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Luxury Hotels Around the World

A great showcase of international luxury hotels and private villas for exclusive use. The collection ranges from chic boutique hotels to famous Grandes Dames and luxurious resorts. Explore rustic lodges, gorgeous riads and tropical hideaways as well as country houses with fine dining and safaris in the wilderness. Here you will also find spa retreats and ski chalets with mesmerizing views, world-class family resorts and intimate plantation inns and exotic island hideaways.

From exceptional private villa rentals to expansive estates and extraordinary hotels, these are some of the ‘must stays’ in the world.

Luxury Travel Destinations

Discover travel locations that are simply lavish and awe-inspiring.

These are beautiful places that are recommended for exclusive and truly unique experiences. They range from Africa’s stunning landscapes and Europe’s magnificent cities to Caribbean chic to the Arctic magic, and everything in between.

The promenade in Gstaad an early winter evening
Bellagio On Lake Como In Italy seen from the Lake in the early evening

The Italian Lakes

Timelessly elegant

The timelessly elegant Italian Lakes have for years been the favoured haunt of artists, poets and naturalists, as well…+



Bintan beckons those who seek a tropical haven that still offers seclusion and a true escape. Located at the…+

New Foundland

Ruggedly beautiful and blissfully peaceful

At the edge of North America, on one of the four corners of the world, Newfoundland and Labrador is…+

Beach on Riviera Maya in Mexico

Riviera Maya

Powdery white sand beaches and crystal clear waters

Sandwiched between the high-rise glitz of Cancun and the ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum along Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, sits…+


The ultimate feast for the senses

A vivid kaleidoscope of landscapes, magnificent historical sites and royal cities, golden beaches, misty mountain retreats, colourful people, rich…+

The Himalayas

The scenic highlight of the world

Home to nine out of the 10 highest peaks in the world, not to mention the Earth’s highest mountain,…+


From the vast and frenetic metropolis of Mexico City to the jungles of Chiapas

Mexico is a country bursting with colour and vitality, offering a dazzling mix of culture, intriguing history and beautiful…+


Cosmopolitan cities, breathtaking nature – Canada has the best of both worlds

Cosmopolitan cities, breathtaking nature – Canada has the best of both worlds. Canada’s landscape is both vast and legendary.…+

Luxury Real Estate

Discover a thoughtfully curated collection of some of the world’s finest homes, luxury estates, and unique properties for sale across the globe.

Luxury real estate offerings include everything from urban residences to ski chalets, beachfront villas and exclusive penthouses. Explore golf resort properties and vineyards, country homes and equestrian estates as well as historic castles, prestige properties, golf resort properties and modern villas for sale.

Take a tour of some of the world’s most beautiful homes for sale through striking photography and fascinating writing. From the Caribbean to Europe to South East Asia, the world is covered with style and panache. Be inspired by our collection of international luxury real estate.

Large and superluxurious villa in La Moraleja outside Madrid

Chamberí, Madrid

Indulgently scaled luxury living

From stunning details and timeless grace to classic flair and light-filled interior, this luxury property for sale in Chamberí…+

Luxury property in Costa Brava

Costa Brava

Showpiece extraordinaire

A showpiece of singularity and contemporary splendour, this luxury property for sale in Spain on the Costa Brava counts…+

Luxury villa for sale in La Florida Madrid

La Florida, Madrid

An elevated standard of high living and exclusivity

This luxury property for sale in La Florida, Aravaca Madrid is much more than a luxury private mansion –…+

luxury house in Somosaguas Madrid

Somosaguas, Madrid

Elegant sobriety and aesthetic

Designed with a distinctive style, effortless functionality and enduring beauty, this luxury house for sale in Somosaguas, Pozuelo de…+

Elegant home Aravaca Madrid

Aravaca, Madrid

Sober elegance and timelessness

Delivering an irresistible flair of enticing luxury and rare class, this elegant home for sale in Aravaca Madrid unites…+

Villa for sale in Valdemarin Madrid

Valdemarín, Madrid

An avant-garde architectural gem

Breathtaking in its singularity and exclusivity, this modern villa for sale in Valdemarín Madrid is a remarkable architectural experience…+

Aravaca, Madrid

Modern timelessness

Oozing with the perfect blend of high-end indulgence and everyday comfort, this luxury property for sale in Aravaca, Madrid…+

La Moraleja, Madrid

The elegance of affluent living

Radiating grace, beauty and calmness, this elegant house for sale in Madrid, located in upmarket La Moraleja, offers a…+

Discover creatively inspired hotels and resort villas along with private homes for sale that all possess a strong style narrative and beautiful aesthetics, hallmarked by stunning design and architecture.

