aid relaxation and take the edge off the day. From comforting woodsy aromas to warm cinnamon fragrances, these delectable scents make a very good case for staying in this festive season.

No Yuletide aromas ever smelled as enticing as the Georgian Christmas Tea Candle. Intricately designed and suitably festive, it is an exquisite combination of zesty orange, spiced cinnamon and warming black tea.

With the fabulous Christmas candles, Fortnum and Mason have curated, you will turn your home into a festive holiday oasis.

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