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Baukjen sustainable clothing for women
All products are chosen independently by our editors. The Great Address may earn a commission on items purchased.

Sustainable fashion for women

Baukjen is a must in any little black book of stylish, ethical fashion brands

Baukjen may not currently be one of your go-tos when shopping, but it should be with its serious commitment to sustainable fashion and timelessly stylish design. A certified B-Corp, carbon net-neutral and zero-waste business, the brand upholds strong eco-credentials and invests in transparent supply chains. It has long been a driving force for lasting positive environmental changes by becoming a leader in circular fashion through sustainable practices, recycling garments and fabrics, and donating to charities.

Baukjen’s fashion signature is an effortless yet stylish aesthetic to celebrate the modern woman, whether in her 30’s or 80’s – these are versatile, timeless clothes that will work hard for you season after season.

As a fashion brand, it is not enough any longer to be designing beautiful clothes with no thought about future generations. So there is no surprise that the latest fashion trend is the concept of sustainable fashion and ethical clothing. The fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world. Water pollution, toxic chemical use, greenhouse gas emissions and landfill of textile waste are just a few examples of the disastrous environmental impacts of the industry. This unsustainable situation has made brands and consumers alike take a much-needed interest in improving these issues.

We only recently came across the amazing premium fashion brand Baukjen and its chic, wear-forever pieces – and now we are obsessed.

Baukjen is a leading sustainable womenswear brand, creating ethically, environmentally and socially conscious sustainable fashion. Founded by husband-and-wife team Baukjen De Swaan Arons & Geoff Van Sonsbeeck, they are both passionate about making their customer feel good and doing the same for our planet. The label does this by focusing on several key areas of sustainability which it aims to implement throughout its operation; materials, production, proximity, consciousness, durability and packaging.

From being carbon net-neutral to only working with factories that meet the highest ethical standards, this label is committed to disrupting the fast fashion model. The brand’s circular model includes re-commerce initiatives like rental, pre-loved, care and repair, while its B Corp certification means that it reaches the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, as well as public transparency. Baukjen is recognised for its social and environmental efforts by the industry, having been awarded internationally for its sustainable practices and is regarded as one of the front runners in the slow fashion industry.

Collage - model wearing a summer dresses from Baukjen

Well-made and stylish, the brand expertly blends in an unsurpassed style and ultimate comfort into timeless designs that surpass trends – ‘classics with a modern twist’ perfectly summarises the Baukjen signature. Designed to last season after season and complement effortlessly every wardrobe, think jersey dresses, skirts, shirts, tops, chambray blouses and timeless trousers for that contemporary and fashionable touch.

Baukjen, a slow, circular and sustainable fashion brand

Slow fashion is about consuming and creating fashion consciously and with integrity. It connects social and environmental awareness and responsibility with the pleasure of wearing beautiful, well-made, and lasting clothing.

The founders started Baukjen with the mission to create beautiful clothes in a sustainable way. It drives long-lasting positive change by having become a leader in circular fashion through sustainable practices, recycling of garments and fabrics and giving back by donating to charities. The company is the highest-scoring B Corp in Fashion in the United Kingdom and the second highest in Europe.

Sustainability is at the very core of Baukjen’s business, which means making positive changes with its clothing. Baukjen aims to put back more into the earth’s resources than it takes out and do good by the people that grow the fabrics and make the clothes.

Model in red jacket from Baukjen

Every process is researched and carefully monitored – from the fabrics used to the selected factories – to ensure that each piece is made to the highest environmental standards.

Celebrating ethical sustainable fashion, Baukjen believes it is everyone’s social and moral duty to make positive movements towards reducing our impact on the environment. Trend-defying and ethically made from high-quality, planet-friendly fabrics, the contemporary, wearable pieces defy seasonality and are made to last and become your favourite. Modernly stylish, comfortable and easy-to-wear, the collection is created for those who love slow fashion, smart-looking aesthetic, great versatility and exquisite comfort. Expect gorgeous party-ready pieces and staple items for everyday wear, such as leather trousers, sharp blazers and flattering skirts.

