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A revolutionary indoor garden

Take smart gardening to a new level

Whether you want to eat healthier, cook better or add a decorative touch to your home, a smart indoor gardening system allows you to grow your favourite plants year-round and effortlessly. Ideal for plant enthusiasts, we love the Auk smart indoor garden as it takes care of pretty much everything. It automatically sets the light, water, and nutrient schedule, making it one of the best indoor garden systems to buy.

Imagine growing your own greens with exceptional freshness, aroma and taste packed with nutrients and vitamins in the comfort of your home, even if you do not have an outdoor garden. However, if you are someone who forgets to water your plants or is never sure of where to place your plants or how much light or nutrients they require, a smart garden might be the best solution.

Smart indoor gardening systems take the guesswork out of growing your own herbs and vegetables. They handle difficult tasks so you can enjoy having fresh produce at your fingertips. They allow you to harvest your greens minutes before you use them — and larger indoor garden kits can be used to grow all kinds of crops, from flowers to cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. These indoor gardens incorporate innovative technology into indoor gardening, from smart irrigation systems and growing lights to watering automation. Intelligently designed for a hassle-free growing experience, they ensure an optimal growth environment that enables you to start growing whenever and wherever you want. Enjoy delicious, pesticide-free herbs and greens anytime, anywhere  —  ideal for a salad, a tempting cocktail, or a freshly made pizza.

Indoor herb garden on kitchen counter

We are big fans of Auk’s stylish indoor garden. It is our best-in-class indoor garden system, scoring high marks for ease of use, advanced technology, smart-looking aesthetics and producing a prodigious quantity of greens.

It was created to reinvent gardening so that you can grow fresh food in any season and any space. It is a great way to optimally grow vegetables, leafy greens, flowers and herbs indoors with minimal effort. Here, indoor gardening is made easy, with no mess, no stress, and not having to remember to water.

Auk indoor garden system allows you to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle full of the freshest, most nutritious home-grown leafy greens. It takes care of watering, lighting and nutrition dosing while you reap the benefits.

The story behind Auk indoor garden system

Auk was born from founder Marius Abel’s passion for growing herbs and vegetables. But after having tested some of the best smart kitchen gardens available on the market, he concluded that current systems were either too simple and only controlled water — or they were overly complicated and difficult to use. Marius Abel and his team took on the challenge of developing a revolutionary indoor garden.

Auk’s indoor garden is an ingenious system that makes home gardening easy and efficient. By automatically controlling light, irrigation and nutrients, Auk creates perfect growing conditions. The brand’s indoor gardens make the whole process of home gardening as easy as can be.

Smart garden with home grown herbs

Auk started by running a pre-order campaign in Norway. The sales numbers exceeded all expectations, and the team quickly realised the strong interest in Auk. In only three years, Auk has sold more than 8,000 indoor garden systems in Norway alone. It is now expanding into Europe.

A smart garden that comes with many stand-out features

If you have struggled with indoor gardening before, consider Auk’s indoor garden, one of the best indoor gardens for growing herbs and vegetables. Auk is a fully automated indoor growing system that monitors conditions and decides when to water and feed nutrients with close-to-zero effort. It waters plants automatically and makes sure they always have enough light and nutrients for plant growth.

Here are some key features of Auk’s indoor garden system:

FINE AESTHETICS. Beautifully designed to fit seamlessly into your home and life, the smart garden stands out for its timelessly modern aesthetics and smart-looking appearance.

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY. Auk’s innovative technology creates the perfect conditions to grow almost anything. It automatically waters and feeds up to 15 different plant types, as it has pre-programmed instructions on how much light, water, and nutrients these plants need.

AUTOMATED WATERING TANK. It features a sizeable self-watering tank that automatically waters the plants as needed. There is also a water-level indicator for easy monitoring.

PERFECT AMOUNT OF NUTRIENTS, AUTOMATICALLY. Auk indoor garden system manages the nutrient dosing with the help of automation, requiring no effort or input from you. The 3-part nutrient mixer feeds the right nutrients in the correct ratios, no matter what plant you cultivate or what growth stage it is in.

