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In today’s fast-paced world, prioritising health and wellness has never been more crucial. Froothie, an Australian-born brand with a growing global presence, stands at the forefront of this movement by offering top-notch kitchen appliances that support a healthy lifestyle. One of Froothie’s most talked about blender recipes is for nut butter. Homemade nut butter, such as almond butter, peanut butter or cashew butter, is tastier than store-bought nut butter and offers a wealth of health benefits. Packed with essential nutrients, it provides a source of healthy fats, protein, and fibre, promoting satiety and aiding digestion. Free from additives and preservatives, homemade nut butter lets you control ingredients, reducing sugar and sodium intake.

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However, not all blenders are suited for making peanut butter, almond butter or other nut butters as nuts are notoriously difficult to blend into a deliciously smooth, creamy butter if you do not have a blender up for the job. Therefore, we asked Froothie to reveal the art of whipping up the perfect homemade nut butter and the main things to consider before choosing the best blender for you to use.

Creating the perfect nut butter

Making your own nut butter at home is easy, costs less and is far superior to any store-bought nut butter. All you need is a good quality high speed blender, such as Froothie’s Optimum 9400X and any raw nuts or almonds you have on hand.

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Making your own homemade peanut butter, cashew butter or any other nut butters of your choice at home is easy, costs less and is far superior to any store-bought nut butter. All you need is a good quality high speed blender, such as Froothie’s Optimum 9400X and any raw nuts or almonds you have on hand.

BEGIN WITH ROASTED NUTS. Starting with roasted raw nuts is preferable due to their higher oil content, which leads to smoother and faster blending.

COOL NUTS THOROUGHLY. Ensure that roasted nuts are completely cooled before blending to avoid excessive heat generation during mixing.

HIGH-SPEED BLENDING. Utilise your blender’s highest speed setting for nut butter preparation, especially for thicker mixtures.

USE THE TAMPER TOOL. When crafting nut butter, the tamper tool proves invaluable. Regularly push ingredients from the inner jug walls to thoroughly blend without air pockets.

MODERATE QUANTITY. A general rule is to cover blades by 1-2cm and avoid overloading the blender with more than 1-2 cups of nuts. Adjust based on the nuts’ oil content – nuts with higher oil content allow for bigger quantities.

AVOID ADDING WATER. If you’ve soaked or activated your nuts, ensure they are dry before you start. A dehydrator or oven can help speed up the drying process, but ensure the nuts are completely cool before blending. Also, avoid adding water to the mixture because it can cause clumping and interfere with the butter. After the nut butter has formed, add any additional flavours or powders. If the mix is too dry, add a few drops of neutral-flavoured oil.

Three different kinds of homemade nut butter

Things to consider when selecting a blender to make homemade nut butters and other culinary creations

From chopping and crushing to mixing and puréeing, here are key aspects to consider when selecting a blender

POWER MATTERS. A blender’s power, measured in Watts and RPM, determines its performance. Higher power blenders generate less heat, preserving nutrients. Froothie’s Optimum 9400X, an award-winning commercial high powered blender, boasts a powerful 2,611-watt motor for swift blending.

QUALITY BLADES. Besides power, blade quality and design are vital for effectively transferring power from the motor to the blades. Optimum’s high-quality stainless steel blades strike a balance between sharpness, motor power, speed, and design for effective blending and nutrient retention.

JUG MATERIAL AND VOLUME. Prioritise jugs made from high-quality, easy-to-clean materials like Tritan plastic. Optimum offers a range of jug sizes that hold up to 2 litres, suitable for personal, family, and professional use.

USER-FRIENDLY CONTROLS. Choose between manual and preset controls based on your preferences. Preset options simplify operation, while manual settings offer more customisation.

CLEANING AND CARE. Opt for blenders with easy-to-clean features. Some blenders, such as the Optimum line, self-clean. A basic mixture of warm water and detergent, followed by a rinse, ensures effortless upkeep.

SAFETY FIRST. Look for stable bases and safety features like overheating and overload protection to protect the machine from damage.

VALUE OVER PRICE. The expression “you pay for quality” applies to blenders – superior power, build quality, materials, guarantee, and support all contribute to the higher price of quality blenders. On the other hand, buying a more expensive blender built to last will deliver consistent results and performance for many years.

WARRANTY AND SUPPORT. Optimum offers peace of mind with a money-back guarantee, extended warranties, and 24/7 support.

