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Bamix immersion blender for serious cooks

Up your cooking game

Red Bamix blender
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Bamix was the original stick blender and is still the best. Unbelievably powerful with an efficient heavy-duty motor, it just oozes superior performance and durability alongside multi-purpose functionality and convenience. Its versatility is unmatched. It can be used for hopping, purée, beating, mixing, frothing, stirring and emulsifying, aerating… and more. Endorsed by many leading Chefs, Bamix immersion blenders are engineered to last a lifetime and are renowned worldwide as the most reliable and versatile kitchen appliances. Once you have tried the Bamix, there is no going back.

It not only does what it says on the box but much more, and does it so easily that you wonder how you ever managed without one. It is worth its weight in gold for its efficiency and performance. Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, Bamix is truly the Rolls Royce of hand blenders. Versatile and powerful, this iconic brand demonstrates technical superiority, fine workmanship and lasting durability to deliver impressive performance.

Roger Perrinjaquet invented a novel kitchen appliance – a handheld immersion blender in the 1950s. He called it Bamix, an abbreviation of the French expression for beating and mixing (“battre et mixer”). The first stick blenders were produced in 1954 in Switzerland and they are still manufactured in the Bamix factory in Metlen, Switzerland. For more than 65 years, Bamix has perfected the handheld food processor. The trusted authority in immersion blenders, there have been over 15 million units sold on five continents.

Bamix products are found in professional kitchens around the world and the kitchens of the world’s most famous chefs, including Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Alfons Schuhbeck, Frank Buchholz, Harri Syrjänen, Johann Lafer, Toru Kawano, Wolfgang Kuchler, Yeung Koon, Yoko Arimoto, and  Zdenek Pohlreich

Thanks to a select number of smartly designed accessories, the Bamix Superbox is a complete all-in-one kitchen appliance. Awesomeness in versatility and immense multi-functionality, it takes food preparation to a new level.

A powerhouse that can do much more than an ordinary blender, the Bamix Superbox is the most versatile handheld food processor in the world. Performing a wide variety of essential tasks, it can be used for mixing, blending, chopping, mincing, puréeing, beating, stirring, grinding, whisking, pulverising, whipping, emulsifying, aerating, frothing, grating and slicing food.

The Bamix Superbox comes with the stick blender, a multi-purpose blade, a whisk blade, a beater blade, meat mincer blade, mini processor and the SliceSy grater and slicer. Oozing quality and impeccable performance, the centrepiece of the Bamix Superbox is the Swiss-made hand blender.

Absolutely indispensable, it is our most used kitchen tool at home. This good-looking stick blender handles small and large batches equally well, and always produces first-class results. A full range of cooking tasks can be completed effortlessly: from beating eggs to making mayonnaise, sauces, soups, cake mixes, purées, mousse, ice cream, smoothies, milkshakes, baby food, crushed ice, foams, cocktails…the possibilities are endless.

The Swiss-made Bamix stick blender is an absolute masterpiece and possibly the most useful kitchen tool around, offering versatility that no other product can match.

All parts included in Bamix Superbox package

Why Bamix stick blender is the best

Bamix has long been synonymous with efficiency and durability, and this famous immersion blender does not disappoint, offering you multi-tasking excellence. It constantly impresses when considering its blending effectiveness, design, materials used in its construction, ergonomic grip, speed controls, immersion depth and lifetime motor warranty. Some of the hand blender’s highlights include:

Precision engineered with powerful technology: With a 200-watt AC motor, the highly efficient torque (a force that causes rotation) increases blade rotations for smooth, steady blending even when working with extra thick mixtures or big batches.

The quality of the blender’s energy-efficient engineering design means it is supplying more power with fewer watts, without compromising its unequalled speed. The direct-drive motor achieves impressive speeds of up to 14,000 RPM (Setting 1) and 19,000 RPM (Setting 2), which is what sets the blender apart from all others. This also ensures the motor lasts longer, yet the machine can handle heavy loads and ingredients as tough as ice.

You can also blend continuously for up to five minutes which is a long time for a stick blender.

Quality built with superior materials: The body housing is made of PA6 safety-rated nylon and is odour-resistant and grease-repellent. The shaft is made with chromated brass, which makes it strong, durable and heat-resistant.

The Bamix hand mixer is completely safe to use in hot liquids. Thanks to its innovative, double-insulated watertight housing and fully-sealed casing, it can be immersed deeply right up to the handle’s buttons.

Bamix tool set and immersion blender

Four interchangeable blades: Another notable feature is that there is no need to take the shaft on and off like other blenders – just change the blades. They are small yet unbelievably powerful and precise. The rust-proof stainless steel blades are durable and easy to clean thanks to the way they are constructed.

