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Azuma Architects & Associates

Azuma Architect & Associates was founded in 1986 by architect Rie Azuma.

Most architects design buildings, whereas Azuma designs a space. Azuma Architects does not focus on the colours of the walls, but rather on aspects like the ceiling height, or the way the space is built. Designs emphasising the latest styles become dated in a couple of years, but the enrichment of space itself creates something timeless and interesting. The firm advocates the use of smart design solutions and high-quality materials to produce new compositional and spatial effects.

Azuma Architects applies vision and aesthetic sensibilities towards creating beautiful, lasting, life-affirming environments for each of their clients. Hallmarks of the practice are rigorous site-specific design, spatially interconnected built and natural environments, a refined palette and clean architectural details. The firm’s ongoing interest in experimentation is tempered by their aspiration toward a timeless architecture and beauty.

Azuma Architects has designed numerous residential and commercial buildings, with the most iconic design is the collection of luxury Japanese resorts designed for Hoshino Group.


Hoshinoya Fuji designed by Azuma Architects

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