An ethical brand that is kind to the planet and people every step of the way: from seed to garment

The fashion and textile industries are responsible for some of the largest environmental and social impacts on the planet and people.

The brand designs and produces its clothing solely using responsible practices that take into account environmental, social and ethical implications while offering complete transparency.

Baukjen creates exquisite pieces from only the best sustainable materials in perfect harmony with people and the planet. The brand outlines clearly the sustainable attributes for each item in the collection so they can be easily identified – this further help customers to make informed decisions to align with their values when it comes to buying fashion.

Caring for the planet

Baukjen’s philosophy is to create beautiful designs in a sustainable way and take conscious and ethical decisions by using organic, eco-friendly materials and mindfully choosing suppliers and methods. Always searching for the most sustainable ways to develop its collections, the brand constantly strives for progress. Baukjen does not settle when something is good and believes that there is always a way to make their clothing even more efficient, beautiful and sustainable.

Collage - 3 images showing how Baukjen palazzo trousers can be worn in different situations

The primary focus is to leave no negative traces, and some of the initiatives include:

CARBON NEGATIVE: Baukjen became Carbon Negative entirely across its entire supply chain as of 2020 by analysing, reducing, restoring and offsetting the brand’s carbon emissions through Gold Standard CER and VER offsets. Carbon Negative means that the impact goes beyond achieving net-zero carbon emissions to actually create an environmental benefit by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Or, to put it differently, Baukjen is climate-positive, having a regenerative impact on the planet.

LOW CARBON USE: Baukjen uses tools provided by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to work out exactly how much Carbon is emitted from each of the brand’s garments throughout its journey through the supply chain. The Low Carbon credential is granted to products that release fewer than 10kg CO2 per kg of fabric produced.

LOW WATER USE: Water is a precious natural resource. Natural fibres such as cotton tend to be the most water heavy. Baukjen is constantly working towards offering more fabrics with smaller water footprints such as organic cotton, linen, Tencel, Lyocell, Ecovero, Econyl, Greencash, Newlife and recycled synthetics. The label also uses tools provided by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to work out exactly how much water is consumed by each of our garments throughout its journey in the supply chain. The Low Water Use credential is granted to products that consume fewer than ten cubic metres of water per kilo of fabric produced.

RESPONSIBLE SOURCED FABRICS AND FIBRES: The production of textiles plays a significant part in the harmful environmental impact the fashion industry has on our planet. Thoughtfully designed with mindful materials, Baukjen accounts for 90 per cent of fibres in its products as responsibly sourced. Committed to using the best quality fabrics that are kind to both people and the planet, its collections are focused on premium, long-lasting and eco-friendly fabrics. Most of the fabrics used are derived from natural fibres that biodegrade much faster without releasing harmful chemicals into the environment.

LOW IMPACT FABRICS: Fabrics that are given a Low Impact status are those in which the fibres have low water consumption, low greenhouse gas emissions and a smaller environmental footprint overall.

CONSIDERED MATERIALS & PROCESSES: A considered approach means sourcing materials and ingredients cultivated in a way that takes into account the welfare of people, animals and the environment. The standards and certifications considered under this attribute include OEKO-TEX, Global Organic Textiles Standard, EU Ecolabel, Organic Content Standard, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). Some of our materials are Oeko-Tex certified, and all Lenzing fibres are Ecolabel certified.

Collage of burgundy themed clothing from Baukjen

RECYCLED MATERIALS: In the UK, it is estimated that £140 million worth of clothing goes to landfills each year. About 95% of this could have been recycled in some way. Baukjen uses recycled materials from old clothes, scrap fabrics and plastic waste in the production of the garments. Some of the standards and certifications considered under this attribute include the Global Recycle Standard (GRS), Cradle to Cradle, and several others.

