Designer tea set on an elegant table and with text 'The art and beauty of tea'
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A modern designer tea set with a timeless, elegant aesthetic

The art and beauty of tea

The art of high tea lies not only in its gourmet sweet and savoury collection of treats but in the beauty of enjoying a leisurely break amid today’s hurried lifestyles. It is truly a time to indulge and unwind, savouring the moment. From the artistry of traditional tea ceremonies to the invention of a new culinary experience, blending poetry and technical prowess, the Pekoë designer tea set from Revol is perfection.

Is there anything more soothing than the ritual of a perfectly executed brew, served with a beautiful tea set? Created to celebrate the fine art of tea, the Pekoë designer tea set from Revol is a thoughtful statement of elegant design realised through masterful French craftsmanship.

The Pekoë range was conceived by Lucas Frank, who took his inspiration from Japan and how they master the art of serving and tasting tea. Mastery, creativity and high technicality – this is what makes the Pekoë tea set collection. The meticulously designed and precisely executed tea set is visually dazzling, bold and expressive, demonstrating great functionality and eye-catching beauty.

The series exudes a timelessly modern allure draped in finesse and elegance mixed with strength and boldness. With a sleek, grooved silhouette, each piece has visual aesthetic qualities that convey a sense of poetic beauty and striking artistry. The subtly curved shapes create a soft, draped effect, and at the same time, emphasise the tactility of clay-as-material. The tea set is marked by the exquisite use of black, which brings a sense of drama and excitement.

Steaming contemporary designer tea pot

Pekoe is a fine grade tea, from which this stunning tea set takes its name. The young leaves are only harvested at the beginning of the harvest season. The chosen name of Revol’s tea collection pays homage to the plants’ delicate foliage and its superb quality.

Bringing flair to the table, the stylish range includes teacup, saucer, tea bowl, dessert plate, ramekin, creamer, sugar bowl and teapot. Undeniable beautiful and decisively functional, the cup’s design fins out, so it disperses heat and is comfortable to hold.

Made of black clay by artisans, the material underlines the craftsmanship that defines Revol’s exacting standards. Treated with an aged-silver or dark-metal enamel on the inside, the natural black clay is preserved on the outside but polished to produce an ultra-smooth feel.

Finished by hand, the sleek Pekoë collection turns even the simplest of teatimes into a sophisticated and elegant affair.

Pekoe tea set by designer Lucas Frank

Founded in 1768 in France, Revol is the only culinary porcelain manufacturer in the world that is more than 250 years old and still owned by the original founding family.

It is in the Drôme region’s soil – rich in kaolin – that the porcelain factory draws its raison d’être. It is the visionary family of entrepreneurs, dating back nine generations, to which it owes its longevity.

Synonymous with beautiful design, Revol porcelain is the epitome of premium quality porcelain “Made in France”. The company marries modernity and novelty with traditional craftsmanship and artistic skills to great effect. Artisans make the products with extreme precision and careful detailing.

Few companies can claim to work exclusively from natural raw materials. However, this is the case with Revol, which transforms meticulously selected kaolin, quartz, and feldspar with as much panache as passion. Also, Revol remains one of the few porcelain makers in the world to manufacture its own paste formulas, which allows it to adapt it as desired to its manufacturing processes. The manufacturer also produces its own enamels, based on pigments and coloured oxides, thus offering an infinite level of experimentation when looking for striking renderings and textures, making Revol porcelain so unique.

Collage of two images one of a modern coffee cup and the other of a tea cup and tea pot

Combining unique technical know-how and continuous innovation, Revol shows a strong commitment to utilitarian functionality and aesthetic appeal as well as to quality and durability. With state-of-the-art technology to ensure strength and consistent construction and workmanship for authenticity and care, the products are appreciated for their enduring quality, providing years of enjoyment and delight.

Having evolved into a house of excellence, Revol has rightfully earned its place as a benchmark brand in the world of culinary porcelain, without ever compromising its original values.

Pleated, square, chunky or threadlike, multicoloured or monochrome, sophisticated and rustic… The shapes are as eclectic as the unique raw material. The impressive and delightful range of Revol creations admirably illustrates the creative, decorative or culinary richness that has contributed to the magic of our tables for generations.

Taking a moment off your day to have some tea is a small luxury on its own, but serving your brew in elegant pots and cups just makes the entire experience feel a little more indulgent.

Revol’s Pekoe designer tea set is a testament to a creative process, dear to Revol. The strikingly beautiful range infuses timeless craftsmanship with a modern twist. It sets the stage for a high-class tea tasting experience.

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