Browse the collection and be inspired.

Casa Caiadas interiors designed by Portuguese architect Luís Pereira Miguel
Restored historic building in Palma de Mallorca turned into a design hotel

Palma de Mallorca

A stunning combination of magnificent architecture, elegant design and contemporary art

An architectural treasure built in the neoclassical style, Sant Francesc is a beautiful, meticulously restored and renovated design hotel…+

Grand luxury villa in La Moraleja Madrid

Madrid, Spain

Modern luxury with understated elegance

This showstoppingly elegant home for sale in La Moraleja, Madrid delivers infinite style and dazzling yet subtle grandeur at…+

New luxury house for sale in La Moraleja Madrid

Madrid, Spain

A striking mega-mansion

A beautifully crafted expression of modern luxury and haute design, this luxury mega-mansion for sale in Madrid is an ambitious…+

Sunset view from Casa Koko

Punta Mita, Mexico

A luxury designer vacation rental

Designed for barefoot luxury, Casa Koko, an oceanfront Punta de Mita designer vacation rental villa, displays great natural and architectural…+

Amangiri Hotel in Utah, USA

Utah, USA

A singular architectural triumph

From its muted, modern brilliance to its sheer vastness and sublimity, Amangiri is a singular architectural triumph that inspires quiet awe. It…+


Palazzo Ruspoli - one of the most beautiful historical palaces in Rome

The Palazzo Ruspoli is distinguished by its great architectural dignity and beauty – here guests at Residenza Napoleone III are…+

Shoji paper walls at Hotel Sowaka in Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan

Traditional Japanese virtues with a touch of modernity

The luxury hotel Sowaka in Kyoto is the perfect expression of the spirit of the famous Sukiya architectural style, highlighting…+

Contemporary luxury home on Costa Brava

Costa Brava, Spain

Show-stopping magnificence on the Costa Brava

Nothing but a marvel of contemporary architectural prowess, this ultra-stylish property for sale on the Costa Brava is amongst Spain’s…+

From fashionable to functional, from luxurious to casual, from inspirational to intelligent, THE GREAT ADDRESS selects timeless classics and unknown gems. This is about travelling in style and living a life of luxury.

Discover our style edit of luxury products curated for every occasion.

Randolph handmade sun-glasses
No items found
Couple with contrasting Karmameju bathrobes on a beach with the sea in the background

Karmameju loungewear

Cosy softness with a luxe feel

Karmameju was founded in 1999 with a pure, natural and active skincare range for the face and body. The…+

RHA TrueConnect 2

True wireless earbuds that are designed for people who expect more

I have been looking for a pair of wireless earbuds that could be used for every part of my…+

Carry on bag from Kabuto

Travel smarter

Perfectly engineered and designed, the Kabuto smart carry-on XT 2×2 by French company Kabuto is a game-changer in the…+

Bellroy Tech Folio

Bellroy Tech folio

True statement maker

Finely crafted into the quintessential work and travel companion, the Tech Folio by Bellroy is a seriously capable organiser…+

Travel tote by India Hicks

A luxury jet-setting tote

Anyone who frequently travels knows the value of a good tote. The workhorse of the travel bag ensemble, it…+


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Initially launched in 2008, THE GREAT ADDRESS has grown from being one of the world’s leading digital luxury lifestyle publications to an authority on stylish living and travelling where our website,, is our sole focus.

Rooted in first-hand industry experience and a keen interest in showcasing some of the world’s most beautiful homes for sale and stylish hotels, THE GREAT ADDRESS was born from a desire to share a love for beautiful design, unforgettable spaces and unique experiences. Each one of the extraordinary hand-picked properties for sale and hotels & villa rentals reflects our passion for stunning design and style.

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Filled with carefully curated content, written in exquisite detail and illustrated for a visually stunning presentation, the enchants and inspires design enthusiasts with its style credentials.

With a focus on aesthetically pleasing design and unique experiences, THE GREAT ADDRESS celebrates the elegant fusion of design, architecture, luxury travel, stylish living, fine dining and beauty & wellness.

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