UPCYCLED MATERIALS: Fabric is often left from cancelled or unfulfilled orders at factories and fabric mills. These fabrics are perfectly good to be reused. As part of Baukjen’s commitment to reducing waste and increasing the circular fashion economy, the brand tries to use more of these ‘deadstock’ fabrics in the collections.

TRACEABILITY: The company works with some of Europe’s best-practice manufacturers to create a supply chain that is transparent, traceable and more sustainable. Baukjen ensures complete visibility of where its raw materials come from and how they are produced.

LOW IMPACT DYES: Low impact dye does not contain any toxic chemicals or heavy metals and does not require toxic mordants, which are substances that fix dyes to fabrics. They need significantly less water during the dyeing process, which reduces overall water consumption and waste.

ZERO-WASTE COMPANY: This attribute celebrates products made using regenerated or reused materials and the brands designing with circularity in mind. Baukjen never sends clothes to landfill or incineration. It passes fabric scraps and other leftovers to schools to use.

PROXIMITY: Baukjen produces over 99% of its collection in Europe. The total distance travelled as a garment is significantly reduced compared to production in countries further away. This minimises the carbon footprint to minimise our impact on the planet.

PLASTIC-FREE PACKAGING: Packaging accounts for almost half of all plastic waste globally. Only 9% of plastic waste is recycled. In 2018, Baukjen became the first premium UK fashion retailer to eradicate plastics from its packaging. Your garments are sent to you in 100% plastic-free, 100% recyclable packaging that is predominantly made from 100% recycled materials and is 100% biodegradable as well. The component materials of which are responsibly sourced.

SLOW FASHION: Baukjen encourages consumers to make more responsible fashion choices by buying less, buying better and wearing the clothes for years.

USE AND REUSE: Baukjen aims to eliminate waste by designing with longevity, ensuring the garment remains in perpetual cycles of use and reuse.

Collage of three blouses from Baukjen

Caring for people and animals

Baukjen’s mission is to work responsibly towards a more socially and environmentally conscious future, putting people and animals at its heart.

Among its many worthwhile initiatives are:

ETHICALLY MADE: Garments that are ethically made have come from factories that have signed Baukjen’s code of conduct, ensuring the highest ethical standards are met. These include living wages, safe conditions, regulated working hours and strictly no child labour.

LIVING WAGE EMPLOYER: As an accredited living wage employer, Baukjen is committed to paying a real living wage to staff.

ANIMAL WELFARE: The Animal Welfare attribute highlights products made by brands that invest in their supply chains to prohibit animal testing, promote the highest animal welfare standards and meet internationally recognised certifications ensuring good animal husbandry. Some of the standards and certifications considered under this attribute include the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS).

BY-PRODUCTS: All the leathers used are by-products. No animal is killed for the brand’s leather.

MULESING-FREE WOOL: Baukjen expects its suppliers to treat all animals in the supply chain humanely and with respect. The practice of mulesing is an unnecessary and painful process for sheep. Therefore Baukjen only works with mills that source their wool from mulesing-free suppliers.

Ethical factories in Europe

Our imprint on the world matters. Baukjen is committed to driving lasting positive change in the fashion industry with sustainable practices and an ethical supply chain.

It works closely with an established and trusted network of manufacturers and suppliers in Portugal, many family-run businesses. All manufacturers sign Baukjen’s code of conduct, which ensures that their environmental, ethical and social needs are upheld and protected.

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The brand has a strong and committed relationship with all the owners, who truly are experts in their fields and are exceptionally passionate about what they do. Baukjen regularly visits the partner factories to ensure working conditions and production lines are to the highest standards.

Sustainability Index for each product

Baukjen’s Sustainability Index scores each garment for its environmental and social performance. It comprises seven categories, summarised in an overall score. The categories are Global Warming, Water Use, Resource Depletion, Use of Chemicals, Eutrophication, Traceability and People’s Livelihood and Wellbeing. This initiative is a testament to Baukjen’s commitment to give you further transparency into the impact of each product.

The higher the score (1 to 100), the more responsible the product is to our planet and its people, which you then can use as a guide in making decisions aligned with your values.

