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A food vacuum sealer is a versatile and invaluable tool in the kitchen

Keep your food fresh, reduce waste, and save money

Food vacuum sealers are incredibly useful at preserving food. With a vacuum sealer from Maxima Kitchen Equipment, you can pack food, ingredients, and food supplies hygienically and airtight to keep them for later use. It prevents freezer burn, mould and bacterial growth while maintaining nutrients in your food up to five times longer. This saves you money in the long run.

Here at THE GREAT ADDRESS, we are big fans of vacuum sealing. Practical and incredibly handy, food vacuum sealers can not only keep food fresher for longer but save money and reduce food wastage. As the name indicates, vacuum sealing is to extract all the air from the packaging container and seal it to keep the bag airtight. Maxima Vacuum Sealer securely seals the bag or container, preventing the ingress of oxygen, moisture, humidity, or any outside contaminants from entering the sealed environment.

A food vacuum sealer may be one of those kitchen machines you do not realise how much you will use – until you buy one. We use our vacuum sealer mainly for food storage, sealing jars and bottles, as well as for sous vide cooking.

Collage - Maxima vacuum sealer

There are many reasons why you need a food vacuum sealer

A vacuum sealer is one of the best devices to have in the kitchen to preserve your food’s quality and freshness, reduce waste, and help you save money. There are many compelling reasons why you should own a vacuum sealer, but some of the most important ones are:

PRESERVES FOOD: When it comes to food preservation, using a vacuum sealer is one of the best ways to keep food fresh longer.

Air is the enemy of fresh. Usually, in open air and in contact with oxygen, food tends to decay or get attacked by bacteria, allowing mould to grow.

By removing air and moisture, vacuum sealers slow down food ageing, oxidation and deterioration caused by aerobic bacterial growth, whilst helping to retain the flavour, texture and nutritional value in fresh food.

Vacuum sealing preserves food by creating an oxygen-free environment and therefore blocking the growth of mould, fungus, and bacteria responsible for ruining the food’s taste, appearance and texture. It is an economical method of preserving the freshness and quality of the produce.

EXTENDS SHELF LIFE: Vacuum sealing can greatly extend the lifespan of many different kinds of food, from cheese to vegetables to meat.

Most makers of vacuum sealers estimate that the shelf life of vacuum-sealed food is three to five times longer than the normal storage time. The exact amount of time food will last in vacuum sealing varies depending on whether you are storing it in the refrigerator, freezer or pantry.

Frozen food that is vacuum sealed lasts an average of 2-3 years, while it will last 6-12 months, on average, stored in other ways. Most vacuum-sealed foods will last in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks, which is much longer than the typical 1-3 days food will last when stored conventionally in a fridge.

PROTECTS AGAINST FREEZER BURN: Freezer burn is generally caused by food not being securely stored in airtight packaging.

Freezer burn can be easily distinguished by the white crystals that form on anything from ice cream to meat.

This is what happens when frozen food is exposed to air, and some of its moisture evaporates. This moisture comes to the surface of food and turns into ice crystals, leaving behind drier food that usually has a change in texture, colour, and flavour.

Also, freezer burn occurs when your foods have been stripped of moisture, which leads to excessive dryness and an abundance of frost. When food has been improperly stored, or it has been sitting in your freezer for an extended period of time, water molecules escape from the packaging and become absorbed in the air.

The panel of Maxima vacuum sealer

Using a food vacuum sealer is one of the best ways to prevent air from escaping your packaging, and it, therefore, protects food from dehydration and freezer burn. After securing your food with a vacuum sealer, the airtight environment ensures that the juices from the food remain where they belong until you are ready to use the produce or serve the dish.

NO CHEMICAL PRESERVATIVES NEEDED: Another benefit of using a vacuum sealer is that no preservatives or chemicals are added to the food, allowing it to last long periods. Some other preservation methods require the need for questionable chemicals or unhealthy additives, which may negatively affect your food and health.

REDUCES FOOD WASTE AND SPOILAGE: Vacuum sealing is also a fantastic way to cut down food waste immensely. It preserves the freshness and quality of your food and therefore reduces spoilage and food waste. As a result, you will get the most out of your food budget, and in the end, save money.

KEEPS FOOD SAFE: Vacuum sealers help to ensure that the food is safely preserved and protected from oxygen so that harmful mould and bacteria cannot grow inside the food.

GREAT FOR BULK PURCHASE: Bulk purchases can be a great way of saving money. Vacuum sealing is an excellent way to take advantage of sales, bulk bargains, and harvest crops. It is also perfect for those looking to preserve large catches of fish and game.