Ultimately, which blender is right for you depends on your preferences and how you will use it. A high-quality blender empowers culinary creativity, from nutritious smoothies to velvety nut butter and with Froothie’s Optimum 9400X, you’ll find a lasting kitchen companion that will not disappoint.

With a robust 2,611-watt motor, stainless steel blades and innovative design, it easily conquers even the toughest ingredients. Crafted from premium, BPA-free materials, the 9400X’s jug suits both home and commercial use. One-touch preset functions simplify blending tasks, delivering consistent, delectable results.

Optimum high speed blender from Froothie

Froothie transforms your kitchen into a hub of well-being

Froothie was founded on a simple idea: to supply local cafes and juice bars with fresh fruits, vegetables, and top-notch equipment, along with a genuine passion for promoting health through nourishing food and drinks.

Its partnership with Optimum Appliances — a globally recognised leader with some of the best kitchen appliances on the market — has helped to solidify Froothie’s status as a provider of health and wellness products.

The Optimum Appliances range of innovative and award-winning small kitchen appliances is at the forefront of the industry in terms of quality, functionality, and design. Originating in Australia, the brand has grown its presence to encompass more than 40 countries, and is now a staple in millions of residential kitchens around the world, 

As a premier blender and juicer brand, Optimum has expanded its range, focusing on innovation, performance, quality and durability. The collection now includes all-in-one kitchen appliances, such as the versatile ThermoCook, induction pressure cooker, and air fryer, which embodies innovation, practicality, and efficiency.

Every aspect of Optimum’s appliances is crafted with meticulous precision using the best materials. Its product certification and accreditation demonstrate the brand’s rigorous testing and stringent quality control standards. Built for outstanding reliability, durability and versatility, the brand’s products continue to wow health and wellness enthusiasts worldwide.

Buy with complete peace of mind; all products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee trial, an impressively comprehensive warranty and 24/7 support.

Froothie’s partnership with Optimum has brought the joy of uncomplicated, high-quality cooking into homes.

Optimum range of kitchen appliances from Froothie

Some other best-selling kitchen appliances to buy for a healthy lifestyle

Froothie and Optimum have come a long way when it comes to kitchen appliances that will cook, blend and dehydrate your food to perfection. Unlock the magic of effortless cooking and satisfy your taste buds with flavourful, nutritious meals.

We have rounded up some of the best Froothie’s / Optimum’s products you will love. Recognised for their superb quality and functions, here are some of the best-selling small kitchen appliances worth considering:

HIGH SPEED BLENDERS. Froothie offers a wide range of high speed blenders for both domestic and commercial use. The Optimum Blender is rated #1 by Choice Australia – along with Vitamix – and reigns #1 in Product Review Australia, based on independent customer reviews.

OPTIMUM COLD PRESS SLOW JUICERS. Optimum Slow Juicers have garnered worldwide acclaim for their exceptional quality and performance. T3 Magazine rates the Optimum Juicer as #1 in the UK. The new Optimum 600M and H3000 2nd Gen are revolutionising the industry by effortlessly juicing whole fruits and vegetables, eliminating the need for tedious food preparation.

OPTIMUM MAGICOOK PRO HERBAL INFUSER. Magicook Pro effortlessly handles all your herbal infusion requirements automatically and safely, without requiring your attention. Your herb of choice is heated, all of its benefits extracted, and then infused into your food – butters, oils, gummies, soups, smoothies, dressings, and more. The Magicook is also vegan diet-friendly.  It can easily and quickly help you produce vegan milk like almond milk, coconut milk, and cashew milk. 2023 Award winner on

OPTIMUM THERMOCOOK PRO-M 2.0. The Optimum Thermocook Pro-M 2.0 is the ultimate kitchen assistant for your cooking, frying, grinding, blending, chopping, stirring, kneading, beating, heating milk and SO MUCH MORE! Your ThermoCook Pro will quickly become your “secret ally”, helping you to create memorable, additive-free, nutrient-rich meals your family will love, every step of the way from prep to cooking to cleanup. 2023 Winner award on

Get started on a healthier you

Maintaining healthy eating habits can be more challenging than it sounds, so setting yourself up for success with the right kitchen tools is essential to make nutritious cooking a seamless and enjoyable experience.

With Froothie’s / Optimum’s kitchen appliances, you will experience the joy of healthier, tastier creations while saving time. Wonderfully effortless!

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