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Ankarsrum for serious bakers
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Ankarsrum mixer excels at heavy and large batches and heavier doughs

A true workhorse for serious bakers

A stand mixer can easily be one of the most exciting purchases ever made for the kitchen, especially for anyone who bakes a lot. Bread dough is extremely tough on a machine. Frequent use will wear out many of the mass-produced stand mixers, especially if they are used for heavier doughs and yeasted bread. For those, a strong mixer is needed, one that will keep going long enough to form the gluten that is essential for a good loaf of bread.

For regular bread makers, especially those making large batches or heavier doughs, a high-quality stand mixer to help out with all of that kneading can be enormously helpful. The Ankarsrum Assistent Original is our top pick mixer for bread making and should be considered for any serious baker as well. It is, in our opinion, the benchmark standard, thanks to its superior performance, construction and ease of use.

The biggest difference between dense, heavy baked goods and delightfully textured products is the proper development of the gluten in the dough. The powerful Ankarsrum mixer is a master of kneading technique.

It is a solid machine built to last decades and is often passed down over several generations, thanks to its outstanding functionality and long-term reliability.

The mixer’s design, durability, capacity, stability and quality far exceed most other brands. It is a very powerful stand mixer that excels at heavy and large batches of bread dough, delivering smooth, silky and elastic dough every time. Impressively, it can handle both very small and very big jobs extremely well, and has been a favourite amongst serious bakers for more than 75 years.

Collage of breads and Ankarsrum mixers

Ankarsrum mixer offers impressive capacity with extraordinary performance

The Ankarsrum mixer provides invaluable help when baking everything from sponge cakes to sourdough loaves, from bagels to pizza dough. From very large batches to very small, it really can mix anything.

The huge 7-litre bowl makes it the ideal machine for making large batches of dough. It can mix 1.5 litres of dough liquid and five kilos of dough without a problem – or 2.7 kilos of flour. The dough comes out wonderfully smooth and elastic.

Although it is the best mixer by far for large dough and bread recipes, it also works wonderfully well with batches as small as 450 grams of flour.

We have found it has consistently produced quality results with the greatest of ease, whether we are making thick cookie dough, whipping a meringue or preparing as many as six loaves of delicious bread in a single batch.

There does not seem to be any strain on the motor, no reduction of the RPMs, no strange noises. This is the real deal. Whether mixing up a small batch of cookies, or using it to its full capacity, this mixer is a dream.

Clever design and technology

Rather than the traditional planetary design with spinning attachments, Ankarsrum’s motor-in-base design enables one of the mixer’s most unique features: the bowl rotates while the attachments remain stationary. This results in a much more stable mixer (weight at bottom) and provides a unique mixing action that does a superior job on bread and heavy dough recipes.

Another standout feature is the unique dough roller and dough knife. With less time and effort, this time-tested method effectively mimics kneading dough by hand, thanks to its unique roller and knife design. The moveable steel arm holds the roller in place, allowing the machine to simultaneously knead and mix doughs and batters. The deeply fluted roller acts as the baker’s fingers, with the knife mimicking the palm of the hand. The dough knife folds the dough with a rhythmic motion while the roller provides a powerful massaging action, making for exceptional mixing and kneading.

The fluted roller and knife tools knead the dough without tearing it, unlike mass-produced dough hooks, making the dough light and fluffy. 

The cleverly designed roller can be easily adjusted and moved. The separate dough knife is one of the more brilliant attachments we have seen. The knife sits along the side of the bowl and scrapes as the bowl turns, meaning the machine does not have to be stopped and the bowl scraped every minute. Once the proper method is learned, you will never go back to a traditional overhead stand mixer.

Black Ankarsrum stand mixer against a black kitchen environment

Thoughtful features for perfect results

Truly ingenious, Ankarsrum original stand mixer comes with an expert array of carefully engineered features that have been incredibly well thought-out. Easily control what ingredients are added and when, and how long the dough is kneaded for, all along making any desired adjustments during the process.

Whereas most stand mixers have the motor at the top of the unit and a tilt-back head, Ankarsrum’s motor is in the base. This means super-easy access when adding ingredients to the open bowl, while at the same time seeing all the contents.

It also has a 12-minute timer and a variable bowl speed control that adjusts from 40 to 140 RPM, giving more freedom and precision to the baking process.

Impressively, the mixer has a self-adjusting speed sensor, meaning that the machine automatically adjusts the motor torque and speed according to the load. Thanks to overload protection, the machine will automatically stop if the dough is too heavy and the motor is put under too much strain.

We also like the lid, which means we can proof the bread in the same bowl as it is mixed.

The control panel is angled for comfortable use, and the large timer and speed controls are attractive and easy to read.