ADVANCED LIGHTING SYSTEM. The full spectrum light adjusts brightness and colour for optimal growth conditions and is fully customised to what you grow. This gives your plants fast growth and high yields.

Smart garden LED lighting

ANY SEEDS OF YOUR CHOICE. Auk provides more than 15 types of seeds to choose from, allowing you to easily grow all kinds of plants, from edible to decorative. In addition, you can also use your own seeds, unlike other brands that require the use of proprietary plant seeds. The gardening system will adapt to what you grow.

GROW ALMOST ANYTHING. You can grow all kinds of plants indoors, from vibrant flowers and aromatic herbs to edible greens and tasty vegetables. The possibilities are endless; decide what you want to grow and be amazed by the result.

ENVIRONMENTAL-FRIENDLY COCONUT SOIL. Auk uses coconut soil (also called coco coir), which is oxygen-rich for optimal growing results. High quality and high performing, coconut soil is an environmentally friendly product made of grounded fibres from coconut husks. This is usually leftover material from traditional coconut production that would otherwise go to waste.

The coco coir is very porous and gives the roots plenty of oxygen and a stable PH. In fact, many nutrients that plants need to thrive can only be absorbed if enough oxygen is present. Without oxygen, your plants may not grow as well as they could, and you may see deficiencies in your crop. Secondly, coco coir has the unique property of retaining water for a longer duration of time. This means that your plants will not need to be watered as frequently.

YEAR-ROUND GROWING. This garden does everything for you, 365 days a year. The lights and the watering system allow you to harvest your vegetables and have beautiful plants throughout the year without depending on the weather or the season of the year. And you can pick and enjoy your home-grown greens at any time.

ALWAYS ACCESS TO FRESH GREENS. Auk smart garden will give a continuous harvest of herbs with minimal effort. You get the best result by harvesting little by little so new leaves continue to grow. This way, you will always have access to fresh produce all year round.

THE BEST GREENS YOU HAVE EVER TASTED. Delivering optimum freshness and nutritional value, you can enjoy the freshest, most succulent greens you have ever tasted with Auk’s smart garden.

MINIMAL EFFORT. Growing plants has never been easier. With an array of convenient features for low-maintenance gardening, Auk garden essentially takes all the guesswork out of gardening thanks to its cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly soil. A small NFC chip tells Auk what conditions the plants need, automatically managing the light, water, and nutrients. All you need to do is occasionally top up the water tank (about every two weeks) and refill nutrients when it runs out (about every two months). The water tank is transparent, so you can easily see how much water is left. Auk will let you know by flashing a red lamp (with the nutrient capsule symbol) when you need to refill the nutrients.

INEXPENSIVE TO USE. The energy consumption of the Auk device is about 100Wh a day based on standard usage. As Auk’s light uses LED over traditional high-wattage HPS (High-pressure Sodium) and MH (Metal Halide) lamps, this means that by comparison, the average lightbulb uses up to four times as much power as an Auk.

Indoor garden on kitchen worktop and man preparing a meal

MADE IN EUROPE. Auk’s indoor gardens are distinguished by modern design, aesthetic performance and high quality. The indoor gardens are manufactured exclusively in Europe. Such an approach allows Auk to ensure the premium quality of its products. Additionally, with renewable materials and advanced technology, Auk is setting new standards for smart gardens.

Advanced technology takes care of all the work

By using science and technology to optimise plant growth naturally, Auk’s smart garden automatically controls light, water, and nutrients. The impressive technology enables you to have an instant green thumb and become a master gardener.

Auk’s founder wanted a technology that was fully automatic, super easy to use and one that would yield continuous crops. The goal was to get a constant supply of fresh herbs, salads, and vegetables that keep growing.

