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De'Longhi bean to cup coffee machine
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Oozing true affluence and exclusivity, De’Longhi bean-to-cup coffee machine Maestosa is a luxury automatic coffee machine and the pinnacle of elegance with stunning design, singular precision and state-of-the-art engineering for peak performance. A blend of the most advanced, easy-to-use coffee-making technology, connectivity, premium Italian design, personalisation and an impressive choice of one-touch recipes – from intense aromatic espressos with a rich golden crema to velvety cappuccinos with silky foamed milk. All are served at the simple touch of a button – made for you. Every preference – from grind level and temperature to milk-foam consistency – can be personalised and saved, so you can always enjoy the perfect coffee. De’Longhi Maestosa is the essence of coffee machine perfection.

The most discerning demand perfection in each detail and leave nothing to chance in terms of their coffee. Dosage, grinding, brewing pressure and temperature are parameters that need to be exact to create that perfect cup of coffee. An unwavering commitment to excellence, through technical and aesthetic virtuosity, is what makes De’Longhi the global authority on coffee.

De’Longhi developed Maestosa as an iconic bean to cup coffee machine with a strong design aesthetic – without losing sight of high-quality performance and advanced technology.

Delivering a unique coffee experience of affluence and sophistication, De’Longhi bean-to-cup coffee machine Maestosa has become the point of reference when it comes to best-in-class coffee quality. Guaranteed to wow, the intelligently designed bean-to-cup coffee machine effortlessly satisfies the most exacting tastes.

Defined by innovation and technology, style and elegance, this all-in-one bean to cup coffee machine makes no compromises in making coffee just the way you like it. Offering the authentic bean-to-cup experience of Italian coffee culture, it sets new standards for automatic coffee makers and it is much more than just another espresso machine and makes better coffee than your local coffee shops.

Bean to cup coffee machine

De’Longhi’s Maestosa, the ultimate in luxury and convenience, is a sleek automatic coffee machine that delivers phenomenal coffee every time. It combines the aesthetic, the technology and the quality – along with the ability to produce seriously good coffee whilst also offering the flexibility to customise beverages to your exact liking.

As a premium coffee machine, the Maestosa is outstanding, packed with high-tech features, add-ons, and conveniences – it pretty much has it all.

With an easy-to-use touchscreen, the 19-bar De’Longhi bean to cup coffee machine can do everything for you – from grinding the beans to brewing the coffee, and frothing the milk. Yet, it allows full personalisation of every step from the bean grind and coffee strength, to the ratio of coffee to milk and the foam’s consistency to adapt precisely to your requirements. De’Longhi Maestosa even has a memory function to save your favourite settings, so your ‘usual’ can easily be recreated.

Delivering an experience that exceeds the most discerning perfection-seekers’ expectations, De’Longhi bean to cup coffee machine Maestosa guarantees flawlessly prepared coffee every time. It can make virtually any type of coffee you can think of, all at the touch of a button – from spot-on espressos and cappuccinos to enticing flat whites and lattes, and more. It also comes with attachments to make iced coffee and even hot chocolate.

No compromise on style or performance

Effortlessly elegant with superior technology, Maestosa represents the perfect fusion of sophistication and innovation and sleek design. With an assembly of highly desirable features, there is plenty to love about this coffee machine. Some of the highlights include:

MADE FOR YOU: The process could not be any easier, because your coffee is made for you – by Maestosa. From fresh beans to your perfect cup of coffee – all according to your specification – with just one touch.

A WIDE ARRAY OF DRINK OPTIONS: De’Longhi’s bean-to-cup coffee maker can brew all your favourite beverages at the touch of a button. There are 19 standard recipes pre-programmed in the machine – all customisable with grind, aroma, milk frothiness, and so on – ranging from the classic espresso and cappuccino to the iced coffees and hot water for tea.

FROM FRESH COFFEE BEANS TO PERFECT RESULTS: Maestosa’s grinding-on-demand functionality helps retain the coffee beans’ freshness and flavour and prevent oxidation that leads to rancidity. The freshly ground coffee will always give you the best quality in every single cup.

Coffee drinks and Maestosa coffee machine from De Longhi

CUSTOMISED AND INDIVIDUALISED SETTINGS: From the touchscreen control panel, you can customise multiple elements of each drink such as which hopper the beans come from, the amount of milk froth, the strength, quantity and temperature of your coffee. You can produce practically any recipe to your specification.

With the machine’s memory function, you can save these preferences to one of up to six user profiles, allowing everyone in the family to pre-set their individually customised, favourite recipes easily.

MUCH MORE THAN AN ESPRESSO MACHINE: The exclusive MixCarafe – complete with interchangeable stirrers – allows you to create various unique beverages. Make velvety smooth hot chocolate in it by mixing cocoa powder and milk, create a delicious iced coffee by combining ice cubes and espresso, or mix ice cubes and milk into cold milk foam. You can also make a healthy matcha latte – just add matcha powder and milk, and the machine does the rest.

Another benefit is that the machine can dispense hot water at different temperatures, which is great if you want to make green or white tea.

ONE-TOUCH OPERATION: Its effortless one-touch operation makes the De’Longhi Maestosa extremely intuitive to use. Just one touch and the coffee is prepared automatically.

De’Longhi Maestosa is hallmarked by technical excellence, indulgent performance, personalised precision and Italian elegance

Maestosa’s style, technology and innately exclusive character delight the most discerning, demanding tastes and sets a standard for the global fully automated bean-to-cup coffee machine market.

