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It is no secret that the editor of THE GREAT ADDRESS is a baking enthusiast who loves baking cakes, pies, tarts and all things chocolate. She delights everyone with her delicious bakes and beautiful creations, from cupcakes and muffins to flapjacks, cookies, and even birthday cakes. This is why we all wholeheartedly trust her recommendations for anything to do with baking, cake pans and baking trays.

Based on her experience, one of the most important factors for achieving success when baking is having good quality pans and bakeware. Good baking trays should be able to distribute heat evenly throughout the batter to ensure the cake rises flat and uniform, and they ought to be spacious enough to allow the batter to expand properly and also lightweight enough to produce a delicate and thin crust.

She swears by Decora, a long-time ‘best-in-class’ Italian designer, manufacturer and pioneer when it comes to uniquely engineered bakeware and cake decorating products. The label knows what it takes for baking trays to perform at their best, and its bakeware made of anodised aluminium is a stand-out.

Cake pans and baking trays from Decora

Anodised aluminium is the ideal baking material. Rather than being a chemical coating, anodising is actually a finishing process that enhances natural aluminium by making it thicker, smoother, safer and more versatile. This anodising process makes Decora’s bakeware resilient to peeling or rusting.

The anodised aluminium cake pans and baking trays have a thick and seamless even-wall construction that ensures superb, even heat distribution with no hot spots, making sure your cake rises level and flat. These professional-quality cake pans are anodised and thus retain even baking temperatures to prevent over-baking, dry cakes, burnt parts or soggy bottoms. Moreover, these pans do not contain any extra metals or chemical coatings, which enables them to cool down quickly and yield delicious and flawless results every time you bake.

Bakeware made from anodised aluminium is recognised for its superior baking qualities

Aluminium is widely acknowledged as the perfect metal for achieving excellent baking results. This is because it reflects heat instead of absorbing it, enabling aluminium to reach baking temperatures rapidly and cool down swiftly as well.

On the other hand, bakeware made of steel, including anodised steel, is susceptible to rust and tends to retain heat, which means that they may continue baking your cakes even after you take them out of the oven.

Collage with three different cakes

Decora’s bakeware is designed to offer the advantages of aluminium while also providing the added benefit of an anodised finish. This finish not only enhances the baking process but also ensures superior safety and performance.

Anodising seals the natural pores of aluminium, resulting in an effective baking surface that is

  • Smooth
  • Thick
  • Safe
  • Long-lasting
  • Versatile

Anodising is an eco-friendly finishing method that does not involve any chemical coating, harmful metals, dyes, CFCs, PTFEs or PFOAs. Sealing the porous aluminium surface creates a safe and non-reactive baking surface. This also helps prevent the growth of bacteria and shields against abrasion, thereby avoiding rusting that may leach unwanted materials and flavours into your baking.

Finally, anodised aluminium cake pans have a non-reactive surface that prevents discolouration and protects the flavour of your baked creations.

Icing on the cake

The Decora difference

If you are looking to elevate your baking game, consider investing in high-quality bakeware from Decora. Its anodised aluminium bakeware range ensures precision and performance and is long-lasting, making it a top choice for professionals, commercial bakers and serious home bakers. Its standout features include:

MADE OF HIGH-QUALITY ANODISED ALUMINIUM. Decora’s pans are made from a resilient and long-lasting type of anodised aluminium. When using the label’s anodised baking pans, you will notice a few things. The hard-wearing pans provide a smooth and attractive surface for your cakes and are super-easy to use and clean. The bakeware is ideal for professional and home baking, celebration cakes or layered masterpieces.

NON-TOXIC. Decora’s bakeware is made from food-grade anodised aluminium alloy, with no toxic coating that can transfer or peel into your goodies. Anodising is not a coating; it is an environmentally-safe process that contains no chemical additives, dyes, CFCs, PTFEs or PFOAs.

SUPERIOR HEATING & COOLING QUALITIES. Anodised aluminium is an extremely effective heat conductor. By reflecting heat, rather than absorbing heat, Decora’s cake pans reach baking temperatures quickly while even heating allows for the best possible rise. Additionally, once removed from the oven, these cake pans cool down quickly, which prevents cakes from drying out and bread being over-baked.

