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Whether you are an advanced home cook or a novice, no kitchen knife is more critical than the chef knife. A true workhorse, useful for nearly any task, having a sharp, durable, and sturdy chef knife can revolutionise your meal prep. The undisputed king of the kitchen,thechef knife excels in versatility and can handle a wide variety of tasks. It is the go-to tool for more than 90% of daily kitchen tasks, including mincing, slicing, chopping and dicing fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.

Hast chef knife on wooden cutting board

If you only have one kitchen knife, make it a powder-steel chef knife from Hast. Hast’s modern kitchen knives can help you to prepare ingredients quickly and precisely to the exact shape and size you need for your meal. It is ideal for anything from dicing fruits and vegetables to chopping herbs to cutting through thick cuts of meat. The high-performance chef knives by Hast have some major attractions for the most critical professional chefs and serious home cooks: awesomely sharp, durable, excellent balance, comfortable to use, and a beautiful minimalist shape.

Chef cutting tomatoes with a Hast chef knife

Unveiling the matrix powder steel: the future of knife construction

 Cutting-edge material and world-class construction — the Hast kitchen knives are made of one piece — ensure perfect balance and knife endurance.

The high-performance kitchen knife is crafted from matrix powder steel, the next-generation steel unbeatable for durability, strength and stability. In the past, premium knives relied on high-carbon steel as the industry standard. However, powder steel accomplishes everything high-carbon steel does while maintaining exceptional hardness and sharpness without compromising stability.

Hast chef knife in three different colours; black, matt steel and gold

 Hast’s matrix powder steel boasts an exceptional hardness of HRC60+ and possesses an uncompromising yield strength comparable to Böhler M390 steel or SG2 steel. The brand’s matrix powder steel is the key to achieving superior blade sharpness and remarkable wear resistance, reminiscent of meticulously crafted Japanese knives — but without the high-maintenance drawbacks.  

 In addition to its exceptional combination of hardness and toughness, the distinctive composition of matrix powder steel enables the creation of a Japanese style knives with an incredibly acute angle, which is crucial for achieving an exceptionally sharp knife. Similar to traditional Japanese knives, Hast’s ultra-thin blades feature a precise 13° bevel, ensuring consistently smooth and clean cuts on every occasion.

Chef knives

Sharpness and durability: the artistry behind Hast knives

 When tested by CATRA — the gold standard for sharpness and edge-retention testing — Hast’s design chef’s knife surpassed the highest sharpness standard by 50% and exceeded the highest durability standard by 116%.

 Experience the perfect blend of precision engineering and master craftsmanship with Hast’s chef knife. The award-winning brand offers you the opportunity to experience the full potential of matrix powder steel in your kitchen, all at less than one-third of the price of an artisanal Japanese chef’s knife. Every Hast knife undergoes meticulous hand sharpening by a specially trained knife master with decades of expertise. This ensures that each razor sharp knife is honed to the perfect angle, guaranteeing exceptional performance at the highest level.

Gold coloured chef knife

 The 8-inch high quality chef’s knife fuses a sleek and minimalist design, making it a stylish choice for those seeking a modern take on the timeless chef knife. With a black, gold or silver finish, its elegant aesthetic makes it an excellent addition to any kitchen knife collection.

 The Hast designer knife stands out as one of the top choices among the best chef’s knives, offering exceptional efficiency and success in the kitchen, making it the perfect chef’s knife.

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