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Best 4 slice toaster for toast lovers

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As a much-loved kitchen staple, a 4 slice toaster is the ideal companion for making quick breakfasts or delicious brunches for the whole family or a group of friends to enjoy. We are always up for a great toast, which has made us slightly obsessive about finding the perfect toaster.

Whether you want to toast a thick slice of artisan multigrain bread for decadent egg toasts, a piece of sourdough for garlicky shrimp and white bean toast or a slice of white for classic buttered toast, we have found the best 4 slice toaster for almost any size and any type of bread.

Not only do the GASTROBACK’s Design Toasters share the stylish aesthetics of their  award-winning kitchen appliances, but they also share the brand’s high quality and attention to detail. A beautiful stainless steel housing hints at the toasters’ premium performance and functionality. The Digital S Series is GASTROBACK’s most advanced toaster currently available. The toasters have many intelligent features for effortless toasting, like the extra-wide toast shafts, which are not only suitable for toasting two or four slices of toast at the same time but also for evenly browning hamburger rolls or bagels. With the integrated bread roll attachment, rolls, croissants and cakes can also be easily warmed up. Seven toast programmes with preset toast times are available, allowing you to achieve the most perfect results for a wide variety of bread. Seven adjustable levels, from lightly toasted to well done, enable toast lovers to choose just the degree of toasting they need.

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Other thoughtful features include a memory function, a removable crumb compartment, a countdown timer and much more.

So with GASTROBACK’s 4 slice toaster, nothing stands in the way of a successful breakfast, brunch or lunch.

The best state-of-the-art toasters

In keeping with GASTROBACK’s standards of combining top-class design elements with state-of-the-art functionality, the Design Toasters Digital 2S and Digital 4S not only stand out for their stylish appearance but also impresses with their ease of use and extensive features. The design toasters have many standout functions that will satisfy even the most discerning of toast lovers, including

CAPACITY. The Design Digital Toaster range is available in a two- or four slice capacity for serving as many people as you need.

BASIC FUNCTION OF DEFROST, REHEAT & CANCEL. There are three buttons for Defrost, Reheat and Cancel functions. Reheat: Warming up bread; Defrost: Thawing and toasting frozen bread; and Cancel: Terminating the operation.

Gastroback 4-slice toaster

BREAD-SPECIFIC SETTINGS. Different moisture levels in different bread types require various toasting times, which is why GASTROBACK’s Design Digital Toaster offers pre-set settings for different types of bread. There are seven programmes with pre-set toasting times: wholemeal/whole wheat bread, white bread, bagels, sweet bread, toasted waffles, English muffins or gluten-free bread.

ADJUSTABLE BROWNING SETTINGS. Shade control offers a full range of browning options to allow the perfect customisation of any piece of bread. There are seven levels of variable browning control, from lightly toasted to dark.

INDEPENDENT DUAL CONTROL PANEL. For added convenience, the 4 slice toaster features independent dual control panels (one for each pair of slots), making it possible to operate the left or right toasting area separately. This not only reduces electricity when heating only one or two pieces of bread, but you can also toast two unique bread types simultaneously, like a frozen bagel on one side and a fresh slice of whole-grain bread on the other.

EXTRA-VIDE SLOTS. The extra-wide slots ensure that the toaster is capable of toasting thickly sliced bread or rustic artisan types, and even bagels and hamburger buns.

A WARMING RACK. The Warming Rack sits on top of the slots, and with the toaster turned on, it can warm a variety of bread products. It is ideal for heating naan bread, croissants, buns, rolls and much more.

MEMORY FUNCTION. The memory feature is designed to easily save up to four of your favourite toast settings, such as type of bread and browning level.

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HIGH LIFT FEATURE. For added convenience, the manual high-lift lever ensures you can easily reach small slices of bread.

REMOVABLE CRUMB TRAY. The removable crumb tray will capture loose crumbs during toasting, making cleaning easy and extending the life span of your toaster.

COUNTDOWN TIMER. No more guesswork — the digital countdown timer shows precisely how much time remains on the toasting cycle.

AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF. As soon as the set heating time elapsed, the automatic shut-off terminates the heating process, helping to prevent over-toasting.

ATTRACTIVE DESIGN. Bringing premium aesthetics to your home, the toaster with its sleek stainless steel housing will enhance the appearance of any space. The toaster shines in any setting and fits in with any type of kitchen – whether it is inspired by stylish Scandinavian design in white, is a modern kitchen in matte black, or boasts a beautiful marble worktop.

LARGE, USER-FRIENDLY LCD DISPLAY. The toasters come with a modern LED display and illuminated programme buttons supporting easy-to-navigate, user-friendly controls. It means you can see and select the bread type, shade setting, and the remaining time effortlessly.

SMALL FOOTPRINT. Each of GASTROBACK’s space-saving digital toasters is big on performance — with an impressively small footprint, allowing you to store even the 4 slice toaster away under a cabinet easily.

ENERGY-SAVING MODE. The energy-saving mode switches off the LCD display when the toaster is in standby mode for approximately five minutes with no button pressed.

Toasted waffles with peanut butter and blueberries
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GASTROBACK brings professional catering technology to home cooking

German small kitchen appliances manufacturer GASTROBACK is a modern household appliance brand for coffee lovers, barbecue fans, serious home cooks and professional chefs. The brand name stands for GASTROBACK’s ongoing commitment to making professional technology from the catering industry available and user-friendly for the kitchen at home. Because what makes the kitchen professional’s work easier and allows top results to be achieved, also helps in the kitchen at home.

Professional functionality and attractive aesthetics have driven GASTROBACK’s design team for decades, and with a sharp focus on innovation, safety and strict quality control, it is in the brand’s DNA to make products that last. Combined with timeless design and premium materials, this makes longevity a genuine promise.

GASTROBACK’s award-winning range of high-quality kitchen appliances includes espresso machines, coffee machines, electric grills, waffle makers, tea makers and blenders, as well as versatile food processors. Making healthy living easy, the brand, with its collection of efficient and powerful juicers and smoothie makers, is already a reference for whole fruit and vegetable juicing. As for coffee machines, GASTROBACK is groundbreaking in terms of innovation as they have launched the first portafilter with the convenience and functionality of a fully automatic coffee machine. This means that not only the home barista but every household member can obtain the perfect espresso speciality that suits their personal taste preferences.

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Toast bread to perfection

GASTROBACK’S Design Toasters Digital 2S and Digital 4S guarantee to streamline your morning routine with perfectly toasted bread every time, regardless of thickness or type.

German innovation combined with stylish aesthetics and high-performance features GASTROBACK’s toasters are must-have appliances for any modern kitchen.

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