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A designer mortar and pestle set with a wow-factor

An object of desire for serious foodies

Nothing beats a good mortar and pestle for grinding herbs and spices to transform their texture and release their full aroma and flavour. A pestle and mortar is a kitchen tool that has been used since ancient times. Looking back at history, Mullernkontor wanted to reshape tradition, whilst thinking about a different form, a calmer motion. Fusing traditional and contemporary sensibilities, the ZEN Mortar is more than just a useful tool, it is also an object of beauty. The calm presence of the mortar is conscious simplicity and substance defined.

The ZEN mortar is something completely unique and yet very familiar. Raw and smooth, rounded and rectilinear – these shapes bridge an ancient process with enduring cast iron and concrete. It invokes a traditional form of food prep while simultaneously defining modern design.

Its minimalist design displays an almost austere beauty that encourages serenity and thoughtfulness. With a clean aesthetic purity, the Zen-inspired design by Mullernkontor adds an understated sleekness and elegance to the kitchen.

Cast iron mortar and pestle on a concrete stand

The fine material palette of concrete and cast iron creates a mortar that is not only visually exciting but also comfortable and effortless to use.

We are in awe of the ZEN mortar, its select materiality, sculptural simplicity and pared-down beauty. With a minimalist design and stylish look, this stunning yet highly utilitarian tool is also a decorative object intended for display.

Designed for efficient and uniform grinding, the wonderful aroma of freshly ground herbs and spices brings more sensuality into everyday cooking and eating.

The ZEN mortar is meant to last for many years while being used and enjoyed regularly. The pestle and bowl are made of cast iron and should be treated with oil after use.

Details, designer mortar and pestle in cast iron and concrete

The fact that the mortar is traditionally handcrafted by artisans makes it all that more special. A practical investment piece like this is an elegant statement piece for your kitchen, standing the test of time. It will grace any kitchen and delight any chef.

Mullernkontor’s design is characterised by minimalist aesthetics, understated elegance, exacting craftsmanship, and a focus on functionality

Uniting the talent of founders Maren Springhorn and Lüder Springhorn – blacksmith, carpenter and product designer – Mullernkontor is a small and exclusive furniture and living accessory brand located in Germany.

The company is guided by a commitment to minimalistic yet timeless design, precise workmanship, traditional craft techniques, the latest technology and local production. Organic shapes, balanced compositions and natural materials – such as metal, wood and ceramics – are fused into a clean-lined visual expression.

Utterly unique in design and truly stunning in execution, be dazzled by the brilliance of Mullernkontor’s well-made and well-designed products. Offering fine products made of quality materials that last a lifetime, Müllernkontor finds beauty in everyday ordinary and utilitarian objects. It is a brand that should be on the radar of design aficionados.

The ZEN Mortar by Müllernkontor is hallmarked by its utilitarian beauty and functionality

Truly striking, an object of beauty, Müllernkontor has redefined the traditional mortar and pestle.

It marries simplicity and functionality wonderfully. The understated mortar and pestle is crafted from concrete and cast iron, which, despite the materials’ solidity, displays visual and tactile elegance. Quiet sleekness confers a peaceful beauty to the design.

Putting a modern spin on a classic piece of kitchen utensil, Müllernkontor’s ZEN mortar is a useful investment and statement piece for any gourmand.

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