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A high power blender that can prepare anything

For true high-performance blending

JR Ultra Touch 2 Titan blender
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Advanced and beautifully crafted, the JR Ultra Touch 2 Titan may be the most powerful blender that money can buy. Stylish in terms of looks, wonderful to use and very robust, just as a commercial blender would be expected to be, along with the power a professional blender would possess. Used in both home and professional kitchen settings, it allows for the creation of fresh, flavourful dishes from whole-food ingredients with ease and flair. From crushing and mixing to grinding and emulsifying, a high power blender is an essential tool for every kitchen.

The patented blending mechanisms within the JR Ultra Touch 2 produce superior blending performance. The new next-generation blades and a well-designed jar allow for effortless blending and optimum performance.

With its industrial 3-peak-horsepower output and a 2,238-watt commercial motor, the blender has the power to blend virtually anything it is asked to do, at up to a staggering 45,000 RPM. A reliable powerhouse, it is designed to blend, mix, stir, puree and grind frozen fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, crush ice cubes and much more in just a few seconds.

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The blender’s intelligent touchpad control panel is illuminated, intuitive and easy to use with its pre-set functions, speed control and time settings. The four pre-programmed cycles enable one-touch blending perfection, ensuring consistent results every time for every recipe. What’s more, the pre-set memory function even allows you to create your own pre-set function for that most-used recipe.

For lasting sharpness and thorough blending, the high power blender comes with a unique, patented sawtooth tungsten steel blade. With the addition of special grooves unique to the JR Ultra Touch 2, the blades create a double vortex within the container to give a much more efficient blend. The blades are made of a superior extra-large 4-piece assembly, allowing for the blending of both wet and dry ingredients in one container. The superb blender also comes with a built-in temperature sensor for more accurate blending, overload safety protection for true peace of mind, as well as a self-cleaning feature.

Not only is the blender designed to do it all, but it is also backed by an industry-leading 10-year motor warranty, with a 7-years parts warranty for domestic use.

A must for any kitchen, the Ultra Touch 2 Titan combines the best in professional blending strength with a beautiful design in stunning piano gloss champagne gold and chrome, to dazzling effect.

Boasting advanced technology combined with the blender’s sleek, show-stopping design and easy cleaning, we are sure this high power blender will quickly become the star of the kitchen.

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