Meats, cheese, vegetables, and even herbs can be stored in vacuum bags that extend their shelf life from weeks to years.

MAKES IT SUPER EASY TO MEAL PREP AND BATCH COOK: Vacuum sealing makes for the most effortless, waste-free batch cooking. You can freeze in individually portioned vacuum seal bags for quick meals.

Vacuum sealing is excellent for all kinds of meal prep, where you can easily prep breakfast, lunch or dinner ahead of the week. For instance, smoothie lovers can buy a variety of fresh fruits to cut up, divide into individual portion sizes, and then seal in vacuum bags and freeze for later.

SAVES LEFTOVERS: Vacuum seal any leftover food from your meal right away. This eliminates you having to throw out the food and gives you another easy meal for the future. Freeze the leftover portions, and they will last for months – keeping you from having to eat the same meal three nights in a row.

GREAT FOR SOUS VIDE COOKING: If you love to cook sous vide and do it often, a vacuum sealer is ideal for perfecting your sous vide cooking.

Particularly, if you are doing long cooks, or are cooking at higher temperatures, vacuum sealer bags are more secure than Ziploc bags for sous vide. Vacuum sealing provides the most pressure and reliable seals, compared to Ziplocs, which are not as durable and the seal can break, ruining the ingredients and making a mess.

Vacuum sealed marinated meat and fish

Maxima Vacuum Sealer is a versatile workhorse

We have owned several vacuum sealers over the years, and the food vacuum sealer from Maxima Holland is one of the best, offering some distinct benefits that not all vacuum sealers deliver.

The ease of use and versatility, bundled with its convenience features, made the Maxima Vacuum Sealer 310mm a favourite when sealing food for storage or sous vide cooking.

Maxima Vacuum Sealer has all the features we look for in a great vacuum sealer: powerful suction, several useful control options, accessory and marinate ports (for using attachments to seal jars or marinate meat), and the lid is easy to lock in place, ensuring that you will get a secure suction every time.

This robust and reliable sealer, which produces 0.96 mbar maximum vacuum pressure, possesses many other extremely useful qualities. The integrated double pump is powerful and ensures smooth operation.

The Maxima vacuum sealer has several options to choose between – normal pressure, pulse mode, only sealing without vacuum, marinate mode and accessory mode.

It provides a fully automatic packaging cycle that delivers hands-free convenience. There is also a wide selection of fully adjustable settings for added flexibility, including adjustable vacuum time; adjustable vacuum pressure; adjustable sealing time; and adjustable sealing temperature. There is also a digital display that shows the progress of the vacuum and sealing cycles.

The pulse button gives you manual control over the vacuum for packaging fragile foods like chips or crackers. Without a pulse button, these delicate foods would be smashed by the vacuum’s suction. Also, a seal button can be used to seal bags that do not need vacuum.

If using the sealer’s Marinate mode as part of the marinating process, you can experience its many advantages, including enhanced flavour and shorter overall marinating time. Finally, there is the Accessory mode for sealing containers and canisters, which is very handy.

The controls light up when activated and there is a beep once a cycle has completed, so you always know when it is safe to open the lid.

The handle on the lid makes this vacuum sealer one of the easiest to close and lock. The 310mm sealing bar provides an effortless and secure closure on bags, which ensures a perfect vacuum at all times.

With stainless steel housing and integrated buttons, the Maxima Vacuum Sealer is high-grade and durable. The transparent lid works great for bag alignment. The intelligent design makes it easy to wipe clean. The casing includes four rubber feet to both protect the worktop and prevent slippage when working.

The Maxima Vacuum Sealer measures 390 x 275 x 130mm, which is a pretty manageable size. At 6.5 kilos, it is rather easy to lift, relatively easy to store, and reassuringly sturdy. The Maxima vacuum sealer is only suitable for embossed bags (bags with ridges).

The Maxima Vacuum Sealer comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, and it also offers a full line of replacement parts for this machine.

Maxima Kitchen Equipment has over 40 years of experience in supplying professional kitchen equipment. All Maxima products are kept in stock in Holland, and the company can ship to most locations in the world. The company has its in-house technical service to assist owners

A high-performance vacuum sealer with great versatility

Are you looking for a way to keep your food as fresh as the day you bought it? Are you bulk buying and batch cooking? It is then time to invest in a vacuum sealer to extend the shelf-life of your foods even longer.

Powerful, attractive, and full-featured, Maxima Vacuum Sealer is a professional vacuum sealer used by chefs, caterers and serious home cooks.

From cooking sous vide to long-lasting storage of all kinds of produce and prepared food, this vacuum sealer, with its many perks, is a luxury product, but we think it is well worth it.

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