Designer floor lamp with the text 'Between art and technology
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A modern minimalist designer floor lamp

Davide Groppi's work lives somewhere between art and technology

With its harmonious architectural qualities of balance, proportion and streamlined silhouette, the designer floor lamp Hashi from Davide Groppi commands a sleek visual presence. Blurring the boundaries between art and design, it plays with functionality and versatility.

Articulated with sleekness, the designer floor lamp derives its strong, sculptural profile from the clean, simple lines of chopsticks (Hashi).

Collage of three different configurations of Hashi floor lamp

Fusing dynamic geometry and crisp rectilinearity, the light’s principal component is the pivot point between the two slim stems that serve as light sources. The two sticks can be positioned in different ways to adapt to the needs of the space. Designed by Federico Delrosso, the beautifully minimal and elegant lamp provides directional and dimmable light in a simple and flexible manner.

Available in matt black, the LED-integrated designer floor lamp comes with a black cable. The sleek profile of the lamp works especially well when silhouetted against the clean background of a painted wall.

Striking and sculptural, the Hashi lamp transforms its surroundings instantly by producing a strong, graphic effect with pure aesthetics.

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