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A must-have chef tool for every cook

Take the guesswork out of cooking

If there is one thing that is likely to ruin your food, it is the cooking temperature. Therefore, a high-quality kitchen thermometer is an essential chef tool in any home kitchen, as it can make the difference between a beautifully cooked meal and an inedible, unsafe disaster. When it comes to measuring cooking temperatures with speed and accuracy, Professional Secrets chef-grade kitchen thermometer is in a class by itself. Perfected by professional chefs, it has a host of intelligent features, such as an ultra-thin probe and top-rated performance (speed and accuracy). When precision matters, Professional Secrets professional-quality chef tool thermometer is the choice of home cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs.

Ask any chef: The thermometer is one of the most critical tools in a professional kitchen. It is essential for cooking meat and fish and making sauces, desserts, pastries, bread, and more. Cooking food at improper temperatures can not just give you poor results but can also be a health hazard. Understanding optimum and safe temperatures are at the core of good cooking. The secret to perfectly cooked food is a reliable kitchen thermometer, which is the only way to assure you are reaching the ideal temperatures.

An important attribute of a good thermometer, besides accuracy and ease of reading, is the thinness of the probe. Professional Secrets makes it their business to design and provide passionate home cooks with chef-grade cooking tools. But when they went looking for the best kitchen thermometer, they were surprised to find: There wasn’t one. So they decided to create the ultimate kitchen thermometer themselves.

Professional Secrets, in collaboration with professional chefs, has perfected this essential chef tool. The brand’s kitchen thermometer delivers fast, super-accurate readings down to the decimal to help save your cooking or baking from ruin. Its needle-thin design boasts extra length to probe thick meat or billowing bread without leaving huge puncture holes.

With high precision and a super-fast sensor, this ultimate food thermometer can be used for fish and boiling sugar and everything in between. It makes you confidently cook any food to perfection.

Professional food thermometre from Professional Secrets

Professional Secrets kitchen thermometer has all the features that you need in a food thermometer

Not all digital kitchen thermometers are the same. Expertly designed by professional chefs, the Professional Secrets kitchen thermometer intelligently addresses many other food thermometers’ limitations.

A lot of thought has gone into this digital kitchen thermometer’s design, as evidenced by the multitude of its qualities and details. It offers a range of features such as:

CREATED IN COLLABORATION WITH CHEFS: The ultimate kitchen thermometer was developed in close cooperation with professional chefs and outstanding designers. The process took over three years and involved work teams in six countries.

EXTREMELY THIN PROBE LEAVES FOOD INTACT: When it comes to a food thermometer, it is all about the probe –  ask any professional chef. That is where the instrument comes into contact with food and where measuring takes place. A sub-standard, blunt probe can make meat bleed, leave holes in bread, and damage tender fish.

Professional Secrets chef tool thermometer boasts an extremely thin probe of industrial quality, which has a diameter of only 1,2 mm/0,047 inches. It means that the thermometer is incredibly precise, while the thin probe does not damage or leave visible holes in your dishes.

For accuracy and control when preparing food, it is often necessary to make several measurements in several places. For example, when measuring the inner temperature of a steak, you want to find the coolest point in the thickest part, and this might take more than one reading. Therefore, it is imperative that the probe does not damage the food in any way. The thinness of Professional Secrets’ kitchen thermometer probe allows for multiple readings whilst leaving the food intact.

Food thermometer

EXTREMELY FAST AND ACCURATE: This sleek kitchen thermometer reads food temperature both accurately and almost instantly, using the thinnest probe imaginable to gauge whatever you are cooking. The cutting-edge technology of this chef tool provides accurate readings within seconds.

When you measure the food, you want to find the coolest point, which is the reference point. By entering the probe and slowly pulling it out, Professional Secrets’ thermometer shows how the temperature is distributed from the core to the outer parts.

EXTRA-LONG PROBE: The extra-long probe, measuring  9.6 cm, enables measurements in large pieces of meat, loaves of bread, etc.

INTELLIGENT DISPLAY THAT MEASURES DECIMALS: Measuring decimals may seem a bit exaggerated in a kitchen, but this thermometer’s decimal display does have a vital function. The decimals allow the cook to see – in real-time – if the temperature of food is rising or falling, and at what speed. With this thermometer, you can see in which direction the temperature is heading. Its exacting standards will also allow you to see how far into the food the heat (or cold) has travelled.