STRENGTH AND DURABILITY. Decora’s anodised aluminium bakeware is known for its strength and durability, which can be attributed to its electrochemical anodisation process during manufacturing. The anodised aluminium cake pans are built to last and can easily handle the rigours of both home and commercial kitchens.

Cake pan of anodised aluminium by Decora

SEAMLESS WITH NO WELDING JOINTS. Each piece is single-piece moulded without welding seams, providing you with a smooth, straight-edged cake. It ensures even heat distribution while eliminating the crowning and unevenly domed cakes you get with other bakeware options. It also allows for easy release and cleaning up.

STRAIGHT SIDES. Professionals use Decora’s anodised aluminium pans because of the pans’ perfectly straight edges, which guarantees even baking and allows for making various sizes of flawlessly shaped cakes.

UNIFORM WALL THICKNESS. The consistent wall thickness of the cake pans means your cakes will have an even rise, and hot or cold spots will be eliminated.

TEMPERATURE RATED. Decora’s anodised aluminium bakeware is temperature-rated up to 220°C/430°F. The range is also freezer-safe.

A WIDE RANGE OF ESSENTIAL BAKEWARE. From savoury dishes to sweet treats, Decora makes everything from round to square, oblong, hemisphere, Pandoro pans, mini-wedding cake pans and baba pans. With different shapes, dimensions and depths, there is a bread and cake pan to suit whatever the occasion calls for.

THOROUGH TESTING. With a dedicated research laboratory, all existing and new products are put through a rigorous testing and quality assurance process to ensure that it meets Decora’s and international standards.

THE PROFESSIONALS’ CHOICE. Decora’s bakeware is used in commercial kitchens, bakeries, and by professional bakers and decorators worldwide on a daily basis.

TRACK RECORD. Since 1998, Decora has been one of Europe’s leading designers, manufacturers and pioneers of uniquely engineered baking and cake decorating products. With its heritage in product development, Decora continues to focus on product innovation and quality. With a global focus, it sells to professionals, enthusiasts and home bakers in more than 60 countries.

Collage - three different images of cupcakes

Decora – the bakeware brand to know

Born from family history and the ancient tradition of Italian pastry, Decora was launched in 1998 from the over 40 years of experience of the De Luca family in the catering and pastry equipment sector. Mr De Luca identified a gap in the cake and dessert decoration market for high-quality and well-designed products, which until then had been reserved only for professionals. This heritage has now been passed down from Mr De Luca to his children, who guide the company with the same passion and enthusiasm.

Today, Decora has over 1,800 products for baking and decorating cakes and desserts, bringing professional quality to homemade cookies and cakes. The wide array of products ranges from edible products to tools and equipment for baking, cake decorating and presentation.

Savoury pie

The tools and equipment range goes from basic tools such as rolling pins, worktops, smoothers and decorating tools to a vast selection of plastic cookie cutters and silicone moulds made in Italy. The label also offers a wide range of baking pans with non-stick surfaces, die-cast aluminium muffin pans and cupcake trays, tart pans with removable bottoms, springforms, stainless steel rings and circle shapes, piping bags, polycarbonate moulds for chocolate, spatulas, scrapers, stencils, stainless steel nozzles and silicone mats. Several products have been patented and are original creations of Karma srl/Decora and are manufactured in Italy.

With a global appeal, Decora exports to more than 60 countries across the world.

Sustainability initiatives

At Decora, sustainability forms one of the brand’s cornerstones, underpinned by its initiatives to limit waste, increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption. The company has installed a photovoltaic system in its headquarters, which, by self-producing clean energy, simultaneously reduces the impact of carbon dioxide emissions by over 10,000 kilos per year.

Where it is possible, plastic packaging is being replaced by paper/FSC-certified paper packaging, and where this is not possible, Decora chooses recycled and recyclable plastic packaging. Vegetable-based inks are also used for printing the company’s packages. Separate waste collection is being set and observed strictly to ensure that most of the waste is collected to be recycled correctly.

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