This premium automatic bean to coffee cup machine boasts a set of smart features, which encourage innovative interaction with endless possibilities. It offers a wide range of features to meet every need and satisfy the most discerning palate, including:

collage - Meastosa coffee machine from De Longhi

INTERACTIVE COLOUR TOUCHSCREEN: Featuring an intuitive and functional interface that consists of a 5” full-touch TFT colour display, the 19-bar Maestosa can deliver multiple recipes with just one touch of the screen

The colour screen is bright, clear and responds quickly to every prod. The easy-read control panel tilts for added convenience. It also stores your preferences for each recipe, so your favourite drink is always at your fingertips.

TWO INDEPENDENT BEAN CONTAINERS: The innovative bean-to-cup coffee machine features two independent bean hoppers, each with its dedicated grinder, so you can have different varieties for different coffee drinks, or give two people in your home their favourite beans. You can even then save different default grind settings for each hopper.

ADAPTIVE GRINDING TECHNOLOGY: The AdaptiveGrinding Technology controls the grinding for your preferred coffee blends to release maximum aroma and flavour. Two grinders, one per bean container, guarantee precise and consistent grinding for each blend. You can also choose the grind – on a 14-point scale – with the help of some on-screen advice regarding the best grind settings for specific bean and coffee types.

The system reduces the amount of ground coffee left inside the grinders to a minimum, so only freshly ground coffee is used to prepare your coffee. There is also an electronic bean sensor that advises before each container runs out of coffee beans.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL: There are two independent heating systems for ideal temperature control. The electronically controlled, high-precision steaming system ensures that steam is generated at the optimum temperature to create the perfect result in every cup. The second heating system is dedicated to milk preparation. Both systems work simultaneously.

MILK AND FOAM PERFECTED: It is effortless to enjoy the perfect coffee with milk, thanks to Maestosa’s LatteCrema System. This milk frother feature automatically mixes the correct proportions of steam, air and milk to deliver the best result whether you want a velvety, creamy cappuccino or hot milk.

It also provides plenty of control over how much froth you want on your cappuccino. Select the milk frother option you want on the display, and the dedicated heating system ensures the optimal temperature and a quick heat-up. The thermal milk carafe with its moving arm delivers a double cappuccino in one shot for convenience – you can adjust the height of the arm to accommodate different sized cups and glasses too.

ONE-TOUCH ELECTRONICS: From blend selection to coffee strength, from the ratio between coffee and milk to the milk foam’s consistency, all the controls are electronically steered. It guarantees ease of use, the precision of controls and consistency of preparation after preparation.

CUSTOMISATION: Users can make their beverage choice and customise it with exacting precision, with the ability to alter milk and coffee volume, brew strength, taste and temperature – and, of course, the De’Longhi coffee machine Maestosa will save any of your settings for future use.

COFFEE LINK APP: Beyond all the core conveniences, the Maestosa also boasts smart support through the De’Longhi Coffee Link app. This App allows you to create, store and request your personalised drinks. It also provides tips and suggestions in real-time on machine use and care.

Maestosa caffe latte accessory

ABILITY TO MAKE TWO CUPS SIMULTANEOUSLY: With the Maestosa, you can not only make two espressos at the same time, but you can also make two milk specialities at a time. This is useful because you do not have to wait long and you can enjoy a coffee together.

DUAL MILK OUTLETS: There are two milk frother spouts on the included hot milk attachment, which means you can now make two cappuccinos or lattes at once.

The milk frother will automatically adjust to the right setting for a cappuccino versus a latte. The Maestosa will also automatically offer to steam-clean the pipes after each milky drink, and the milk jug is insulated, so you can keep milk cool for up to four hours.

SELF-CLEANING: Maestosa is also equipped with a self-cleaning system after each use. This ensures optimal hygiene and ease of maintenance.

ELEGANT ITALIAN DESIGN: Good taste is characterised not only by what Maestosa delivers but also by its exterior. With an elegant aesthetic and a classy look, it features a sparkling striped stainless steel body, an ultra-mirror stainless steel top cover and a bright black glass front panel. It is guaranteed to make a real style statement in your home.

DE’LONGHI’S TRACK RECORD: Founded in 1902, the Italian company De’Longhi has been a pioneer in coffee machines since the 1990s. Renowned for engineering excellence, design perfection and consistent performance, De’Longhi is a brand that is hard to beat.

Espresso cups with newly brewed coffee

With a striking mix of performance, precision, prestige and excellence, the De’Longhi bean to cup machine Maestosa instantly impresses

Maestosa is an example of exclusivity and technology, which combines precision with elegance without any compromise, dedicated to those who are particularly demanding as regards aesthetics and performance.

Never has sublime coffee enjoyment been so easy: with Maestosa automatic coffee machine, you can enjoy the very best from fresh beans, at the push of a button.

Whether it is ground coffee, fresh beans or the very finest artisanal roasts, the Maestosa can make a high-quality cup of great coffee with practically zero effort. The espresso comes with a perfect crema, and the milk is well-steamed with a rich, microbubble texture. Whatever coffee you prefer and whenever the results are truly impressive.

Having used Maestosa since last year, we are already unsure how we ever lived without it. It produces some of the most consistently excellent tasting coffee you will ever enjoy at home.

For precision brewing, Maestosa by De’Longhi is guaranteed to take your coffee experience to the next level of aroma and taste. Enjoy coffee perfection at its finest, every day of the year.

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