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Bedroom in hotel in Ostuni

Stylish design hotel in Puglia

Impeccable style, sophisticated elegance, decorative ingenuity and dazzling panache

Offering a serious wow factor the design hotel in Puglia, Paragon 700 Boutique Hotel & Spa, is a triumph of timeless beauty, superlative craftsmanship, captivating originality, and dazzling elegance. One of the most exciting and exceptionally presented design hotels in Puglia, the palatial hotel’s commanding elegance is an ultra-stylish oasis of peace and infinite beauty.

Having sat dormant for 40 years, the historic palace with its distinctive architectural qualities was conserved and painstakingly restored. After a complete restoration of three years, the period building has been given back its original splendorous beauty and is now one of the best boutique hotels in Puglia.

This 11-room boutique hotel offers creative cocktails at the hotel’s eclectic bar, indulgent treatments at the exquisite spa and gourmet meals at Restaurant 700. There is a lush garden and a stunning swimming pool, a rare green space in the heart of the city that offers guests a tranquil and exclusive oasis, just a 5-minute walk from Ostuni’s main square.

The palace building & garden

The Swiss owners-designers visited the enchanting Palazzo Rosso (the red palace) in 2016 at the invitation of an Ostunian friend. They were curious to admire the historic building’s architecture and peek beyond the elusive red carriage doors. As soon as they opened the doors, it was love at first sight. The potential of the centuries-old gem was both alluring and undeniable…the height of its ceilings alone was tempting, then came the vaults, frescoes, striking red-stone and a huge private garden. For them, it was unthinkable not to make it a design hotel and share its beauty with the public; it is just too beautiful to stay hidden.

The owners wanted to pay homage to the elegance of an enchanting past but also inject a touch of modern flair and eclectic vibes.

Throughout the ambitious restoration, the main goal was to bring the rundown building back to its former glory by using traditional handcrafted techniques where possible. They worked with a conservator and local artisans to uncover the Palazzo’s multi secular mysteries. Each day, the team came across new details and hidden treasures, revealing tales of times gone by, right back to the 18th century. Surprises included a wooden door with peepholes typical of 17th-century cloisters that suggest that the Palazzo once housed a convent. Also, the beautiful original majolica tiles, which have been used in the hotel bar. Several layers of green and brown paint were removed to uncover beautiful neo-classical frescoes of the 18th and 19th centuries that depict mythological beasts, playful dragons and griffins peeped out on the friezes. The palace’s former water cistern was transformed into a bijou spa, and the old olive oil chamber became the design hotel’s wine cellar.

Making references to its aristocratic roots bygone era, the facade is painted in Pompeii red and exudes an elegant aura of a bygone era. Pompeii Red became a fashionable status symbol in the 18th century as the pigment was the most expensive on the market and was, therefore, an ostentatious display of one’s wealth. The striking red brick facade stands in stark contrast to the whitewashed buildings typical of Ostuni.

At the turn of the 17th century, Puglia, like the rest of Italy, developed many public green spaces. The Palazzo, of course, must have a private one: an extraordinary, enclosed garden protected by high stone walls. Today the area is enhanced by a row of Tuscan-style columns forming a path towards the beautiful orange grove and swimming pool for guests to enjoy. Gnomes add a playful touch to the garden.

The decor

Once the renovation of the building’s structure was completed, the owners started with the interior design and the décor, which will fascinate guests from the very first moment because of its incomparable style.

The interior of the design hotel in Puglia is visually lavish, eclectic, modern, classic and elegant, with a fine, soothing palette of texture, shades and colours. When designing the interior concept, particular emphasis was placed on creating an exceptional atmosphere, which is omnipresent throughout the hotel.

The decor is infused with a cosmopolitan soul and has been created with meticulous attention to detail; repurposed monumental lighting fixtures such as the large chandeliers found in Thailand, South African custom-made sofas and headboards, African bomas transformed into bathtubs, French-rustic antiques and some mid-century modern pieces. The owners love to source unique items from antique fairs, vintage shops and flea markets around the world. The decor is characterised by the strong presence of architectural and artistic elements such as dramatic soaring ceilings, French parquet floors, ornate fireplaces, stunning stone vaults and gorgeous paintings by Adrian Boswell, Michal Cole, Caio Gracco and Giuseppe Ciraci. Each and every piece is unique, giving an incomparable style to the hotel.

Guests will find chic and eye-catching home decor throughout the hotel, and occasionally the owners are willing to part with some of the one-off items and outré artworks they have discovered. So if something catches your eye, all you need to do is ask if you can buy it. And, if the owners are around during your stay, they will happily go into the details of the renovation and how the dormant palace was turned in to a beautiful design hotel.

Not holding back on the wow factor, Paragon 700 Boutique Hotel & Spa in Ostuni truly is a work of art and a design hotel that gratifies guests with an unforgettable luxury vacation in Puglia.

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