There are four very cleverly designed blades included in the Bamix Superbox:

Multi-purpose blade: For chopping, puréeing and mixing all hard and heavy ingredients.

Whisk blade: For mixing, whisking and blending everything such as making cocktails, mayonnaise, dressings, batters, emulsifying sauces, creaming mashed potatoes and much more.

Beater blade (also called the aerator blade): It can be used for whipping, beating, homogenising, creaming, aerating and foaming ingredients, perfect for all your baked goods. It is also ideal for all light and frothy foods such as sauces, egg whites, smoothies, light lattes, dressings and much more.

Mincer blade: Minces cooked or raw meat, fish and vegetables, even those with coarse fibres.

Lightweight and ergonomically optimised design: The immersion blender fits nicely in the hand, making it easy to hold. Less than one kilo, it is amazingly light and comfortable to handle.

Simple to operate, the blender has just two buttons for intuitively turning it on/off and high/low speeds.

Versatility: The versatility of Bamix knows no limits. It can be used in a small glass as well as in a large and hot pan on the stove. Thanks to its double-insulated watertight housing, it can be immersed right up to the handle.

Lifetime motor warranty: Built to last, the Bamix stick blender introduced in April 2020 the outstanding Lifetime Guarantee for the Bamix® motor (production date after 01/2020). Repair service available – some Bamix units have been in use for more than 30 years, and they can still be repaired.

Endorsed by renowned chefs: Famous international chefs Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver are just two of the many world-renowned chefs who swear by the Bamix and enjoy using it when they prepare food.

Hand-assembled: The Bamix immersion blender is built to last a lifetime and is the original stick blender, as it was first made in 1954. They are still hand-assembled in the same factory in Switzerland to this very day, ensuring quality at a level that is unmatched by competitors.

Made in Switzerland: The Bamix immersion blenders are 100% Swiss made. The products are processed by hand in their factory and are subjected to multi-stage control to achieve maximum quality. Bamix guarantees longevity and sustainable production that is respectful of natural resources.

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Bamix stick blender is a versatile food processor that can do much more than an ordinary blender

From blending and beating to whisking, grinding and so much more, the Bamix models come with different accessories and attachments, made to the same high standard as the main Swiss-manufactured handheld blenders, allowing you to do it all.

The Bamix Superbox comes with two key accessories; the Processor and the SliceSy, together they will do pretty much everything in the kitchen:

Processor, mini: The mini-processor mixes, chops, grinds and minces both wet and dry ingredients. It handles everything from herbs, spices, nuts, dried vegetables, to cheese, nuts, seeds, bread, chocolate, coffee etc. It easily grinds sugar into confectioner sugar, dried bread into breadcrumbs and peanuts into peanut butter. This handy tool also minces small quantities of garlic, onion, coconut, horseradish and herbs, as well as small portions of meat, fish and boiled eggs. It is the right size, makes no mess and is quick and easy to clean.

As an added bonus, the powder disk is also included in the Bamix Superbox. The powder disk is used in conjunction with the Bamix Food Processor attachment to pulverise things like cloves, cinnamon sticks, star anise, chocolate, sugar etc. to a fine powder.

SliceSy food processor: Processing everything from shortcrust pastries to julienning carrots, the SliceSy turns the hand mixer into a veritable food processor.

A neat little tool, it is great for chopping, grating and slicing. It comes with a full set of five disks: two slicing blades (fine and coarse) and three grating blades (fine, medium, coarse). There is also the main blade for larger amounts of chopping.

The SliceSy grates potatoes and beetroot and other vegetables, as well as fruits, and cheese for gratin. It slices vegetables, fruits, cheese and other items such as boiled eggs. It chops vegetables (onions and chillies), fruits, meat and nuts.

The Superbox also includes a plastic beaker – it is BPA-free, has a handle, a spout and a large capacity of one litre; and a storage stand – Intelligently designed, the compact, elegant countertop stand not only stores the hand blender, but there is a place at the back to keep the blades and the mini processor.

If you already own a Bamix stick blender, upgrading to a Superbox set-up could not be easier. There is no need to buy another blender like other brands, as the Bamix’s accessories are available to purchase separately and they will fit any Bamix hand blender.

With its range of accessories, Bamix is the first handheld food processor and, at the same time, the smallest food processor in the world with an impressively powerful motor.

Be like the best chefs in the world and get yourself a Bamix immersion blender

Many people would argue that the Swiss-manufactured hand mixer Bamix tops the list when it comes to the ultimate kitchen tool.

From performance to durability to convenience, Bamix immersion blender is undeniably in a class of its own. A phenomenal piece of apparatus, versatility beyond belief, heavy-duty and diverse.

We are Bamix fans for life.

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