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A stainless steel garlic press that is easy to clean and easy to use

A garlic press that just works really well

Efficient and functional garlic press in stainless steel
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Garlic is that ingredient that can give a dimension to most of your dishes and infuse the perfect taste. Compared to ground garlic, fresh garlic has more complex flavours and is more pungent, giving your dish that distinctive taste that is hard to beat. All in all, fresh garlic is much more satisfying than garlic powder, but it can be messy and time-consuming. However, a high-quality, easy to clean garlic press offers a convenient solution. In our experience, a good press can break down cloves more finely and evenly — and quickly — than the average cook using a knife.

Garlic presses have got a bad name over the years — sometimes for a good reason. Poorly designed and cheaply made, they can break easily, and almost all are difficult to clean. Having said that, if you find a high-quality functional press, it is an incredibly useful, helpful tool.

Stainless steel garlic press against a black backdrop

Enter the restaurant-quality garlic press, which is here to make life easier for garlic lovers everywhere. With just about every feature and function you could hope for, MANNKITCHEN has created the best garlic press on the market.

MANNKITCHEN and its Pepper Cannon revolutionised the pepper grinding experience, and now the company has transferred that same passion and cutting-edge engineering from peppercorns to garlic. The brand’s tradition of obsessive detail and superior performance is evident in MANNKITCHEN’s double lever-assisted stainless steel garlic press.

Engineered for the rigours of commercial kitchens but suitable for avid home cooks, this double-lever garlic mincer generates more force with less effort, allowing you to get maximum yield. Moreover, the MANNKITCHEN stainless devive has extra comfortable wide handles and a cup-less design that swings open for easy cleaning. Crushing garlic does not have to be a messy chore anymore.

Stainless steel garlic mincer

Why use a garlic mincer

Although garlic presses are a controversial subject, there is just no getting around the fact that a quality tool is a significant time-saving convenience item, accomplishing in seconds what you might spend minutes trying to do. Moreover, it also delivers superior results when you want a fine mince of pressed garlic.

Over the years, we have learned that for the average home cook, a press is faster, easier, and more effective than trying to get a fine, even mince with a chef’s knife. More importantly, when using a garlic press, the results are more intense than if cut or minced by hand. The idea is that garlic tastes stronger the more it gets crushed because more allicin, the compound that gives raw garlic its distinctive garlicky flavour, is released. So a finely crushed clove gives you a better distribution of garlic and fuller garlic flavour throughout the dish. On the other hand, chopping garlic with a knife is thought to keep it from being too pungent, providing a milder aroma.

For dishes where you need a strong garlic flavour, pressed garlic will easily meld with other ingredients creating smooth, well-balanced sauces, pastes, and marinades. Alternatively, if you want to add some zest to your salad dressings or marinades, use a press to crush the garlic cloves. It is also worth remembering that cooked garlic loses its bright raw flavour and becomes more mellow and subtle.

Image comp - details of professional garlic press that is functional and easy to clean

Why is MANNKITCHEN’s garlic press the best

Garlic presses get a lot of hate, and much of it is deserved. Most garlic presses are cumbersome to load, difficult to press, and cleaning usually requires digging garlic residue from the small holes with your fingernails. The founder of MANNKITCHEN, Cleve Oines, set out to create a premium garlic press that corrects these problems. One of the best garlic presses on the market, MANNKITCHEN has engineered its high-performing stainless steel press to be:

  • Easy to load
  • Easy to hold
  • Easy to press
  • Easy to clean

The MANNKITCHEN cutting-edge garlic mincer comes with numerous innovative features to give you the edge in the kitchen, including:

HEAVY-DUTY LEVER ASSIST. The professional kitchen garlic devive uses a powerful lever mechanism to crush multiple garlic cloves effortlessly. Thanks to the double-lever assisted construction, you can apply maximum pressure with minimal effort, so you get perfectly minced garlic with each use.

EXTRA-WIDE, ERGONOMIC HANDLES. The extra-wide handles are ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use, even with prolonged use, making it the most comfortable garlic press you have ever used. The ergonomic handles are very solid, allowing you to exert more force whilst reducing stress on your joints.

Ergonomic double levered handle

REVOLUTIONARY FLIP-OPEN CUP-LESS DESIGN. Unlike the standard cup designs that are nearly impossible to clean, the MANNKITCHEN garlic press flips wide open, exposing the pressure plate and rinses clean in seconds.

HIGH-CAPACITY. The high-capacity garlic chamber accommodates even large garlic cloves or multiple cloves at once if they are small or medium-sized, which saves time and effort.

EASY TO USE. Crush garlic bulbs with a simple squeeze, saving you time and effort. Better yet, this garlic mincer is designed to produce a fine and uniform garlic consistency whilst achieving minimum waste. In addition, one of the great features of Mannkitchen’s garlic press is that it can accommodate unpeeled cloves. This means that you don’t have to spend time peeling garlic skins off each individual clove before using the press. Simply place an unpeeled garlic clove in the press and squeeze – the minced garlic will be effortlessly pushed through the holes, and the garlic skins can then be easily removed.


MADE FROM SOLID STAINLESS STEEL. With an extremely heavy-duty construction, the high-quality garlic press is built to last for generations. It boasts exceptional strength and durability thanks to the fact that every component of the garlic press is made from 304-grade stainless steel. Also, it is corrosion-resistant and will not rust or break

SUPER-EASY TO CLEAN. The open design makes cleaning the garlic press incredibly easy —  simply flip the press open and hand wash it under hot water for a few seconds immediately after use. The stainless-steel garlic mincer is also dishwasher safe.

So if you are looking for a better way to press garlic, MANNKITCHEN has got you covered.

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