Another useful feature is the removable power cord that simplifies clean-up and storage. It comes in a low profile to fit under overhead cabinets, and being relatively light at just 8.6 kilos, it is easy to move.


Bowls and attachments for all mixing, kneading and whipping needs

The Ankarsrum Original includes two bowls:

  • A stainless bowl
  • A clear Tritan, BPA-free whisking/beater bowl

The large 7-litre stainless steel bowl holds up to 19 cups of flour. With a great design, it has a curved-in rim to keep the contents inside the bowl. The stainless steel bowl does not have a centre cone to get in the way or any seams or shafts, which makes clean-up easy.

The clear 3.5-litre bowl produces beautiful meringues, beating up to 20 egg whites – or as few as two – with outstanding results. One can also cream butter, margarine and shortening with sugar to the creamiest texture for every cookie need.

In addition to the dough roller, the dough knife and the proving lid, there is a shortcrust dough hook, multi-wire balloon whisks and single-wire beater whisks. It really satisfies all mixing, kneading and whipping needs.

Powerful motor

Thanks to its powerful and uniquely engineered motor, one can even mix heavier dough with ease.

Synonymous with exceptional Swedish quality, the mixer’s motor has been developed and manufactured by Ankarsrum Motors. Founded 350 years ago, Ankarsrum Motors AB manufactures universal motors for kitchen appliances such as Vitamix.

The Ankarsrum’s advanced transmission features a belt drive that transmits power more efficiently than common gear drives used in mass-marketed stand mixers. They maintain their higher efficiency and power for years and years.

The efficient, high-torque 1,500-watt motor runs smoothly and quietly, providing ample power to mix and knead even the largest batch of heavy bread dough without straining. It also allows the machine to be both strong and quiet. Moreover, the mixer has the motor on the bottom of the unit for increased stability and efficiency.

We have not found any reports of burned out motors due to mixing heavy doughs.

Swedish design and engineering at its best

Handmade in the small town of Ankarsrum in Sweden, Ankarsum Assistent Original embodies decades-old pride of craftsmanship.

All of the aluminium parts – the chassis, arm attachment, mincer and electrical motor – are still cast, processed and assembled in Ankarsrum. The plastic components are sourced and manufactured by companies in the region.

Ankarsrum colour range

The kitchen machine was first developed in the 1940s by industrial designer Alvar Lenning under the three watchwords of quality, functionality and design. Ankarsrum mixer became Sweden’s first kitchen machine and is just as popular today. Since its launch in 1940, 1.5 million Ankarsrum Assistent Original machines have been sold in more than 30 countries.

Launched last year, the new Ankarsrum Assistent Original has been awarded the seal of excellence by Plus X Award – the world’s largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle – in four categories: quality, design, ease of use and functionality.

Ankarsrum mixer was also awarded Best of the Best – Kitchen Innovation of the Year 2018 in the Small Electrical Appliances category. The Kitchen Innovation of the Year award is among the most coveted in the industry. Based on consumer ratings, it therefore enjoys a great level of prestige and is always considered a high recommendation to buyers. The reason for this very special commendation: the latest model of the traditional machine impresses with its outstanding functionality, innovation, design and sustainability.

With an attractive design, the mixer is available in a wide range of beautiful colours, such as black, white, silver, cream, red, blue, lilac, pink, orange and green.

Impressive warranty

Users attest that this machine will last decades, even with heavy use. For peace of mind, it comes with a 7-year warranty on the motor.

Unlimited capabilities

With an array of 18 optional attachments, Ankarsrum mixer adds versatility and functionality to cooking – from blending, juicing, slicing, grating, flour making, grain flaking and cookie pressing, to pasta making, berry straining, meat grinding, sausage stuffing, and more.

Get inspired by Ankarsrum’s book, “Eat Like A Genius”, which presents the favourite recipes of some of the leading minds of all time. It includes original recipes from the former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela; the entrepreneur and founder of IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad; and the Queen of Jazz, Ella Fitzgerald; as well as the favourite dishes of many other immortalised names, such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Selma Lagerlöf, August Strindberg and Jackson Pollock.

As far as stand mixers go, it doesn’t get any better than Ankarsrum

We fell head over heels for this incredibly powerful Swedish-designed machine, which mixes dough better than any we have tried before.

Engineered for exceptional performance, the Ankarsrum mixer is everything we could ask for as a serious home baker. Ease of adding ingredients, ease of clean up, plenty of power and superior results – this iconic mixer has it all.

Note: The Ankarsrum Assistent Original has been offered in past years as the Ankarsrum Original, Electrolux Assistent, Electrolux Classic Assistent, the Magic Mill DLX Mixer and the Verona Assistent.

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