EASY-TO-READ DISPLAY: The readout, digital display is large and bright. It is placed on the top of the thermometer, allowing for easy readings.

The Professional Secrets’ kitchen thermometer allows you to switch easily between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The temperature range goes from minus 50 to plus 350 degrees C° / minus 58 to plus 662 degrees F°.

AUTO-ROTATING DISPLAY: The display is placed on the rear end of the thermometer so that it naturally faces the chef when measuring food in a pan, in an oven, in a fridge, in a bowl, etc.

Regardless of how you position the thermometer, the display rotates automatically – like the screen on a tablet or a mobile phone –  to ensure that you will always get upright reading.

Food thermometer for precision cooking

ALL TYPES OF FOOD CAN BE MEASURED: Professional Secrets’ kitchen thermometer is designed to be used for all kinds of food preparation.

Thanks to the thin and sensitive probe, it is suitable for measuring the temperature of meat, fish and bread without damaging the food. You can measure oil in deep fryers and pans, heated water in pots, liquids in preparation bowls, food in the oven, the barbeque, smokers, etc. It is also immensely useful for candy, custards, curds, pastry creams, chocolate, desserts, jams, sauces, mayonnaise and other delicate or heat-sensitive mixtures.

WATER-RESISTANT FOR EASY CLEANING: Hygiene is a must in all kitchens. Professional Secrets’ kitchen thermometer is water-resistant, allowing for effective, easy cleaning. The chef tool can be washed with running water and a cleaning liquid, but do not wash it in a dishwashing machine and do not submerge it underwater for an extended period of time.

PROTECTIVE CLIP-ON SHEATH: The click-on sheath protects the thermometer – and not least the sensitive probe – when not in use. The click-on sheath fits snugly in your apron pocket and makes the digital food thermometer convenient and easily accessible.

MADE AND DESIGNED IN SWEDEN: Professional Secrets’ kitchen thermometer is made and designed in Sweden, which means high quality and innovation.

With such an impressive range of signature features and unique characteristics, it is easy to see why the Professional Secrets chef tool thermometer is the ultimate food thermometer for every home or professional chef’s kitchen.

How to use a kitchen thermometer – tips from the pros

Included with every product from Professional Secrets is a booklet with knowledge and tips on how to get the most out of your kitchen tool. Important tips when using a kitchen thermometer include:

  • Make several measurements from different angles
  • For thin pieces of meat like hamburgers, stick the probe sideways
  • Be aware that the inner temperature continues to rise even when food is taken from the heat
  • Use when cooking meat, fish, bread, pastries, vegetables and more…
Precise cooking with a professional food thermometer

Professional Secrets’ kitchen thermometer has become an invaluable chef tool in our kitchen

As cooking is all about heat, a kitchen thermometer is one of the most useful tools you can have in your kitchen. It allows you to tell if food is safely cooked through.

Over the years, we have had a few different kinds of kitchen thermometers. When it comes to speed and precision, Professional Secrets’ kitchen thermometer trumps all others.

With a professional quality for performance and accuracy, it works flawlessly. We use it all the time. Chicken, steaks, roasts – anything that requires more than a few minutes of cooking time gets measured.

Professional Secrets merges cutting-edge technology and sleek engineering to bring professional quality and high-performance tools to home cooks

We have long been fans of PS and Professional Secrets pots and pans are a staple in our kitchen.

Professional Secrets’ products have been created in collaboration with some of Sweden’s most outstanding chefs, leading restaurateurs and the best kitchen utensil designers. Apart from providing passionate home cooks with chef-grade cooking tools and dining accessories, Professional Secrets has created what is probably Europe’s biggest database regarding cooking and culinary techniques. Here, professional kitchens share their tips, tools and knowledge.

Professional Secrets’ digital cooking thermometer is a must-have chef tool for any serious home cook

Nothing can kill your cooking passion like poor results. Digital thermometers are an excellent choice for taking the guesswork out of cooking and having confidence when preparing your food. Due to their efficiency, these devices are must-have kitchen tools for professional chefs and serious home cooks.

Inspired by professional chefs needing the perfect kitchen thermometer, the Professional Secrets’ thermometer will appeal to home chefs, helping them go pro in their own kitchen.

The secret to perfectly cooked food is a reliable kitchen thermometer like this model from Professional Secrets. It will elevate your cooking game instantly.

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