The heart of the technological solution is the unique EverGrow™ system, which consists of three fully automated components that create close-to-perfect growing conditions. The three functions are controlled by a plant chip that monitors conditions and decides when to water and feed nutrients. The EverGrow™system, complete with three main concepts, includes a nutrient mixer, LED light and an irrigation system:

auk indoor garden with herbs

THE NUTRIENT MIXER. Plants have very different nutritional needs, both depending on the type of plant and how old the plant is. In addition, edible plants, such as herbs and lettuce, are extra sensitive to malnutrition. To combat this, Auk had to create a system that adapted to what was grown — a system that provided different nutrients to different types of plants. The solution was the nutrient mixer — an electromechanical system that mixes different kinds of nutrients.

The nutrient mixer feeds the right mix of nutrients in the right ratios. The indoor garden has three nutrient capsules with different combinations of refined minerals, containing all 14 essential elements plants need. They are clean and free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. The nutrients in the different capsules are then mixed together based on what you grow and how far in the growth cycle the plants have come. In addition, the nutrients themselves are refillable — so the plants never go hungry and can keep growing “forever”. The nutrient reservoir lasts for up to two months.

THE FULL SPECTRUM LED LIGHT. It is not only the nutritional needs that vary from plant to plant;  they also need different lighting. In nature, plants follow the seasons and use both the length of the day and the colour of the light to know when to flower. Based on this knowledge, Auk created a proprietary full-spectrum plant light that automatically adjusts the intensity and colour of the light — depending on the life stage of the plants. The energy-efficient LED lighting system provides the perfect amount of light for fast growth. It offers a range of options, from sunrise and sunset to warmer or cooler colours, as different plant types benefit from different lighting environments. You can adjust the height of the LED panel by moving it up and down on the dowels that are holding up Auk’s plant light.

THE AUTOMATIC WATERING SYSTEM. You do not need to water each plant individually and wonder if you watered it too much or too little. Instead, the large, self-watering tank automatically ensures your plants always have the perfect amount of hydration. The water tank needs to be refilled every two weeks, making it possible to go on holiday without needing to arrange for a plant sitter.


PLANT CHIP. The plant chip is a small NFC chip that contains information about what conditions — light, water, and nutrients — the plants need for growth. The chip tells Auk what kind of plants you are growing and what conditions they need. This means that Auk can ensure your plants always have the perfect amount of light, nutrients and humidity. Depending on what you have just planted, a different chip is placed in the system. Currently, there are two different plant chips: Most herbs and salads will be successful on the herbs & salad program (the green chip). Plants where you eat the fruit, like tomato and chilli, should be grown with the chilli & tomato program (the red plant chip).

Indoor garden systems made in Europe from local, sustainable materials

Auk was born out of a love of healthy living, a willingness to think differently and a relentless pursuit of quality. It develops indoor gardens that are both technically superior and intuitive, high-performance and functional. It was paramount to base its operations in Europe, as Auk was committed to developing practical, durable, and revolutionary smart gardens and, at the same time, being able to guarantee high, consistent quality.

White indoor garden with lots of green plants

Another important consideration was using environmentally friendly materials, and Auk is now using biocomposite plastic with 30% natural algae for minimal environmental impact. In addition, as many local raw materials as possible are used, such as Scandinavian aluminium and European timber (pine and walnut). Additionally, the packaging that Auk ships its products in is fully recyclable.

Auk smart indoor garden systems provide zero-effort gardening solutions perfect for modern homes

Growing a thriving garden is an enjoyable, healthy, and rewarding experience, but for many of us, the lack of space, unfavourable weather, and light conditions can make it nearly impossible to grow anything without a lot of hard work.

This is where Auk comes in. Being one of the easiest-to-use yet most advanced indoor gardening systems, Auk indoor garden kits may be the answer to your gardening woes. It is the perfect, almost foolproof solution to home gardening indoors without any hassles accompanying traditional gardening. With the ability to automatically control the light, water and nutrients your plants need, it lets you sit back and relax while your indoor garden flourishes

Perfect for cooking enthusiasts and gardeners of all skill levels, Auk smart garden is an efficient and effortless way to experience homegrown plants, herbs, and fresh flowers, full of taste and nutrients, all year round.

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