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It is a sign of the true foodie when your spouse gives you a high powered blender for your birthday. So when I received Juicy Retreats’ Ultra Touch 3 Quantum Blender, I was really excited – and still am. This high-speed blender is life-changing! The high-performance blender has completely transformed the way I approach blending, and I continue to be thrilled with its capabilities.

JR Ultra Touch 3 Quantum Blender effortlessly handles thick smoothies laden with frozen fruit, creates velvety soups that are a delight to the palate, crafts indulgent ice creams, prepares creamy hummus, and even grinds nuts into luscious nut butter or flour. Its speed and power are unmatched, and cleaning up afterwards is a breeze. I wouldn’t trade this blender for anything in the world.

Soups, hummus and smoothies are just some of the things you can do with a high speed blender

The amazing features of the JR Ultra Touch 3 Quantum high speed blender

There are many reasons the JR Ultra Touch 3 Quantum high-speed blender is a true standout. At its core lies the most advanced motor technology in the blending industry. Setting new standards, this blender is one of the pioneers to adopt a brushless induction motor, a substantial improvement over conventional copper motors found in other blenders. This cutting-edge motor technology brings forth unrivalled efficiency, quiet operation, and exceptional reliability. With increased torque capabilities compared to traditional brushed motors, the JR Ultra Touch 3 Quantum tackles blending, crushing, pureeing, grinding, and various other tasks with ease. Not only does the brushless motor outlast its brushed counterparts, but it also ensures a serene blending experience, consistently delivering outstanding results that will leave you astounded.

The 6-piece sawtooth blades, constructed from durable stainless steel, are true blending champions. The sharp blades effortlessly crush ice, blend frozen fruit, drinks, create delectable green smoothies and frozen drinks, and even make homemade peanut butter. Their efficiency and precision make blending a seamless experience.

One of the standout features of the JR Ultra Touch 3 Quantum high-powered blender is the incredible Cyclone Jar, a true innovation in the blending world. This jug works wonders when it comes to blending sticky and tough-to-process ingredients such as nut butter, hummus, sauces, and pastes. The result? A luxuriously smooth and creamy texture that will elevate your culinary creations. While other blenders may require the use of a tamper tool or fall short on power, the JR Ultra Touch 3 Quantum simplifies the process. With its 1-litre capacity, simply add the ingredients and twist the lid clockwise while the blend cycle is running. This ingenious twisting motion guides the ingredients from the sides of the jar back into the sharp blades, ensuring optimal blending performance. The thoughtfully designed lid, coupled with the brushless motor, guarantees exceptional results with each use.

control panel of high speed blender from Juicy retreats

Featuring an exclusive black finish, the JR Ultra Touch 3 Quantum takes the guesswork out of food preparation with its five convenient preset functions. Whether you’re craving a refreshing smoothie, a comforting soup or hot drink, a perfectly crushed ice or ice cream treat, a nutritious whole juice, or finely ground ingredients, this blender has got you covered. The preset settings intelligently adjust the blender’s speed, increasing and decreasing it as needed, while the pulse function, with its error detection capability, ensures precise and controlled blending. With the timer function, you can even step away and let the blender work its magic, allowing for walk-away blending with complete peace of mind. The JR Ultra Touch 3 Quantum blender ensures the very best results are achieved with minimal user interference.

The innovative technology behind the JR Ultra Touch 3 Quantum blender

Brushless motor technology is a remarkable advancement in blender technology, and the JR Ultra Touch 3 Quantum blender proudly incorporates this innovation. Unlike standard high-powered blenders that use brushed motors, the JR Ultra Touch 3 Quantum utilizes a brushless induction motor, making it one of the first blenders to do so. This cutting-edge motor technology offers numerous benefits, including enhanced efficiency, reduced noise levels, and increased reliability. With its ability to generate more torque compared to traditional brushed motors, this high powered blender not only makes thick green smoothies with frozen fruit but effortlessly blends, crushes ice, purees, grinds, and performs a multitude of tasks such as making peanut butter. Moreover, the brushless motor lasts longer, operates more quietly, and delivers consistently outstanding results, ensuring a superior blending experience every time you use it.

For those who want more precise blending, the JR Touch 3 Quantum comes with several state-of-the-art features such as 8 speed settings, a touch slider speed dial for variable speed, a pulse function with error detection, as well as a timer function for walk-away blending.

Not only does the JR Ultra Touch 3 Quantum prioritize performance and innovation, but it also places a strong emphasis on safety and convenience. The blender’s jar is completely BPA-free, guaranteeing the utmost purity and healthiness of your blends. With its 4-millimetre thickness, the jar offers exceptional durability and robustness, effortlessly handling the rigours of daily blending. And when it comes to cleanup, it couldn’t be simpler—just rinse the blender under water and use a small amount of washing-up liquid, and it will be ready for your next culinary endeavour. The ease of maintenance of the JR Ultra Touch 3 Quantum makes it the perfect companion for anyone seeking a hassle-free blending experience.

The durability and warranty of the JR Ultra Touch 3 Quantum high speed blender

When it comes to durability and peace of mind, the JR Ultra Touch 3 Quantum stands tall among the competition. This high-speed blender is built to last, embodying superior craftsmanship and reliability. In fact, the company’s confidence in the quality of their high-performance blenders is reflected in their extensive warranty. With a remarkable 10-year domestic warranty on the motor and a 7-year warranty on parts, you can blend with complete confidence, knowing that your investment is protected. For commercial settings, the JR Ultra Touch 3 Quantum offers an impressive 1-year full commercial-grade warranty on all parts and labour, ensuring that even the busiest kitchens can rely on its exceptional performance.

This high-speed blender is a pure masterpiece of blending ingenuity. With its advanced brushless motor technology, a wealth of features that cater to precise blending, and an unbeatable warranty, it unquestionably takes its place as the best blender on the market. Prepare to be astounded by its unrivalled performance as it effortlessly transforms ingredients into culinary masterpieces. From silky smoothies to delectably creamy soups and from nut butter to frozen drinks, everything in between, the JR Ultra Touch 3 Quantum is an indispensable kitchen companion that will elevate your blending endeavours to new heights. Prepare to embark on a journey of pure blending genius.

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