Internationally recognised for best practices in the fashion industry

Baukjen has won multiple awards and certifications, acknowledging the brand’s commitment to sustainable solutions for fashion.

Baukjen won the 2021 UN Global Climate Action Award. Receiving the Climate Neutral Now category award from the United Nations cements Baukjen’s position as a leading Green Fashion Brand. The brand’s work to become a low carbon brand has entailed choosing fibres and fabrics with a lower environmental footprint, shortening the supply chains, becoming a Zero Waste company and moving the office to a Green Building. From 2019 to 2021, Baukjen has achieved an average saving of 1.19 kg of CO2e and 830 litres of water for every garment we produce. In the first half of 2021 alone, this represents a total saving of 99 tonnes of carbon equivalent emissions and 74 million litres of water. 

Baukjen is also increasingly circular, with an increasing percentage of recycled fibres in our collection (mostly natural), Rental and Pre-Loved collections.

Out of 3,500 Certified B Corporations in over 70 countries, Baukjen ranks in the top 5% of all B Corps worldwide for its commitment to transparency and working with stakeholders to disrupt the fast fashion industry. Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose, ensuring that B Corps prioritise the welfare of people and the planet. The B Corp certification comes with legally binding commitments, on which companies are assessed every three years in order to maintain their certification.

Baukjen is also an active member of the Fashion Pact, which is comprised of 67 companies making up over 40% of the entire fashion industry and collectively seeking change in the fashion sector.

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Social conscience

Baukjen also has a fantastic social conscience, giving at least 10% of its profits to charities such as Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), NHS Charities Together, Oxfam, Centrepoint, The Prince’s Trust and many more.

Baukjen also has a popular Pre-loved & Re-loved initiative, where customers can simply send for free their pre-loved Baukjen clothes to be re-loved, repurposed or recycled. Customers will get a credit to be used at Baukjen (once per household and UK only). Re-loved where the clothes are sold on the Pre-Loved category on the brand’s website. 50% of the net proceeds is donated to OXFAM to support their work in helping people to beat poverty around the world. Repurposed where the clothes are donated directly to Oxfam. Recycled in a sustainable manner to ensure that Baukjen continues to lower its impact on the environment

Effortless pieces that are made for modern life

Stylish design, high quality and understated and timeless elegance, Baukjen creates effortlessly beautiful pieces that are not only easy-to-wear but also sustainable.

Transcending seasons and trends, the pieces are designed to last and be truly versatile, moving effortlessly between day and night, from loungewear to evening-wear, from board rooms to countryside walks.

Baukjen designs some of the most stylish sustainable womenswear, elevated basics and wardrobe staples for every occasion to treasure forever. Contemporary but timeless, the clothes are modernly cut from high-quality fabrics and made to last year after year. The pieces are soft, beautiful, comfortable, and very versatile – the fine silhouettes make for effortless outfits for daytime to dressy nights out.

With the chicest styles available all in one place, you can expect everyday basics, like women’s tops and tees, as well as must-have knitwear and cosy loungewear for lazy days. Plans to go out? Baukjen’s women’s dresses line up mini, midi and maxi styles ready for wherever the evening takes you, while the brand’s stylish jeans and trousers offer something to flatter every silhouette. Wrap up to stay warm in our women’s jackets and coats when extra layers are required. Finish off your favourite new looks with an array of accessories for that impeccably stylish look.

Sustainable style without compromise

Baukjen is the brand you always knew you wanted but could never quite find. As one of the frontrunners in sustainable fashion, this is where ethics meet aesthetics.

A go-to destination for sustainable, modern womenswear, Baukjen produces high-quality, eco-friendly collections without the need to compromise on high-quality materials and flattering fits. The brand brings you good-looking styles infused with a timeless yet contemporary edge, with all designs carefully crafted to stand the test of time. Baukjen makes stylish ethical shopping choices easier for everyone.

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Sustainable fashion for women

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Sustainable fashion for women

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