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Saunders Architecture

Saunders Architecture was founded by the Canadian architect Todd Saunders in 1998. Saunders has lived and worked in the Norwegian town of Bergen since 1996, following his studies at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax and McGill University in Montreal. He continues to combine teaching with practice and has been a part-time teacher at the Bergen Architecture School since 2001. Saunders has lectured and taught at schools in Norway, Scandinavia, the UK and Canada and was a visiting professor at The University of Quebec in Montreal and Cornell University in the USA.

Todd Saunders is one of the most important contemporary Canadian architects working internationally. His simple yet powerful architecture incorporates elements of his home country’s vernacular identity including the use of wood and carefully picked Modernist influences brought into the 21st century with excellent execution and quality materials.

Saunders Architecture brings a dynamic and experimental approach to materials and building systems that it fuses with a traditional, craft-led approach, often exploring vernacular forms and methods.

Led by a strong contemporary design sensibility, the studio’s extensive experience working within landscapes demonstrates the studio’s understanding of the importance of place. The office operates within existing natural as well as manmade contexts, with examples ranging from an award nominated dramatic viewpoint structure set amidst a rich protected landscape to several new-build houses within more traditional suburban settings.

With an exploration of forms, a design influenced by natural landscape and carefully chosen materials, the award-winning Saunders Architecture has created cultural and residential projects right across Norway, as well as England, Denmark, Italy, Sweden and Canada.


Fogo Island Inn by Saunders Architecture

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